Let Life Interrupt by Emily G . *heart-eyes to literally everything about this post* I seriously probably need to reread this at least onc...

Let Life Interrupt by Emily G. *heart-eyes to literally everything about this post* I seriously probably need to reread this at least once a week to remind myself!
A Book Review of Queen’s Rising by Rebecca Ross by Victoria. I’m so excited about this book! It’s been at my library and I have been eyeing it for almost a year now, but I just haven’t gotten around to reading it yet. Now it’s second-to-next on my list and Victoria’s review has me even more excited for reading it! It sounds absolutely perfect for me!

My Rant About Loki: Why I’m Morally Against What He’s Become in the Fandom by Victoria. Admittedly, I’m a really big Loki fan, but I too have started to feel disturbed when people excuse his actions or pretend he’s someone to be admired and emulated. Yes, he’s pretty. Yes, he’s a great villain. Yes, he has some of the best lines in the whole MCU. BUT HE’S STILL A VILLAIN, and that’s something that fangirls (myself included) need to remember.
(I still 100% root for Loki to have a reason for all the bad he did and to be redeemed in the end though. 100% hoping for that.)

Our Year of Maybe: Book Review by Shanti. The book doesn’t sound like my type, but Shanti’s review is fantastically written! Especially her last paragraph, tying up her thoughts on the book. On point.

Thoughts About Magic in YA by the Rebellious Writing Team. This is such a fascinating discussion! They’ve all given this a lot of thought, and it’s so interesting to read their views and then think on your own as you go through all of theirs.

The Imagination Between the Lies by Keturah. Fascinating and thought-provoking discussion! As writers, and especially Christian writers, we really do need to consider the stories we present and make sure to keep our imaginations pure, knowing the difference between lies that bring more darkness and our God-given creativity that sparks His light.

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