Hey all! So for this opening, I’m adding a bit of a tag to POTW with The Golden Gang’s prompt number 3: Prompt 3: This time we are sha...

Hey all! So for this opening, I’m adding a bit of a tag to POTW with The Golden Gang’s prompt number 3:

Prompt 3: This time we are sharing books: 1) A book that you enjoyed reading last year 2) A book you recently read 3) A book that will be published soon that you can’t wait to read

So obviously, there are a lot of books I could choose for all of these categories, lol, but I will try to pick only ones I haven’t talked a lot about on this blog.


1) Seraphina was a gorgeous storytelling with super-smart, sarcastic dragons; I loved it. 2) Enchanted was adorable and--I'm not trying to be cute, but honestly--enchanting, intricately tying together numerous fairytales into a lovely story. 3) As for The Fever Code, I still haven’t forgiven Dashner for The Death Cure, but this is the prequel I actually wanted, so honestly, I basically have no choice.


You Are Loved by Aimee. Man, I didn't even know what to say when I finished this post. I almost cried reading it, and all I could think was THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WRITING THIS.

Real or Not Real by Jessi. An interesting post about the fictionality of fiction--and why much of it should probably stay that way.

Allegiant Discussion by Liz. Obviously, tons of spoilers if you hadn't read the rest of the Divergentseries, but I love how deep she goes into the storytelling. It's brilliant.

The Objectification of Books by Shanti. Because books truly areso much more than objects. :)

That's all my posts for this week! Have you read the Allegiant series? Are you more into realism in fiction or something more fantastical and idealistic? Can't wait to hear from you all and I will see you in the comment section!

Hey all, it’s Alexa! So I’ve talked a few times about my 2015 NaNo project, The Wizard Apocalypse , but I’ve never done any really in-dept...

Hey all, it’s Alexa! So I’ve talked a few times about my 2015 NaNo project, The Wizard Apocalypse, but I’ve never done any really in-depth character posts, which is weird because the characters are my favorite part of this book. Anyways. Todd and I are now here to rectify that mistake.

I don’t have an official picture for Todd, but he looks kinda like this pin of Spencer Treat Clark. It’s not exact, but it’s close.


1. How’d you come up with this character?
That’s actually a really hard question to answer, because the original idea for The Wizard Apocalypse didn’t include Todd specifically. Like, I knew I needed his character (some random kid magicked with superpowers), but I didn’t have anything about him as more than an archetype until I started writing. By then, I was basically trying to flip everything I knew about the fantasy genre on its head, so, in a way, each of the pieces was deliberately added, yet I also don’t remember exactly how or when I came up with Todd. He just kinda... assembled, a little bit at a time, as I needed to understand the adorable, terrified, little health nut for who he is.

That was a long, nonsensical answer, and I don't think any of us are any more clear on how I came up with this character. Sorry.

2. Have they ever been starving? Why? And what did they eat to break the fast?
I’m gonna bring Todd in to answer the rest of these questions. I'm not doing it very well, and kid needs the interaction. So Todd, *gestures to question* have you ever been starving?

Todd: *eyes shift* Um... why would you start an interview that way?

Me: I didn’t-- You know what, Todd, please don’t argue with me. Just answer the question.

Todd: Well, no, I haven't? I mean, Mom always liked to cook. I loved her broccoli brownies. And Aunt Amy always makes sure I have seconds at mealtimes; she says Saxen and I don’t eat enough.

Me: Well, there you have it. For all the problems in kid’s life, he’s never gone hungry.

3. Do they have a talent or skill that they’re proud of?
Todd: Um... no?

Me: Todd. You can literally explode things with your mind.

Todd: That is not a good thing. It almost got my cousin and I killed, plus we’ve been racing all over town, trying to find a cure while being chased, and then there’s--

Me: Okay, fine. Sheesh. Try to give a kid a superpowers and he freaks out on you. You know you oughtta be thankful. A lot of people would give a lot to be able to do what you can do.

Todd: *huffs and crosses arms, pouting* You sound like Irie.

Me: *snorts* There’s a reason for that.

4. List 3 things that would make them lose their temper.
Me: Well, obviously when people try to portray his “curse” as a good thing. Anything else, Toddy?

Todd: *mutters* A toddy is an alcoholic drink.

Me: *googles it* As well as a name for politicians, basketball players, and a cold water coffee brewing system. But that isn’t the point. What other things would make you lose your temper?

Todd: *shrugs* I don’t really lose my temper.

Me:... KID.

Todd: *mumbles* But you’re about to.

Me: ...

Todd: ...

Me: Fine. I’m answering this one: clearly, he also gets annoyed when called “Toddy.” As for the third thing... when people think he’s weird for liking broccoli brownies and his daily Apple Cider Vinegar “shots.”

Todd: I don't--


5. What is their favorite type of weather? Least favorite?
Todd: I don’t like spring very much. I get hay fever every year.

Me: Fair enough. Have a favorite season?

Todd: *quiet for a moment* Not really. Summer’s all right, I guess.

Me: Any reason why?

Todd: It’s sunny.

6. What is their Hogwarts house and/or MBTI personality?
Todd: I've never read Harry Potter.

Me: Of course you haven’t.

Todd: But my MBTI is ISFJ. My mom made me take the test at the beginning of high school.

Me: Cool. Quick input though: I’d honestly put Todd in Slytherin. He’s too scared to go for what he wants now, but if he ever got brave enough, kid would be terrifying.

Todd: *frowns* I would not.

Me: Todd, you’ve never even read Harry Potter. Hush up and trust me.

Todd: *snorts and mumbles* That'll get me far.

7. Are they more likely to worry about present problems or freak out about the unknown future?
Todd: I think I have good reason to worry about both. But since I just got cursed by some bat-crap crazy wizard and he’s chasing me all over town with his nightmare minions, I’m going to say present problems.

Me:... Okay, kid. Just let all that pent-up sass out, why don’t you.

8. What is their favorite thing to drink?
Todd: Not soda. That stuff will kill you. Did you know--

Me: Todd. We didn’t ask for your least favorite. We asked for your favorite.

Todd: Fine. *crosses arms* Well, organic green tea is really good. Especially with a little lemon or orange.

Me: *thumps up*

9. What is their favorite color? Least favorite?
Todd: *thinks* I don’t think I really have one? I never thought too much about it. Maybe orangish? Or light green?

Me: Fair enough. How about a least favorite?

Todd: *gulps and pales* Red and black and... ghostly pale.

Me: What are you--? Oh. Right. The thing. Yeah, okay, don’t puke, Todd. We’ve only got one question left.

10. What is a book that changed your life?
Todd: The website Char found that explained my *gulps* powers.

Me: Because you very well might be about to puke all over my blog, I will accept that answer.

And that’s it for this beautiful person. I’ve gotta see Todd safely home, but in the meantime, if you have any questions about his story or for Todd himself, feel free to leave them in the comments! One of us will (eventually) be around to answer. ;) Also, link to up your beautiful people posts! I would love to read them. :D

So. I must apologize. I made a grievous err last week when I did the Blogging Community Tag: I neglected to mention Skye at Ink Castles , w...

So. I must apologize. I made a grievous err last week when I did the Blogging Community Tag: I neglected to mention Skye at Ink Castles, whose design is absolutely gorgeous and so perfectly simple and that ink castle at the top though, and C. Lee McKenzie at TheWriteGame, who has commented on nearly every one of my Verbosity posts for the last year and a half, to which I say A MILLION THANK YOUS and a million apologies for my brain fritzing and forgetting. You both are amazing, and I am so happy to know you’re a part of the community. :)

And to the posts!

Hi, I’m a Mess by Aimee. In which she shares what I think many of us often feel and reminds us that we are all awesome and unique, just the Creator made us. :)

The Book Sacrifice Tag by Liz. This is an absolutely epic thing. *silently makes plans to steal it*

In Which I Hijack Stan and Uncontrollably Reference Musicals (Don’t Tell Anyone), Then Congratulate You For Reading THIS ENTIRE POST (after breaking all the title rules ever) by Caroline. I think that’s description enough, lol. Trust me, though, this post is wonderful. Remember, you want to be in the room where it happens. ;)

10 Requirements of Being a Book Blogger by Cait. This is so true in every way, and I related so hard. Especially to number 3. And 8. And 10. And kind of all of them.

The Looking-Glass, Part 1 by Mariella. The first part in her new fairy-fantasy short story. That conclusion (three posts later) was something I definitely did not expect.

Power of Words Tag by Jessi. I really like her term “popcorn movies.” I’m going to have to start using that. :)

And that is it for this week! Which book blogger requirements did you most relate to? How neat is that book sacrifice tag, though? lol Can’t wait to hear from you all, and I will see you in the comment section!

Original pic from Pixabay: Unsplash I’m listening to a storm rage outside and considering how, inside my house, I’m safe. It seems sc...

I’m listening to a storm rage outside and considering how, inside my house, I’m safe. It seems scary out thereloud, star-shatter bright, and violentbut I don’t have anything to be afraid of, because inside my house I’m protected, sheltered. The roof above my head keeps the rain from pouring in; my window shows the lightning flashes, but they’re not coming anywhere near me. The thunder sounds loud enough to splinter the wallsyet it doesn’t. The house holds, and I remain unharmed.

Life is like that: loud, star-shatter bright, and scary. Every time I log into my email, a hundred awful stories slap me in the face before I can scramble to my login button. We’re surrounded by horrors, wrongs, trolls, and just good old fashioned negativity, life-storms raging all around.

But as Christians, while we can be harmed on the outside, our souls can never be touched. Inside the arms of our Savior, the deepest part of us remains unharmed. His love keeps us from losing ourselves in the hatred. His grace allows us to shine even brighter than the lightning strikes. His peace steadies us when it seems like the whole freaking world has lost it’s everlastin’ mind and is crumbling itself to miniscule bits and pieces.

Nice as all that sounds, though, if I’m being honest, we don’t always get to stay protected inside the house. Sometime, we do. Sometimes the storm roars just nearby, blowhard and screaming threats, but it never actually hits us. Sometimes He quiets it before it breaches our horizonnot just for us but for everyone around. Sometimes though, sometimes, He calls us to get up, leave the comfort of the shelter we think we’ve found, and trust Him to guide us through the screaming, raging, terrifying storm and out the other side.

But no matter which one He asks of us, we have the knowledge, the hopenot in a cross-your-fingers-and-make-a-wish kind of way, but a deep hope, a hope that sustains, a faith in the fact that, no matter which of the above we experience when a storm brews up again, He has never left us. Jesus is always there, and even when you physically feel like you’re out in a hurricane, like the hail is bruising your body and the rain is soaking you to the bone and you are so so cold and so so tired of dealing with this again and again, He is holding your soul, He is healing your brokenness, and strengthening you to fight another day. No matter what the storm looks like, no matter how the winds wail, and the rain feels like bullets, and the hail pounds out a chaotic symphony of pain, He’s there, He’s got you, He loves you, and He’s with you.

He will hold you through your storm.

So, I was scrolling through my blog post ideas and found the rough version of this one from June 23rd of this year. For some reason, it just made sense to post it (maybe I’ve got a storm on my horizon and needed to remember this :p). But in any case, whether you’re going through a storm right now or it’s just day-to-day life starting to wear you down or even if everything is going fantastic for you, I hope that my post is a little reminder of His love and that you will be encouraged by the reality of His presence.

You all are amazing in His eyes, I adore you, and so does Jesus. :)

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