We have fandom posts today!!!! I am very excited. Thursentary: Yay! Bad Things Happen Here! by Heather . She talks about Supernatural. ...

Posts of the Week: 5.22.16-5.28.16

We have fandom posts today!!!! I am very excited.

Thursentary: Yay! Bad Things Happen Here! by Heather. She talks about Supernatural. Of course I’m sharing it.

4 Comma Mistakes That Make Your Copy Editor Want to Cry by Nicole Crucial. I’m just going to keep this link around and reread it whenever I’m having trouble. Bless her for this.

Basically Just Move to the Himalayas Immediately by Shar. Well, you heard her. While you’re packing, you can look at the gorgeous pictures of the Himalayas (pronounced ‘Him aah liya’;) )

Write Fast and Free by Mrs. Jill Williamson. Such fantastic advice. Giving yourself permission to stink is often the only way you can get the thing done.

A Literary Fraud by Vickie Miller. I think a lot of creatives often feel like frauds because we’re all so unique and we can approach our goals in such different ways that we wonder if we're doing it wrong. But, to be extremely cliche since it is 11:41 p.m. and I’m starting to get tired, just because it’s different doesn’t mean it’s wrong. :)

#TEAMIRONMAN? A Review of Captain America: Civil War by Aimee. I’m more of a Cap girl myself (because... well, a lot of reasons actually, though I hope to see it again before I write a post about why), but YES TO ALL THE CHARRIES <3 They are perfect and heartbreaking </3

Why I’m Definitely Not #TeamIronMan, also by Heather. Her post on the subject because obviously I am a Marvel fanatic and I devoured all the things Marvel. Also, I very much agree with her assessment.
And that’s that for this week! Have you seen Civil War? How about Supernatural? ( I’m on Season 5 and I’m dying). Have you ever gone hiking in the mountains or (completely unrelated) felt like a writing fraud? Hope you enjoyed the posts and see you in the comment section!

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  1. Shar and Shanti's trip seemed super cool, I thought! All very exciting, in my opinion. :) Also, thanks for including my Supernatural and Cap posts! And Aimee's review, since that was good too. THE FANDOM SPREADS.

    1. Yeah, me too! And no problem! :D


  2. Thanks for including my post :) *congratulates self on being very convincing* I haven't watched Civil War yet, which is sad, therefore I didn't read any of these posts because I want to wait. (the nearest cinema is about an hours drive down a windy hill. The joys of living in India. (Just kidding, I love it.)) And also I don't watch supernatural, but I admit heather almost had me convinced :)

    1. Haha, you're welcome!

      Oh wow. Well, I hope you get to see it soon, and that you'll check out the posts when you do!

      Haha, it is a great show, but I can understand being hesitant about it. :)


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