Hey all! In case anyone was wondering, I’m still in a crazy Star Wars mood , and this fanfic very well might be the end of me. But an...

Posts of the Week: 5.15.16-5.21.16

Hey all! In case anyone was wondering, I’m still in a crazy Star Wars mood, and this fanfic very well might be the end of me.

But anyways. To the blog posts!

The Real Lack of Diversity by Jessi. I don’t agree with everything she says about racial diversity, but I do think she makes some great points about diversity in characters’ personalities and how that could be fleshed out a little more.

The Word by Koko. In which she shares a beautiful vision about what the Word of God truly is.

Finding the Balance Between Blogging and Writing by Sunny Smith. I related so hard to this. But they both really are important, and I shouldn’t feel like it has to be one or the other. :)

I Watched High School Musical For The First Time Ever And Survived by Victoria Jackson. I’m really glad she survived, because I kinda love HSM and I would hate to think that it had killed a fellow blogger.

My Favorite Books About Mental Illness by Aimee. These all look really good, and I’m going to have to try to find at least some of them; I’m especially interested in that one on OCD.

WBI: Scar by Heather. BE PREPARED... for insightful and interesting thoughts, cool gifs, and a little sarcasm. Also, the actual song.

Well, that’s it for this week! What are some of your favorite books about mental illness? Are you a fan of HSM? (The answer to this one is ABSOLUTELY). Done any character interviews recently that I can check out? Leave me a comment, and let me know. I can't wait to hear from you. :D

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  1. Thanks for mentioning my post!
    Out of curiosity, if you don't mind answering, what are some of the things you disagreed on? I always like to get other POVs.

    1. No problem! :)

      And I don't know if you meant for it to come across this way, but the post seems to kind of... discount the need for/importance of racial diversity? Like, what you said about not noticing race when reading—I almost always notice it and if the characters' race is stated, I don't think I've ever forgotten what it was. Now I would say that the presence of their race rarely or only slightly changes how much I enjoy the book—that depends more on the portrayal of the character than the simple presence of the race itself—but it is definitely something that I'll take note of.

      So yeah. I think that it is important, racial diversity, it's just not the most important and personality diversity is far more necessary to having a good story. :)

    2. Understandable.
      Admittedly, I have a terrible tendency to glance over character descriptions, so that might have a bit to do with it. I'm trying to get better at that since it can lead to confusion, when, in the third book, I realize the character is completely different from what I pictured.
      It's certainly good to include diversity, especially if the book gets made into a movie. (In movies, I can get confused if there are two people who have roughly the same build, hair, and race.) I just think it's getting a bit annoying when people say, "I won't read a book that doesn't have a bunch of different races," or think a person is doing something wrong if they don't include a ton of different races.
      I do try to include a diverse cast in my own books, at least if it makes sense. One book is set in a town based off my own, so all the locals are white, because that's the demographic makeup of the town, but I figure I'll try to make my other stories set on Earth a bit more diverse.

    3. *nods* That makes sense, and like you said, it might just be your reading style: you happen to ignore character descriptions, so you don't notice things like character diversity.

      And I ABSOLUTELY AGREE about people saying they won't read books if they're not racially diverse or authors feeling like they have to wrangle that in when it doesn't work for their story, just so they can have the "Racially Diverse" stamp of approval on it. Like I said in my representation post, while I do think that racial diversity is important and if I happen to find more of it that would be cool, the most important thing is for authors to just do whatever works best for their stories and do it well.

      *nods* That sounds great to me! I mean, there are some places where it wouldn't make sense for the characters to be racially diverse. And writing a story set there, or coming up with a place like it, is 100% okay.

  2. Thanks for including me, Alexa!

  3. Mental illness books are always really interesting.
    Haha, I used to love HSM. :)

    1. When done well, yeah, definitely! :)

      And haha, I still love HSM!

  4. I read quite a few of these posts so I'm glad I'm not behind this time!

    High School Musical? Mmm I used to love it! Most kids did but now when I think about the acting and how old everyone looked... it feels kinda weird xD

    1. Haha, awesome!

      And haha, yeah, there are definitely some strange and unrealistic parts. :p But I still adore it <3

  5. DUDE YOU MENTIONED MY POST. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! *screams happily* I'll have to check out some of these other posts too :)

    1. You're welcome!!! :D And awesome, hope you enjoy them! :)

  6. I'm glad you gave me a list. I'm interested in finding out about these books now.


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