Hey guys! So I was planning to do another Interdimensional Travels post today, in which I would finally talk about Twilight . But that post...

Not Tag Week: Quote Challenge

Hey guys! So I was planning to do another Interdimensional Travels post today, in which I would finally talk about Twilight. But that post ended up about six pages long, very complicated, and somewhat incoherent. I think it might be a while before I pull my thoughts together enough that I can actually write a decipherable post about Twilight, lol. So for now, please accept this tag instead.

Ze Rules:
Post your 3 favorite quotes, one each for three consecutive days.
With each post nominate three bloggers for the challenge.
Recognize the blogger who nominated you.

I’m a rebel, so I’m gonna do this thing my way, lol. I’ll go ahead and post all the quotes now, doing nine instead of three because I love way too many, and then I’ll nominate my three bloggers at the end.

Without further ado, from the funny to the philosophical, these are nine of my favorite quotes.

Quote 1:
Halt loved Horace like a younger brother. Even like a second son, after Will. He admired his skill with a sword and his courage in battle. But sometimes, just sometimes, he felt an overwhelming desire to ram the young warrior’s head against a convenient tree.  ~ 
From Halt’s Peril by John Flanagan

Quote 2:
The guy was so nice, Leo figured his office would be full of torture devices. ~ 
From Blood of Olympus by Rick Riordan

Quote 3:
If you jump off a cliff convinced you’re a bird, flapping your arms won’t make you fly. ~
From Storyteller by Edward Myers.

Quote 4:
McQueen’s voice brought a starless winter swamp night to life, with rattling leaves and the movement of a fox through the snow. Travis closed his eyes, shutting out the crowd of books, breathing in the cold, clean air. ~
From Bluefish by Pat Schmatz

Quote 5:
You cannot wait for an untroubled world to have an untroubled moment... It is best to grab what wonderful moments you find lying around. ~
From Shouldn’t You Be In School by Lemony Snicket

Quote 6:
It’s so strange how life works: you want something and you wait and wait and feel like it’s taking forever to come. Then it happens and it’s over and all you want to do is curl back up in that moment before things changed. ~
From Delirium by Lauren Oliver

Quote 7:
To have regret is to be disappointed with yourself and your choices. Those who are wise, see their life like stepping stones across a great river. Everyone misses a stone from time to time. No one can cross the river without getting wet. Success is measured by your arrival on the other side, not on how muddy your shoes are. ~
From Tiger’s Voyage by Colleen Houck

Quote 8:
No reality has the power to dispel a dream. ~
From When Did You See Her Last by Lemony Snicket.

Quote 9:
Listen. For each of us, life is a story. There are characters, conflicts, plot developments, crises, interludes, twists, and resolutions. Sometimes the story makes sense; sometimes it doesn’t. But there’s still value in the story itself, even when you can’t add up the parts and understand the whole. A good story can lead you toward insight--perhaps wisdom--regardless of whether or not you fully understand it. Maybe that’s why storytelling has always been so important to me.
The sounds you make, the stories you tell, release the dreams into the world.
Our stories are our lives. We are our stories...
What matters most is that you live your own story to the fullest and that you tell it well. Make sure you fully develop your main character. Fill the tale with lots of other characters who tell their own stories... Then when the day is done, you can feel confident that your characters have been fulfilled, your craft mastered, your story well told.
Be off now. The world awaits you. ~
From Storyteller by Edward Myers

And I don’t see how this post could end any better, lol. Thanks so much to Heather for tagging me! I absolutely love sharing quotes! :D

So have you read any of these books? What’d you think of the quotes? Got a favorite one to share? Can’t wait to see you in the comments! :)

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  1. There are some lovely The Fault in Our Stars quotes, long ones, that I remember by heart (that I won't burden you with because they are dangerously long). The ones you shared are beautiful too!

    1. Haha, all right. And thanks! Glad you enjoyed them. :)

  2. Oooh, thanks for tagging me! I'll have to see about doing this one at some point, but it may be a few months before I get to it. These are all awesome quotes, especially the one from Tiger's Voyage. :)

    1. That's fine! Can't wait to see what quotes you come up with. :)
      And thanks! Glad you enjoyed them!

  3. I like all of these! I'm such a quote junkie, though, haha.

    1. Haha, me too! Why do you think I had to post so many more than the tag called for? lol

  4. I haven't read most of these things (:sadface:) but I really liked the quote you chose from Ranger's Apprentice! I think that's so cool and, of course, totally accurate. :D Thanks for doing the tag, Alexa!

    1. No problem, thanks for tagging me!
      Lol, yeah, it is. And obviously, I totally recommend all of these ;)


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