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I’m listening to a storm rage outside and considering how, inside my house, I’m safe. It seems scary out thereloud, star-shatter bright, and violentbut I don’t have anything to be afraid of, because inside my house I’m protected, sheltered. The roof above my head keeps the rain from pouring in; my window shows the lightning flashes, but they’re not coming anywhere near me. The thunder sounds loud enough to splinter the wallsyet it doesn’t. The house holds, and I remain unharmed.

Life is like that: loud, star-shatter bright, and scary. Every time I log into my email, a hundred awful stories slap me in the face before I can scramble to my login button. We’re surrounded by horrors, wrongs, trolls, and just good old fashioned negativity, life-storms raging all around.

But as Christians, while we can be harmed on the outside, our souls can never be touched. Inside the arms of our Savior, the deepest part of us remains unharmed. His love keeps us from losing ourselves in the hatred. His grace allows us to shine even brighter than the lightning strikes. His peace steadies us when it seems like the whole freaking world has lost it’s everlastin’ mind and is crumbling itself to miniscule bits and pieces.

Nice as all that sounds, though, if I’m being honest, we don’t always get to stay protected inside the house. Sometime, we do. Sometimes the storm roars just nearby, blowhard and screaming threats, but it never actually hits us. Sometimes He quiets it before it breaches our horizonnot just for us but for everyone around. Sometimes though, sometimes, He calls us to get up, leave the comfort of the shelter we think we’ve found, and trust Him to guide us through the screaming, raging, terrifying storm and out the other side.

But no matter which one He asks of us, we have the knowledge, the hopenot in a cross-your-fingers-and-make-a-wish kind of way, but a deep hope, a hope that sustains, a faith in the fact that, no matter which of the above we experience when a storm brews up again, He has never left us. Jesus is always there, and even when you physically feel like you’re out in a hurricane, like the hail is bruising your body and the rain is soaking you to the bone and you are so so cold and so so tired of dealing with this again and again, He is holding your soul, He is healing your brokenness, and strengthening you to fight another day. No matter what the storm looks like, no matter how the winds wail, and the rain feels like bullets, and the hail pounds out a chaotic symphony of pain, He’s there, He’s got you, He loves you, and He’s with you.

He will hold you through your storm.

So, I was scrolling through my blog post ideas and found the rough version of this one from June 23rd of this year. For some reason, it just made sense to post it (maybe I’ve got a storm on my horizon and needed to remember this :p). But in any case, whether you’re going through a storm right now or it’s just day-to-day life starting to wear you down or even if everything is going fantastic for you, I hope that my post is a little reminder of His love and that you will be encouraged by the reality of His presence.

You all are amazing in His eyes, I adore you, and so does Jesus. :)

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  1. Hey Alexa, thanks for making this post. I really need this myself. Life hasn't been the absolutely best recently but it definitely hasn't been the worst.

  2. Thanks for sharing a little hope, Alexa. :)

  3. I loved this so, so, so much. I guess I'm kind of going through a storm right now (college applications+ end of semester+homework+sports+music=muchly stress) but I know it will pass (when I get a 2 weeks off in October, hopefully). The other day, Shanti and I were being interviewed at this thing for 5th and 6th graders about Jesus. One kid asked us about doubts, and although I didn't say exactly this, God is big enough for doubts. Another kid asked us what to do if everyone was mean to him. I felt really bad for him, because for me 6th grade wasn't the best year, but a) God loves you in the middle of the storm, and sometimes all you can do is hope it will pass, and b) even when it doesn't feel like it, all these other people love and care about you. (Which is not to say that I always do these things, because I don't, and I'm not at all perfect and whoever trusted me to give advice to middle schoolers must have had a lot of faith in me). Anyway, that's what your post reminded me of :)

    1. Aw, I totally understand that. A whirlwind of to-do's always makes me feel super stressed. :/ It's hard to remember to lean on Him for strength, but it's the only way to make it through until these things do pass. :)

      That's so neat! And YES. *fits pumps* He 100% is!

      Haha, I don't think anyone gets it right 100% of the time, but having those moments of clarity where we can remember that He is big enough, and He does love us are especially important for those moments when we can't seem to see it or feel it because of all that's going on. I don't know if that made sense, lol, but I what I mean is, on the stormy days, we can remember truths like this and know that His love is still holding us in spite of what our world looks like. :)

  4. Can life seem to be going fantastic yet you know that you are in a storm... even though you're happy with everything? LOL.. that doesn't make sense... Right now I am so happy with life. So satisfied... but at the same time there are a few things happening that are just plain confusing. Despite the fact I'm laughing my head off... Haha ;) Yeah. Anyways, awesome post ;)


    1. I think I do understand, lol. Life can be doing both at the same time, but it's awesome that you're able to feel strong and satisfied in spite of all that's going on. Keep on laughing, Keturah. :D

      And thank you! :)

  5. I really needed this, I have been having some storms of my own. Beautiful Posts!

    1. I'm so glad it came at a good time for you! And thanks! :D <3


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