One of these days, I will actually do these on time two weeks in a row. On the bright side, I do have a lot of posts to share. How to ...

Posts of the Week: 5.8.16-5.14.16

One of these days, I will actually do these on time two weeks in a row. On the bright side, I do have a lot of posts to share.

How to Gain Confidence as a Writer by Raychel. This isn’t a blog I frequent, but Grace Osas mentioned this post under one of my other posts of the week compilations. Full disclosure, I’m not sure how I feel about tip 5, lol, but tips 2 and 6 are super good.

#RW Update 1 and Thoughts on Harper Lee's Courthouse by Heather. In which she shares her thoughts on To Kill a Mockingbird, and actually inspires me to try it for myself. So, obviously, this is really good.

My Top Five Favorite Writing Products by Miranda. Another one Grace recommended. Also, who else is now in desperate need of a waterproof notebook?

On The Wrong Approach To Not Reading YA by Shar. In which she brilliantly drops some truth on this subject: read what you want to read, and don’t feel obligated to read or not read a certain genre just because of someone else’s opinion

One Foot In Two Worlds by Emily Tjaden. “The reality we have today is based on the curiosity of yesterday.” I just love that <3

In Which Literally Everyone Hates Me by Ellie. Interestingly enough, I actually didn’t end up hating her, and I’m really glad she addressed both the non-Christian and Christian side of this issue.

5 Types of Series Finales (and why we probably dread them) by Cait. According to the quiz, I’m a Happily Ever After person, which is more or less true: I don’t mind being punched repeatedly in the feels, so long as it ends well and, for the love of WHAT LITTLE REMAINS OF MY SANITY, it makes sense.

Thursentary: Let’s Hear it for the Fictional Moms, also by Heather. Frigga and Esme, though. They were both pretty sweet <3

On Realising That I’m Not Just a Brown Girl In a Headscarf by Safah. This post is the greatest, because sometimes we can get so caught up in the political things that we forget we are SO MUCH MORE than those definitions of ourselves.

Snazzy Snippets: In Which You Get to Read Stuff Shar Wrote, also (quite obviously) by Shar. I especially love that first poem, probably because I relate to both of the people in it.

Living Water by Koko. This... is... just amazing. This parable and the parallels she draws... I have no other words.

Very First Official Post by Monica. In which she uses a The Emperor’s New Groove gif and wins a hundred awesome points just for that ;)

That’s all for this week! Who are a few of your favorite fictional mothers? When did you first post in the blogosphere? Oh, and what is your favorite type of ending? (Really this is an answer I’m very interested in.) Can’t wait to hear from you, and I’ll see you in the comment section! :D

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  1. Interesting stories to read. As to the ending I like, I think my best is the ending that leaves you wondering about what might happen next if the story continued. I'm not much into the happy ever after ending, unless I'm unhappy and then that's the kind I crave.

    1. Those are cool too. Especially since I like to write fanfiction, and those give me lots to work with, lol.

  2. I also didn't agree with tip 5. I also want a waterproof notebook *cries*

    1. And thanks for showing me Ellie's blog!

    2. I know! It would be so cool to have one!!! :D

      No problem, glad you liked it! :D

  3. AWWW! Thanks for sharing my post!!! :) :D

  4. Two posts of mine? :D Thank you very much! Shar and Cait's posts were also awesome!


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