And now it’s time for.... POSTS OF THE WEEK!!!! The Powers That Be by Chard. In which Chard talks about the powers at wo...

Posts of the Week: 8.2.15-8.8.15

And now it’s time for.... POSTS OF THE WEEK!!!!
The Powers That Be by Chard. In which Chard talks about the powers at work in our lives... and reminds us that the choices are still ours.

Conquering the Sketchbook Perfectionist by Safah. In which Safah says that “Sometimes art looks better upside down, from a distance, squinting.” She also shows off her amazing drawing skills, which you should totally check out.

I’m Back From Vacation by Alea. In which Alea talks about her vacation and makes me totally jealous.

15 Things I Learned in London by Heather. In which Heather also makes me jealous, even though, for her, London didn’t turn out to be all that it’s cracked up to be.

On The Young Adult Love Triangle Cliche by Annika. In which Annika speaks some major truth on the topic in the title.

The Dramatic Question by Mrs. Shannon Dittemore. An awesome post I so, so needed. I think this is exactly what I was missing in one of my manuscripts, and I can now get back on the road to making it work.

Unpopular Opinions Book Tag by Aimee. It’s exactly what it sounds like: Aimee shares her wonderfully unpopular opinions... and also, makes me really want to watch Inkheart again.

Thoughtful About... I Am by Mrs. Roseanna White. In which Mrs. White does a spiritual post not unlike the one I did Thursday, only more adult-ish and, frankly, more beautiful.

Natural and Supernatural by Chard. A beautiful reminder to see the amazing in the everyday.

And that’s it for this week! Hope you all enjoy the posts as much as I did! Tell me, which title interests you the most? Have you read any of these already? See you in the comments! :)

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  1. Thanks for the shoutout! *checks out all the other awesome posts*

  2. Ooh, there are a few I haven't seen. Thanks for including my post, and I look forward to reading the other posts!

  3. SQUEAAK. THESE ARE ALL AWESOME. I hadn't read any of these, but now I have; my favourites were the two by Chard, Heather's London one, and Mrs. Roseanna White's one! :') What title interested me the most . . . probably the 15 Things I Learned in London; I love lists. XD <3 How about you?

    1. Yes, those are all seriously awesome, weren't they?!

      Hehe, I love lists too, even though I don't do them on my blog often. And hmm, I think it was the title "Natural and Supernatural" that intrigued me the most. Either that or "The Dramatic Question."

    2. They sure were! :D

      Ahh, yes! Lists are great! They're so organised and neat like that. XD
      Ooh, yes! Those are really cool titles. O_O They just make you want to click . . . :D

    3. Yes, I love neat things. :D

      Hehe, yup! :)


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