Hey guys! I’m killing two birds with one stone this week, lol: getting to a tag not 3 months after I was tagged for it and sharing other po...

Blogging Community Tag: September 2016

Hey guys! I’m killing two birds with one stone this week, lol: getting to a tag not 3 months after I was tagged for it and sharing other posts.

So the brilliant Heather from Sometimes I’m a Story has tagged moi for the Blogging Community tag. This is my second time doing it as well, but like her, I think it’s always great to recognize awesome bloggers. So thank you so much, Heather, for tagging me and for your kind words in the tag. :D

Let us begin!

Ze Rules:
1. Answer the eight questions (easy enough)
2. Tag some peoples! (any number, but I'm doing one for each category)
3. Link back to Jo (she is the creator and it is good manners)
4. Include the globe picture (hey, it's easier than making one of your own. Thanks Jo!)

To The Dedicated Ones
Victoria at Wanderer’s Pen: So Victoria’s blog is a lot of things: geeky, insightful, has one of the coolest banners ever as well as the some of the best writing advice, but not only did she recently celebrate her 4th blogoversary, she also still posts on a very regular basis. I don’t think I’ve ever known her to miss a week, and her posts of excellence are like a constant staple in my inbox.

To The Committed Community Members
Grace at Somewhat Reserved: I love how she comments on--if not every one of my posts--very close to it, lol. It’s always awesome to have a regular commenter, plus I enjoy reading the perspective she shares on herblog, on everything from books to Blogging Olympics. ;)

To The Beautiful Blog Designs
So I’m going to break my rule one this and mention more than one blog, because there are several gorgeous designs that I simply must acknowledge. This is my version of the tag; I make the rules.

Cait at Paper Fury: I feel like Cait’s gonna be a common answer for the great reviewers because she’s basically all of our inspiration, lol, but honestly, I am in love with her design and her post pictures and banners. They’re simple yet out there yet very her, and I just think the design and photography are amazing.

Monica at Golden Scribblings: The first thing I noticed when I checked into her blog for the first time was how absolutely spectacular her design is. I love the banner, I love the colors, I love the name... it’s all beautiful. And the posts ain’t bad either. ;)

Jessi at Jessi L. Roberts, Author: That fire banner though. And the blue background. Wicked. Also, one of her book reviews convinced me I should eventually try out a different genre. And it is very difficult to convince me of that sort of thing. Major props.

To The Remarkable Reviewers And Book Bloggers
Ally from The Scribbling Sprite: Here is a secret: when I first started blogging, I never read book reviews. I just didn’t decide on books to read that way; I picked what sounded interesting and perhaps accepted a few novels from close friends. Honestly, that is still the way I am, though I’ve added the recommendations of a few bloggers to the list, one of the chiefest being Ally. I love her reviews: their thoughtful and well-written and, regardless of whether or not I’ve even read it, they make me wanna fangirl with her (psst... I have finally read Enchanted by Alethea Kontis. IT WAS AMAZING AND WE MUST TALK).

Shar and Shanti from Virtually Read: I love all their posts because great reviews (still need to find A Darker Shade of Magic. IT IS NOT AT MY LIBRARY AND I HAVE NO MONEY) and cleverly hilarious posts surrounding books (we must raise awareness for Just-Another-Chapter Syndrome. Serious business, you guys).

To The Deep And Thoughtful Bloggers
Ophelia from Opinions, Thoughts, and General Rambling. She doesn’t post very often, but when she does it’s always something incredible, something special. Also, her poetry has given me all the feels. Just throwing that one out there.

To The Ones Who Are Just Plain Enjoyable
Again, I will break my rule because I can and because breaking rules is what I do.

Liz from Out of Coffee, Out of Mind: Liz is so much the complete package (funny, quirky, insightful, spiritual, genius) that I didn’t really know what else to put her under, lol. But seriously, her blog has a little bit of everything, from diaries written from the POV of a chicken to posts about her PTSD. Maybe enjoyable isn’t the perfect word for all of it, but I do enjoy having her as a part of our blog community as she shares her unique and engaging perspective with all of us.

Keturah from Keturah’s Corner: She’s another one who has a lot of different stuff on her blog, but my favorite thing about her is her bright spirit reflected in all of her posts. Also, her bright pink type, lol. Another blogger who recognizes the stunning beauty of such a color is definitely one to be applauded and appreciated. ;)
To The Ones With A Great Sense of Humor
Heather from Sometimes I’m a Story: That sarcasm though. Whether it’s directed at a character, a bookish discussion, something writing-related, whatever, Heather’s wit is sharp, like edge of Excalibur sharp, it’s hilarious, and best of all, her way of sharing her perspective always makes me think.

To The Inspirational Ones
Emily from This Incandescent Life: Just that title gives me the sense that I’m going to a place of wisdom, lol. Her posts inspire me to breathe, one, and two, live powerfully, beautifully, incandescently.

And that is the tag! Let us jointly raise a glass to each of these incredible bloggers... and to all of you reading as well. None of us could do what we do without you, and your comments, follows, and shares make our day. So to the bloggers and to the readers!

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  1. Ahh, more blogs to check out! I've been looking for more lately. Mostly because I have a bad memory and can never remember which ones I had checked out before. xD

    1. Haha, well, glad to be of service! All of these blogs are definitely amazing, and I hope you enjoy them! :D

  2. Shar and Shanti are bundles of fun, no? Another of my favorites is Liz—she always writes about the most interesting things. :) And, of course, I'm familiar with most of the others, and agree they help make our community great. And, of course, thank you for mentioning me! :) Glad that I'm making you laugh. :D

    1. Yes to both! And you're welcome! Thanks for your awesome humor and your awesome thoughts. :D

  3. Ooooh thank you! Well I'm glad you like our reviews! I'm quite a fan of your blog too. Heather is pretty cool ^. And Cait=design goals I will never live up to. And Grace is definitely a good commenter, unlike me (I have no time? Is that an excuse?) :)

    1. You're welcome! And thanks! :D

      True, true, and true about Grace, lol. I'm pretty bad at commenting now myself, and since lack of time is also my excuse, here's hoping that it counts.

  4. I actually know most of these ones, they are all brilliant.

  5. I'm always late in following up on tags like this. It's all about time or the lack of it!

  6. Thanks so much for tagging me! Honestly, I hate not commenting on people's posts because I don't want them to think I didn't comment and also because it's a good way of seeing whether I read a certain post or not. And God bless! <3

    1. You're welcome!

      And same! I love commenting, I just don't have as much time to do it as I used to. :p But it means so much that you read and comment on almost all of mine, so thanks again!

      Thanks! And you too! <3

  7. Nyawwwwwwww. Thanks so much for mentioning me, Alexa. I feel so honored! I haven't missed a post in two years and I'm trying to keep the record haha. It's been hard. XD And I'm so happy you like the banner! I worked hard on it.


    1. You're welcome! :D Haha, thought so! Girl, I'll bet it's hard; honestly, that is so incredible that you haven't missed one in that long!


  8. Thanks for tagging me! I apparently missed seeing myself tagged. Yes, I do follow your blog, but I follow so many I skim way more than I should. (It happens when I have 15 blog posts I haven't read.)

    1. You're welcome! And I totally understand! It can be so hard to keep up with all the blogs I follow.


  9. Ah, you are so sweet! I love what you said about my blog :) So, much I think I might post it on facebook :) I'll try to get to the tag soon :)

    1. :D Thank you! And I saw that! Thanks for posting about it. :)

      Sweet! Can't wait to see it. :)

  10. YOU ARE SUCH A WONDERFUL HUMAN BEAN. Also, I'm sorry it took me so long to comment. I just haven't checked my email in AGES. Thank you for tagging me! Your kind words may inspire me to actually post again, lol. And yay for reading Enchanted! *hugs that book* It's just so darn cute!

    Ally @ The Scribbling Sprite

    1. THANK YOU <3 (btw, I understand that reference now ;) ). It's totally fine; comments take me forever and a day, too (obviously).

      You're welcome! And I hope you do! *nudges you towards your blog ;)*

      ISN'T IT THOUGH <3


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