So the reason there’s no couple name up there is that one, I really did think I should finally just come out and admit that I am kind of a ...

Shipping Saturday: When Calls The Heart/I Admit It: I’m Kind Of A Romantic

So the reason there’s no couple name up there is that one, I really did think I should finally just come out and admit that I amkind of a romantic, and two, I’m actually gonna go over two couples today because I haven’t done a Shipping Saturday in forever, and also, because I can.

So the premise of this show is a not unlike that of Christy, if you’ve ever seen that: basically, it’s a historical about a girl from a privileged community going to teach school in a not-so-privileged community and learning a ton of stuff about herself, life, and the pursuit of happiness along the way. Differences include but are not limited to:

  • WCTH is set in Canada, while Christy is in Tennessee (I think).
  • The WCTH community surrounds coal mines not back woods
  • There is a pretty Mountie to fall in love with, not a pretty pastor or a doctor.

All-in-all, this isn’t the sort of show I’d normally even try: it's occasionally as cheesy and overly romantic as the title, it’s turned into a bit of a soap opera with ALL OF THE LOVE TRIANGLES, and if Jack and Elizabeth have one more argument SOMEONE IS GOING TO DIE (possibly me). But for some reason I can’t explain, I still love the show, and even when the charries annoy me, I always come back to it. Maybe it’s the resilience of the community, the personalities of the side characters, or even the memories of how sassy Jack and Elizabeth were back when they hated each other’s guts. Maybe it’s the intrigue of their occasional mysteries or how absolutely determined Elizabeth is to stick with her students, even though this is not the life she is used to, and she may or may not make constant mistakes as she struggles to adjust to life in Coal Valley. Maybe it’s a combination of all the above, plus a little added charm that just calls my heart (bdump-kssh). But for whatever reason, I do love it and it's kinda my Netflix show right now (although I’m still waiting for season 3 to come out. *le sigh*).

Because this is supposed to be a Shipping Saturday, I suppose I should actually do a little shipping.

Rosemary and Lee
Original photo credits: pinterest and pinterest
Even though there’s a bit of an age difference, I actually love these two together. They both have these super confident, assertive personalities, but instead of clashing, they actually compliment each other. They make an absolutely gorgeous team--like the time they swindle a swindler; it was awesome--and while they definitely have feelings for each other, they’re not all starry-eyed in the sense that the feelings get in the way of their work. Like, they definitely want to be together and they're definitely willing to sacrifice for the other, butthey don’t have to give up themselves or their goals for that to happen. They’re so much more than just a cute couple; they're actually good for each other and they actually work well as two people coming together to have a lifelong relationship. That's not something I always see in the romance genre, and even though Rosemary kinda annoys me, I absolutely love the individualism yet togetherness of their relationship and I probably ship them harder than any other couple in the show.

I know this picture makes exactly zero sense out of context, but it's hysterical to me, so I had to use it.

Jack and Elizabeth:
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This is the series' main couple, and even though their scenes together are super cute, I'm not sure I'd say that I actually ship them, because honestly, I'm not certain they're better together than apart. Apart, Jack is an ambitious, young Mountie, ready to catch and capture all the bad guys, rescue his little corner of the world, and most importantly, honor his father's legacy; Elizabeth is a loving and thoughtful young heiress, willing to give up everything she knows—the galas, the restaurants, the dresses, the servants, the mansion, even the relationships with her family—to come and teach school in a small miner's town, where, incidentally, the school has just burned down and she has to teach her students in a saloon.

Yes. A saloon. Apparently, it was the only place left that fit the kids and no one was in there during the schoolday because all the drinking menfolk were at work in the mines. But still. It was a saloon.

Anyways, my point is that alone, these characters are courageous and intelligent, they stand up on their own, they do the hard things, and they're determined to actually make something of their lives, because neither of them are chill with just standing by while others suffer. Together, they are still all of those things, but because of couple disagreements, misunderstandings, and the recurring concern about “coming from two different worlds,” there's often all this conflict in the relationship, and frankly, I hate romantic conflict. I think those kinds of difficulties are what made me think that I hated romance, because I just... I can't. For the most part, romantic conflict only irritates me, and honestly, sometimes, Jack and Elizabeth have just a little bit too much of that.

However. When everything's good and nobody's arguing (or even everything's notgood but at least they're not having any couple fights), Jack and Elizabeth compliment each other just as perfectly as Rosemary and Lee, and I gotta say, I ship them pretty hard <3

These faces are the actual truth of their relationship.

So have you ever seen this show? How do you generally feel about romantic conflict? What's your current favorite fictional couple? Hope you enjoyed the post, and I'll see you in the comment section!

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  1. My sisters love this show, I've watched a few episodes with them.

    1. Ah, cool! I hadn't met any other people who'd watched it.

  2. Oh, Rosemary. xD She is so super amusing.
    Ahh Jack and Elizabeth. <3 I don't think it's even just the romance part of their relationship that makes me love them so much, although it's pretty adorable. They're just so cute and funny and I think their chemistry is fantastic. Plus Jack is basically really charming.

    1. Yeah, they are really cute and funny--when they're not fighting over things that don't really need to be fought over :p And yeah, Jack is really sweet <3


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