Note: My (Alexa’s) words will be in Times New Roman with Rebecca's in Cambria So in case you haven’t heard of The Kane Chroni...

Sib-Ship Saturday with Rebecca from Random Fandom Fanatics: Sadie and Carter Kane/The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan

Note: My (Alexa’s) words will be in Times New Roman with Rebecca's in Cambria

So in case you haven’t heard of The Kane Chronicles, it’s a book series that centers around two siblings, Sadie and Carter Kane, who find out that they’re descended from the pharaohs, can do epically powerful magical things, and of course, basically save the world.

One thing I really love about the Kane Chronicles is that, while it is a fantasy, it’s also a sibling story: it’s definitely about them learning to use their powers and eventually save the world from Chaos, but, since the two of them have been separated for half a decade and only see each other twice a year, it’s also about them getting to know and learning to trust each other.

My impression of the Kane Chronicles is much the same as Alexa’s, although I hadn’t realized the sibling part of it until very recently. I love the dynamic of the two, and how well they compliment each other. They work good on their own, yes, but they do their best work when they’re together, as they add to each other’s strengths.

Carter is somewhat reserved, careful, and quiet. He’s also smart, but more in a book-knowledge way. He’s extremely loyal and obeys orders given to him by an authority figure--most of the time. The exception is either when the order makes no sense, or when Sadie has a say.

Sadie (Who happens to be my fav) is flamboyant, reckless, and loud. She’s smart as well, but hers leans more towards street-smarts and action-oriented thinking. She loathes being ordered around and often completely disregards an order. The only reason she ever listens is because Carter talks her out of doing whatever she was going to do.

Lol, that’s definitely true. I like Sadie a lot because, like Rebecca said, she’s loud and reckless and crazy, smack bursting with personality. But I also like Carter because he has spark too, though in a much quieter way. I mean, it’s funny, most of the time, people say personality and they’re thinking of something in particular: the loud, feisty little firecracker who does what they want, doesn’t care what anybody thinks about it, and is always getting into (and miraculously out of) trouble, lovely little nuts who are wild, hilarious, and charming in their own ways (Sadie in a nutshell, in case you were wondering). But here’s the thing: there are lots of different kinds of personality, and Carter shows off a lot of his too. He’s quieter, more careful, and he’s not afraid to show that he’s scared to death of all that’s going on. But that doesn’t keep him from being brave. From risking everything to get his dad back to protecting his sister and always being there when she needs him, Carter consistently puts his fear aside and does whatever he has to do to help his family. Like I said, I love Sadie, but between the two, I think Carter has my heart.

Another good thing about the two, is that they’re both relatable. I lean more towards being similar to Sadie, but I definitely have streaks of Carter in me. On the flip side of that, my sister is mostly like Carter with hints of Sadie.

Specifically one line of Carter’s comes to mind for me:

‘Zia said, "I don't have time for friends."

The hairs stood up on the back of my neck. I'd said almost the same thing, many times, when people ask me what it was like being homeschooled by my dad. Didn't I miss having friends? Didn't I want a normal life? "I like being alone. It's fine."’

That is extremely relatable for me, since I myself am a homeschooler and have had basically three, maybe five, friends in my life. But for the most part, I’ve been alone--well, alone plus a sister. Which hasn’t been bad, but sometimes you want people outside of your family to talk to, am I right?

I had to have Alexa look for the quote, as I couldn’t remember it and my copy of the Red Pyramid has gone somewhere without me, but I remembered it’s context and overall feel. From there, it went on to say how he felt a little… sad isn’t the right word, but I’m not sure what is, so I’ll go with that. He felt a little sad that was his automatic comment, since it wasn’t totally true. Which is another thing I relate to, since I have an automatic response to the question “Are you okay?”

Kind of going off of my reasonings for that, I feel like Carter would respond that way because he didn’t want his Dad to feel bad, or like Carter was somehow missing out on something. Sure, the kid might have wanted friends, but he also didn’t want to worry his Dad.

Yeah. The thing about Carter was that he really was tough, even though he couldn’t see it. And as a reader, me being able to see it just made me love him more.

And then there was Sadie being her crazy, red-hair-don’t-care self. I couldn’t strictly like how reckless she was because I’m a big fan of characters who stop and think before each action; but I could also appreciate why she acted the way she did and, in the end, it just made her more relatable and alive.

Alone, Sadie and Carter are both really cool characters. But together, they’re stronger. Even before they really know each other, they’re personalities and mannerisms just complement each other perfectly, and the more they grow to know each other, the more they truly become brother and sister, the better they work together and the stronger each one alone is. They’re not nothing without the other (which is never healthy in any kind of relationship), but they’re definitely better when they’re a team.

As usual, we will briefly touch on some of the other characters before closing the shipping post. *dives out of the way so Rebecca can fangirl*

Okay, so I have another character that I want to talk about. He’s not in the Red Pyramid, but he is still fabulous and amazing and sweet and just gosh.

Walt is precious. He’s the character of this series that I want to defend at all costs. To quote my sister, he’s basically a sunshine-filled Nico. He’s selfless, he’s noble, he’s brave, he’s kind, he’s strong… He’s just…. bae. Walt is like a golden retriever and it’s amazing and he’s--okay, starting to fangirl in a circle now. Let me try to stop myself from doing that.

Walt has problems in his life. I’m not going to say what, since hello, spoilers, but he’s incredible, since he doesn’t let them define him. Admittedly, sometimes he doesn’t totally make the best decision, but he has yet to make the worst ones. But his problem would absolutely justify him hiding in the corner and hardly ever helping Sadie and Carter. But he doesn’t. He puts his life on the line for them, and he helps them. Truthfully, from what I remember from the books, he’s very crucial to them winning. (Or maybe I’m blowing that up in my head. Despite having read the whole series, like, seven times [I hardly ever reread, by the way. Shows you just how good it is. ], I don’t remember it all. )

His interactions with both Carter and Sadie are great. He’s the friend that Carter needed, and he puts up with Sadie’s insanity. Or, he more than puts up with it, since he might kind of like her. And by might, I mean definitely. (Which I totally approve of, despite being slightly tired of there always being a ship in a book.)

He helps them both out when asked, and goes on a trip with just Carter, and a trip with just Sadie. I guess one thing that stands out to me is that his personality is somewhat in the middle of the Kanes'. He’s not wild like Sadie, and, while he’s quiet, he seems louder than Carter. Maybe because he has a somewhat commanding presence? Anyways--they all three work very well together.

So to sum up, Walt is a precious and important cog in Sadie and Carter’s adventures and plans, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Okay, so I loved Walt before I watched Rebecca fangirl, but I think I love him even more now. Seriously, a sunshine-filled Nico? That is so perfect. <3


I adore Walt and Sadie and Carter, but we’ve talked about all of them already, so I’m going to talk about Bast. Bast is the Egyptian goddess of cats, the kids’ kind of guardian, and also Sadie’s pet. I love Bast because she is an epically awesome fighter, can basically kick anybody’s butt, plus she’s got that signature, quirky, random hilarity that can take any character and make them flat-out amazing. But even more than all of that, I love how much she truly cares about the kids (even though everyone says the gods are basically selfish and heartless), and I love how much she’s willing to sacrifice for them. I love that even she’s got a bit of a tragic backstory, complete with necessary agony and guilt, that all of her bravado is trying to hide. Even so, she spends the series watching out for all the kids (knives in her sleeves and Friskies ready to pop out of thin air for snack time), and I basically adore every second she’s on the page. :)

Also, there’s Felix, an adorable small child who loves penguins. <3 He’s like Nico if nothing ever went wrong for him (is it weird that we made two Nico comparisons in one post?).

I guess all this is basically just to say that every character in this series is phenomenal and gorgeous and wonderful, and we adore them all with all ofour little fangirl hearts. <3 <3


Unless I am entirely mistaken, this post was rather long, so I think we’re going to go ahead and wrap up now. Basically, Kane Chronicles is (one of the) best and it’s characters are bae and we are both in love. :D

So have you read the Kane Chronicles? Who’s your favorite character in the series? Do you have a favorite sib-ship or any other you’d like to see me do next? Comment us, and don't forget to check out Rebecca over at her blog!

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  1. Oh my goodness, I forgot how much I love this series, although I haven't had a chance to read the whole thing yet. But I totally agree with you two on the whole Carter and Sadie dynamic. I think they're one of my top favorite sibling pairs ever.

    1. You should totally keep reading because it only gets better!
      And yay! I'm not sure if they're my favorite, but they're definitely one of the best. :D

  2. I've only read the first (and a bit of the second) book, so I don't know Walt. I felt this series wasn't as good as percy Jackson, but I still liked it. Great job capturing the sibling relationships, I think this was a n interesting post and we should spend more time paying attention to relationships that aren't just typical boy-girl-love. Nice post!

    1. Yeah, me too: I definitely like Percy Jackson better, but Kane Chronicles is still amazing (and you should totally finish it because Walt is wonderful). :D

      Thanks and thanks for commenting!


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