So I’m on season 4 of Supernatural , and so far, I adore the show. It’s action-packed, funny, suspenseful, the brothers’ relationship i...

Thoughtful Thursdays: A Spiritual Experience While Watching Supernatural

So I’m on season 4 of Supernatural, and so far, I adore the show. It’s action-packed, funny, suspenseful, the brothers’ relationship is adorable, it’s just... it’s so much fun to watch. Kinda creepy every once in a while, lol, but so much fun.

At the beginning of Season 4 though, something, well, interesting happens. Rather than just battling demons and monsters all the time, God gets brought into the picture. I'm not sure how they're gonna handle that from here on out, but so far so good, and something that happened in episode 2 really struck a chord with me.

(BTW, some spoilers ahead for the beginning of season 4, but only what was necessary for the post.)

There’s this scene where the brothers, Sam and Dean, and their mentor/father figure, Bobby, are debating the existence of God. One of Dean’s main difficulties with believing is that he can’t understand why God Himself would care about him so personally. To use Dean’s own words, he wonders, “Why me? I mean, I’m just a regular guy. Why do I deserve to get saved?”

And Sam replies, “Well, apparently, you’re a regular guy that’s important to The Man Upstairs.”

For some reason, that hit me really hard. Because it was just like, that’s me and you and everyone else in the world. We’re all just regular people who don’t deserve to be saved, and yet we’re all phenomenally important to “The Man Upstairs.” Each and every one of us, individually and personally, God loves us, cares for us, and so wants to save us from the pit of hell itself. But in real life, He didn’t wait until we were already dead, and He didn’t send an angel like Castiel.

He sent His very own son to die for us and pay the price for our sins.

It’s weird to think that I would get a whole new revelation of God’s love while watching Supernatural of all shows, but the truth of it is, even when times are crazy (coming from the girl who just came through her own share of insanity) and it’s super hard to see it, the fact still remains: God adores you. The Man Upstairs, the Creator of the Universe, the Author and Perfector, the Be all and End all, He knows you. And not only does He know you, He adores you so much that He made a way to save you from hell long before you got there, long before you were even born, and it was through the death of His one and only Son, so that you and me and everybody else could become His children as well.

I know I don’t do spiritual posts often, but this was just something that I had to share, this new revelation of God’s love and just how much it struck me. How much it just made me stop and say, “Wow, God, you are... WOW.” Our God is so infinite and amazing, yet He was and is willing to come down to us on a personal level, save our souls, and not just leave us where we are after that, but develop a close and personal relationship with each and every one of us.

If that doesn’t get you saying, “Wow, Jesus is incredible,” I don’t really know what will.

Original photo credit: Unsplash on Pixabay
So, question time! Have you ever had an experience like this, where God just renewed His love to you in some crazy way you like never saw coming? Please share in the comments! I would love to hear about it. :)

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  1. I feel like I need to watch at least one episode of Supernatural because I've heard such good things about it, but my best friend didn't enjoy it, but you know what? We don't have to like all the same things. I'MA WATCH ME AT LEAST ONE EPISODE OF SUPERNATURAL. I wanna know what everyone is talking about.

    It's so cool that Supernatural was able to give you a chance for God to talk to you. I would say that this has happened to me with the movies 300 and V for Vendetta, because the characters of Leonidas and V remind me a lot of Jesus, especially in how they choose to save their people/the world and they make me so happy. <3 But yeah, those two are probably the movies where God has spoken to me most through it all. 8D

    1. YES YES YOU SHOULD. SUPERNATURAL IS WONDERFUL!!!! :D. Please let me know what you think when you do even if you don't like it!
      And you might want to try a bit more than one episode. I enjoyed the first one, but it does take a few to really get into it. At least, it took me a few anyway.

      Awesome! And yes, it's so amazing how God can speak through literally anything! I haven't seen either of those, but I'll have to check them out. :)

  2. JDKLAFJDKLA. ISN'T GOD SO AMAZING?! :") That is so, so cool. :") <3 I love it when He just reminds us that He loves us through all the little things (and big things); He speaks through everything! The other day, I was getting out my bead box (I enjoy making bracelets), and I had taped one of the little containers that held my beads closed (because bah, it's so annoying when they all fall out XD ), and, IT WAS SO, SO AWESOME. The tape had little air bubbles in it, AND IT WAS SHAPED LIKE A SMILEY FACE. :"D I just felt God say, "Smile, Koko!" :'D It was so, so great! It's such a small thing, and it might sound a little silly, but jdkakfls. I took a photo of it. XD ;) But argh, He is so amazing, SO amazing, so loving, so patient, so merciful, so comforting, so hilarious, so wonderful! He never fails and never gives up on us and is always relently pursuing us and. :') <3 He is so GOOD! <3 I love this post! <3

    1. TOTALLY AGREE!!! Our God is so awesome!! :D <3

      And wow, really? That is so super cool! I love it when He speaks through the randomest things. It just shows how big and awesome He truly is. :D


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