*waves* Hi guys! Me again, here to share some awesomeness from around the blogosphere. Useless Passion? and Too Weak. both by Chard. ...

Posts of the Week: 10.4.15-10.10.15

*waves* Hi guys! Me again, here to share some awesomeness from around the blogosphere.

Useless Passion? and Too Weak. both by Chard. These are kind of old, but they touch on a few other aspects of the post I did on Thursday, some important things to remember when trying to balance your passions.

Life and All That Goes With It by Keturah. An interesting and insightful post about... well, life and all that goes with it.

And Then They All Fell Down by Safah. In which she once again dazzles me with her awesome artwork.

Advice for the Struggling Novelist by Mariella. I love self-explanatory titles.

Almost Bae by Sarah Jade Lillian. This isn’t a blog I frequent, but Chard shared this post, and I thought it was great, so now I’m sharing it so youll think its great. :)

Hugging Your Cross. Also by Chard. A unique but great perspective on the difficult things in a Christian’s life.

Where Shall We Wander, Dear? Also by Safah. In which Safah shares her travel bucket-list in a gorgeous, free-verse poem.

Suspension of Disbelief series by Mrs. Shannon Dittemore. This... whole... series. Brilliant writing advice. If you haven’t read the posts, you can find them all here, here, and here.

Sometimes My Writing Looks Like It Was Written By A Two-Year-Old by Alea. I believe we’ve all had these moments, lol, and therefore, we can all relate.

That Really Deep Writing Post by Liz. In which she makes some unexpected but brilliant comparisons between her job at a hotel and writing.

How to Write a Successful Fantasy by Aimee. It’s Aimee. Of course it’s hysterical. Also, quite helpful, and containing an abundance of wonderfully perfect gifs.

Making the Cut by Ciera. In which Ciera cuts her hair, tells us why, and shares a valuable lesson about the things we allow to define us.


Well, that’s it for this week. I feel like this list was longer than normal, but I’m not sure... *considers checking other posts* *is too lazy* *decides against it*

Anyways... What’s on your travel bucket-list? Do you draw? Got any more advice for a struggling novelist, or any other thoughts you want to share? Can’t wait to see you in the comment section! :D

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  1. Oooh, thanks for sharing my post! :) And I will definitely have to look into these others as I get the time.

  2. YAY! These were all so good! I really enjoyed the 'writing looking like a two year old' one; that was so encouraging! Also, the one lined drawing one, oh my goodness. HOW COOL IS THAT?! Have you tried it yet? Also, the advice for the struggling novelist one. GAH. They were all quite good. :D

    Also, I just checked your last four (including this one) Posts of the Week and counted, and two of them were 13 posts long (this one, and the third last one) and two were 9 posts long (the second last and fourth last). If that makes sense, lol. But your right, this one was a longer one! Long is good. :D <3

    1. IKR! They were all awesome! :D
      I haven't tried it yet, but I think I'm gonna do it sometime this week. If I like the result, /maybe/ I'll post it.

      Haha, really? Cool! Glad you like these! :)

  3. I really liked Liz's discussion of her job versus her writing, and thought it was super cool. I haven't read many of the others and the way things are I probably won't get to them, but rock on for sharing. :)

    1. Yeah, it was really neat, wasn't it?
      And yeah, I understand being busy. :p Thanks for reading and commenting! :)

  4. I liked "Sometimes My Writing Looks Like it was Written by a 2-Year-Old " , It was exactly my story too. And your comment too, hehe lol! In my case It may even lead to fourth fifth......... . Useless passion and too weak by chard were short but yet good. Good thing I found that you commented an every posts and that comment was always my excitation


    1. lol, it's definitely something every writer can relate to. :p And yes, those were SO good!

      Thank you! I'm glad you liked comments! :D


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