I love this song so much . In case you weren’t aware, Caleb is from the band Anthem Lights (whom I may or may not have posted about ext...

Melodic Mondays: No Air by Caleb and Kelsey (cover)

I love this song so much.

In case you weren’t aware, Caleb is from the band Anthem Lights (whom I may or may not have posted about extensively) and Kelsey used to be one of the girls in One Girl Nation. Now that they’re married, they occasionally do covers together (all of which are AWESOME), but this is their most recent one and it’s my personal favorite.

As always, their voices are gorgeous and they sound so sweet together. But what I love most about this video is the feeling of it. It’s so... organic, the sound of their voices and the way they keep sort of gravitating toward each other. It’s just so simple and so perfect that it doesn’t seem like it was rehearsed or planned. It’s like they’re just singing about their feelings for each other, and I find that absolutely beautiful.

So what’d you think of the song? Had you listened to these two before? One of their bands? Have any characters who would fit into this video as perfectly as Caleb and Kelsey do? Comment me!

Also, heh heh, in a writer’s little plot twist, I’m going to do a random thoughts post on Thursday (is it random if I warn you?) about why I don’t like songs like “No Air.” So stay tuned for that! I hope you’ll find it interesting. ;)

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  1. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SQUEAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAD NOT SEEN THIS ONE. JKAFKLAS. THIS WAS beautiful. OH MY GOSH. I have heard the original song, and. and. jkaldjfkla. I think this was better?! What do you think?! OH MY LAND. OH MY LAND. *SQUEAKS* DJKAFKLSA. I used to listen to Kelsey in 1GN and I used to LOVEEE looking at all of Anthem Lights' covers on YouTube, argh. They have such good voices, oh my word. asdfkljklda. This. was. beautiful. :"""")

    1. YES I KNOW ISN'T IT GORGEOUS???!!! (personally, I think this version /is/ better, but that is just my opinion. :D )
      I never listened to 1GN much, but Anthem Lights basically makes the best covers ever. Like you said, THEIR VOICES. Just beautiful. :D <3

  2. Oooh, I like this cover so much. You're right--it doesn't look rehearsed. I had to laugh a little, though, because at times their body language made it look like they were fighting about how much they love each other. Now I'm really interested to read your thoughts on why you don't like songs like this. :)

    1. Yay, I'm glad you enjoyed it!
      Haha, really? I didn't notice that in the body language so much, but sometimes the lyrics made me feel that way, lol. But yeah, it is still amazing. :D
      Thanks! Like I said, I hope you guys will enjoy that post. :D

  3. Hello! I super love your blog! I was looking at past blog post and love the one you did about Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch and the post about FullMetal Alchemists! I super want to read that manga! It looks/sounds amazing! (And it always surprises me that Al is Ed's younger brother... height has a lot to do with it.. :P)

    Anyways, I tagged you in the Infinity Dreams Award!

    The new questions are at the bottom. Thanks!

    1. Thank you so much! :D Those are some of my favorite posts I've ever done, so I'm glad you enjoyed them :D
      Lol, IKR? Al just seems older than Ed a lot of the time, lol. And like I said in the review, it's really violent and some people like to curse in it, but besides that it's AMAZING. :D

      Thank you so much! I'll check that out. :)


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