That’s right, Tag Week has returned! As mentioned in the title, I was tagged for the 2016 Liebster Award by the lovely Monica from Golden S...

That’s right, Tag Week has returned! As mentioned in the title, I was tagged for the 2016 Liebster Award by the lovely Monica from Golden Scribblings. Thanks so much for tagging me, Monica! Means the world that you visit and enjoy my blog! :D

As you might recall, I’ve actually done this one before here and also here. But there are new questions this time and they look very cool. So. I am going to answer them.

1. What is your personality type?
So, every time I’ve taken the test, I’ve tested INTJ, and I definitely have A LOT of tendencies for that. However, when I read through the traits that each of the letters actually represents, I can also see myself as ISTJ (used to see think I might be INFJ, too, though not so much anymore). So yeah. Guess I just can’t be put in a box. ;)

2. What is one of  your newest favorite movies?
Honestly, I almost never go to the movie theater. I’m more of a Netflix or Hulu or get-it-from-the-library type of girl; but I did get to see Captain America: Civil War recently. And it was beautiful.

3. Have you ever been prejudiced against a certain movie before watching it, but then after seeing it decided it wasn’t so bad?
ANT-MAN. I thought that movie was going to be the most corny thing ever and I had no intention of seeing it, but my brother and one of his friends roped me into watching it with them and it was great. Full disclosure, there are some content issues, but that movie had me rolling laughing. I’m giggling right now just thinking about it. It was crazy and it was fantastic.

4. If you you could meet any author in person, who would it be?
Jill Williamson. I am not a crier by any stretch of the imagination, but I’m pretty sure I would simply sob overwhelmed with joy if I got to meet her in person.

Or George Lucas, just cause. Technically, he’s a director. But whatever. It’s still storytelling.

5. How many siblings do you have, and where do you fall in the lineup?
Are y’all ready for this? I have... **drumroll please** SEVEN SIBLINGS (which, fun fact, doesn’t seem like that much to me but other people seem to thinks it’s crazy. Anyways). There are eight of us all together, and I am number 2 from the top. So yeah, Big Sister Life, haha.

6. If you could be related to any fictional character, who would it be and what relation would they be to you?
Hmm, I can’t really think of one. Because like, there are a lot of characters I would like to meet, get to know, be BFFs with, but no one I’d really like to be related to. I’m pretty chill with my family as is, I guess. Plus, if I was related to them, I’d also have to take whoever they were related to. You never know what you’re gonna get with that.

7. What is your favorite household chore, and what is your worst?
Unlike Monica, I absolutely cannot cook (has to do with a traumatic sidewalk-brownie experience when I was ten). And I actually don’t mind doing dishes--though it takes forever because of the amount of people in our house, it can be a really nice thirty minutes to think, especially if I’m stuck on a story thing.

Bathrooms, though. I hate to be graphic, but cleaning bathrooms is horrid.

Anyways, moving on.

8. Anne and Diana (from Anne of Green Gables) are a classic example of best friends. Do you have a best friend, and if so which one of you is more like Anne and which is more like Diana?
Yes, and honestly, I don’t think either of us are either. But if I had to say, I’d peg me as Diana and her as Anne, because she’s even more insane than I am and she would be the one dragging me into something crazy (i.e. fandoms, horrible charrie backstories, and the addictive insanity known as anime). Also, “accidentally” giving me wine.

9. What was one of the first chapter books you read? (You know, the one that made you feel so proud because you were reading a “big kids’ book”!)
I don’t actually remember having that moment, but according to my mother, I taught myself to read with Little House on the Prairie when I was 4. So. I’ll go with that answer.

10. What is one of the yummiest, most delicious desserts you can think of at the present moment?
Ice cream. Always ice cream. And I will never regret this gif.

11. If you could be a character in one of your favorite movies, which movie would it be and which character would you choose?
Again, I don’t know. I’m a big fan of self-inserts, but I don’t know if I’d actually want to be any of those characters. I don’t know, I guess I kinda like being me, and I don't know if I'd be me if I was them. However, if I could just be me and take on the role of one of those characters, I would pick Padme in the Star Wars prequels and change everything that happens at the end of ROTS because SOMEHOW I WOULD FIND A WAY TO KEEP THAT WONDERFUL IDIOT FROM GOING DARK SIDE.

And that’s the tag! Because I am feeling ridiculously lazy and I’m frankly kind of bad at coming up with questions, I’m going to use a compilation of throwback ones:
#1 If you could go back in time to any time, what time would it be?
#2 What are your favorite hobbies (besides writing)?
#3 What’s your favorite character you’ve ever written?
#4 Favorite character you’ve ever read?
#5 Favorite outfit?
#6 What do you do to relax?
#7 How many siblings do you have?
#8 Can you think of a single best day of your life?
#9 Do you have an all-time favorite quote/motto?
#10 What are your three favorite movies?
#11 What do you think is the prettiest animal in the universe? (note: I did not say your favorite. I said the prettiest.)

Honestly, tagging people for awards makes me kind of nervous because I know I’m going to forget someone (just the way my brain works. Deepest apologies). But still here goes: I tag Liz, Tori, Heather, C. Lee McKenzie, Ellie, Shar and Shanti, Jessi, Keturah, Skye, Grace, and anyone else who wants to do it. If you’d like to and I didn’t mention your name, I now dub you--yes, you--tagged. Just leave me a link in the comments so I can check out your post. :)

So how are you at cooking? What is your bff dynamic like? For real though, which character would you be in a movie if you could pick one? Hope you enjoyed the post and I’ll see you in the comment section!

We have fandom posts today!!!! I am very excited. Thursentary: Yay! Bad Things Happen Here! by Heather . She talks about Supernatural. ...

We have fandom posts today!!!! I am very excited.

Thursentary: Yay! Bad Things Happen Here! by Heather. She talks about Supernatural. Of course I’m sharing it.

4 Comma Mistakes That Make Your Copy Editor Want to Cry by Nicole Crucial. I’m just going to keep this link around and reread it whenever I’m having trouble. Bless her for this.

Basically Just Move to the Himalayas Immediately by Shar. Well, you heard her. While you’re packing, you can look at the gorgeous pictures of the Himalayas (pronounced ‘Him aah liya’;) )

Write Fast and Free by Mrs. Jill Williamson. Such fantastic advice. Giving yourself permission to stink is often the only way you can get the thing done.

A Literary Fraud by Vickie Miller. I think a lot of creatives often feel like frauds because we’re all so unique and we can approach our goals in such different ways that we wonder if we're doing it wrong. But, to be extremely cliche since it is 11:41 p.m. and I’m starting to get tired, just because it’s different doesn’t mean it’s wrong. :)

#TEAMIRONMAN? A Review of Captain America: Civil War by Aimee. I’m more of a Cap girl myself (because... well, a lot of reasons actually, though I hope to see it again before I write a post about why), but YES TO ALL THE CHARRIES <3 They are perfect and heartbreaking </3

Why I’m Definitely Not #TeamIronMan, also by Heather. Her post on the subject because obviously I am a Marvel fanatic and I devoured all the things Marvel. Also, I very much agree with her assessment.
And that’s that for this week! Have you seen Civil War? How about Supernatural? ( I’m on Season 5 and I’m dying). Have you ever gone hiking in the mountains or (completely unrelated) felt like a writing fraud? Hope you enjoyed the posts and see you in the comment section!

I love the chance to get excited about my Savior. Original image courtesy of nuchylee at I’ve kinda talked a...

I love the chance to get excited about my Savior.

I’ve kinda talked about this before, but it’s a topic that’s been on my mind recently, so I’m going to talk about it again. ;)

Another post I was drafting triggered a thought about how often and how easily church becomes just another thing we do: we go in, say hi, sing some songs, listen to the pastor, a little more prayer, and a little more praise, thank Jesus we ain’t going to h-e-double-hockey-sticks, and then it’s all over until next week (or until Wednesday, if you’re particularly spiritual).

But church, Christianity, it is so much more than that. There’s so much more to life in Christ than hell insurance. There’s peace and joy and grace and freedom and comfort in the worst of times. There’s strength to do things you never imagined you could manage. There’s the knowledge that someone adores you enough to sacrifice Himself so you can live—and live abundantly. There’s the promise that that love won’t ever leave you and that you will never walk alone.

It’s a truly gorgeous thing and when I think about it that way, it becomes so easy to feel excited about Him. To love the chance to come before Him and to join in worship with His people—I’m not one of those to become visibly excited during praise and worship, but I love that it gives me the opportunity to realize who He really is and to have that time to draw close to Him. To rejoice in what He’s done, is doing, and will do. To thank Him for His love, come to Him with my sorrows, and rejoice with Him in my triumphs.

To be honest, I’m not even completely sure where this post is going, but it’s something I was thinking on and wanted to talk about. It’s just... I love those moments of clarity, when, for a second, I can begin to grasp His greatness and understand all that He’s done for me. Those moments where I am reminded that Christianity isn’t really—or at least, isn’t just—about making it out of hell or making it into Heaven or even about being a good person on this earth.

It’s about Jesus coming to humanity and saying, “Hey, name’s Jesus. Just wanted to say I see you struggling, I see your brokenness, I see your hurt, I see you trying to pay off this massive debt all on your own, and I hate to break it to you, but you can’t do it. You can’t be perfect. Sin has separated you from my Father and from Me, and unfortunately not only is perfection just not in the cards for you, you also can’t pay off this debt. This weight is just too much for human shoulders.

“Here’s the deal though: I will come alongside you and help you throughout your life; I will pay the price for your sin; I will give you peace, joy, love, acceptance, worth, grace, family, and a whole bunch of other things as the situations unfold. I won’t promise that this will be easy, because I’m not going to lie to you, but I will help you and I will be with you through every second of your life. I promise you will never walk alone again. Oh yeah, and you know that guy, Death? You don’t have to worry about him. I dealt with that dude and he won’t be bothering you anymore.

“All I ask in return is that you love and follow Me.”

When I think about it in those terms, the awe-inspiring strength of that love, it just thrills me. I’m not sure I even have the words. All I can do is thank Him for the chance to see Him, for the knowledge that this isn’t about hardship and piety, about doing your best to be good, about performing certain tasks to be saved. It’s about forgiveness and love and salvation. About celebrating the beautiful awesomeness of our Lord. About giving wholeheartedly and loving passionately. About letting His perfect love surround us and then giving it away to others. :D

So yeah, if this was too long and you didn’t read, here is your friendly reminder that Christianity isn’t just some religion. That there is so much more to life and love in Christ and, that when I catch a glimpse of that, it is beyond exciting.

What’s something that causes you to get excited about God? Have any thoughts to add or verses to share? If you’re of a different religion, what would you consider the best thing about your faith? Hope you enjoyed, and I can’t wait to see you in the comment section. :)

The Broke And The Bookish Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan Okay, so first off, I gotta say that I absolutely adore ev...

Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan

Okay, so first off, I gotta say that I absolutely adore everything Percy-Jackson-related. But. After reading Magnus Chase, I realized what was missing not just in Blood of Olympus, but all the Heroes of Olympus books: there’s just this certain feel and voice that’s half of what makes Rick Riordan’s children’s book so enjoyable. And, while a hint of it is in the Heroes of Olympus series, it just isn’t the same as it is in PJO or the first Magnus Chase book. So yeah. HoO will always hold a special place in my heart, but it’s not quite as perfect to me as I once thought it was.

I Don't Know How The Story Ends by J. B. Cheaney 

This one might not count because my feelings for the book itself haven’t actually changed, but this is my post so I can do what I want. ;) Like I said, I don’t love this book any less, but I gushed about it in a review and it was literally my favorite historical ever--for a week. Then I read Navigating Early, and as gorgeous as this one was, Navigating Early... it kinda blew this one out of the water.

Nancy Drew by Carolyn Keene

For at least a year in middle school, maybe longer, these were my absolutely favorite books. I still enjoy the thought of them and I like to reminisce about how much I used to love them, but I’m no longer really into these.

The Sisters Grimm series by Michael Buckley

Again, not positive this one counts, because I’m not sure that my feelings about this series itself have actually changed. I mean, I still think it’s great, but I’m just not sure it’ll... stand the test of time? Maybe I'd be more sure if I reread it, but right now, I can vividly remember the feelings I would get with these books--the love and the suspense and the excitement--but I have no desire to read them again, because I just have this feeling that it might not be all that I remember it to be and I don’t want those old memories ruined. :p

A Series Of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket

I remember thinking these books were hilarious when I was younger and if you’re not truly registering the events and their impact (as I wasn’t at the age 12), the quirky writing style can definitely make them seem so. At that age, I didn’t really see the pain; just the jokes and the depressing lighteheartedness of the writing style. But now that I’m going back, the story’s actually more sad than anything else, and honestly, if I hadn’t already read it, I’m not positive I’d continue.

Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer

My thoughts on Twilight are so complicated, I wrote two posts about them and I’m still not sure I explained my feels well. But anyways. The point is my thoughts on Twilight have fluctuated a lot over the years: from hating to kinda loving to despising to... grudgingly liking, I think is where I am now. I mean, I think I might like it marginally more than I used to, but there are still things that really annoy me... so yeah. Like I said, complicated.

The Always War by Margaret Peterson Haddix

I still really like this one, but I wouldn’t give it the 5 stars I did when I originally read it in 2012. It’s still good in a lot of ways, and the only thing I can really fault about it is the ending and even that only minorly. Still, it just... it just doesn’t feel the same anymore, especially after reading so many other dystopians since then.

Miss Peregrine's Home by Ransom Riggs

When I first read this one a little over a year ago, I loved it, and honestly, I still think it’s pretty cool. But for some reason, I’m just not that interested anymore. Maybe it’s because I didn’t connect to the characters that much, and they’re the most important part of a story for me? *shrugs* I really do not know for sure, but in any case, the infatuation wore off, and while I do sort of want to continue it, I’m not really making a point to.

Warrior Cats series by Erin Hunter

Ah, how I used to love these books. The same friend who introduced me to Percy Jacksontold me about these, and I was totally engrossed for years.But eventually... I don’t know I just lost interest. Maybe there were too many changes, or character additions, or maybe it was the fact that like 6 cats each seemed to have the same name. But whatever happened, my feelings for it simply diminished and I lost interest.

This is becoming a list of books I used to love and grew out of. I told you, the depressing cases of my bookish disillusionments.

Tiger’s Curse series by Colleen Houck

My feelings on this both have and have not changed. Because on the one hand, I totally understand why some people don’t like it and I see all the problems that it does have. But simultaneously, it still has my heart and I just can’t let these kids go <3

Well, there’s my ten! Comment below and tell me about some of the books you used to love but kinda grew out of. Or maybe about some books you’ve grown into! Something you couldn’t stand or understand as a kid, but now you think is basically literary perfection. Can’t wait to hear from you all, and I will see you in the comment section!

Hey all! In case anyone was wondering, I’m still in a crazy Star Wars mood , and this fanfic very well might be the end of me. But an...

Hey all! In case anyone was wondering, I’m still in a crazy Star Wars mood, and this fanfic very well might be the end of me.

But anyways. To the blog posts!

The Real Lack of Diversity by Jessi. I don’t agree with everything she says about racial diversity, but I do think she makes some great points about diversity in characters’ personalities and how that could be fleshed out a little more.

The Word by Koko. In which she shares a beautiful vision about what the Word of God truly is.

Finding the Balance Between Blogging and Writing by Sunny Smith. I related so hard to this. But they both really are important, and I shouldn’t feel like it has to be one or the other. :)

I Watched High School Musical For The First Time Ever And Survived by Victoria Jackson. I’m really glad she survived, because I kinda love HSM and I would hate to think that it had killed a fellow blogger.

My Favorite Books About Mental Illness by Aimee. These all look really good, and I’m going to have to try to find at least some of them; I’m especially interested in that one on OCD.

WBI: Scar by Heather. BE PREPARED... for insightful and interesting thoughts, cool gifs, and a little sarcasm. Also, the actual song.

Well, that’s it for this week! What are some of your favorite books about mental illness? Are you a fan of HSM? (The answer to this one is ABSOLUTELY). Done any character interviews recently that I can check out? Leave me a comment, and let me know. I can't wait to hear from you. :D

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