I found this song through my Related Videos on Youtube chain, lol. I liked it when I first heard it, but Saturday, I think it got stuck in ...

Melodic Mondays: Flashlight by Bethany Mota (cover)

I found this song through my Related Videos on Youtube chain, lol. I liked it when I first heard it, but Saturday, I think it got stuck in my head or something and I just ended up listening to it several times, and for whatever reason, totally adoring it out of nowhere. It just struck me that you could almost use this song for anyone; it didn’t have to be a romantic love song, just a song to whoever you loved most, whoever kept you going, whoever was your flashlight.

Or since, I’m a writer, whoever was your character’s.

I have a lot of different characters, hehe, so today, we’re just going to talk about one: Elliot. I’ve mentioned my baby a few times on this blog, and the fascinating thing about him is that he doesn’t have a flashlight for most of his book. Elliot’s in foster care, and while he does have a few friends, he wouldn’t consider them “flashlights” as in the context of this song, because he’s just not willing to trust anyone that much. The only people who end up coming close to that for him are probably his foster sister, Mileya, and his foster mother, Mary. Both of them help him to see the light in the darkest places and when he’s going through one of the most difficult moments of his life, it’s their influence and the things they’ve taught him (consciously or not) that help to get him through.

So did you enjoy the song? Who are some of your characters and their “flashlights”? Comment me!

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  1. Related videos are normally weird, but sometimes you find gems. This is really lovely -- it's not my fav genre of music, but the voice is just glorious. Also: ELLIOT. Much cuteness. Especially your drawing on the BP post :)

    1. True. I've seen some weird ones, but, like you said, there are a lot of gems in there too. :)

      Isn't it, though? She really has a lovely voice.

      Thank you so much!!!! I love his name too. <3. And I'm glad you liked the drawing! :D

  2. THAT IS JUST SO GORGEOUS. jkdfajkdsla. I love that. Could be just as good as the original version by Jessie J?! :O :')

    Argh, I know right?! How cool is that! I loved to hear about your character Elliot. :D <3 When I hear this song (Flashlight), I guess I kind of sing it to Jesus, because, He is my flashlight, you know? But, as for my characters, I don't know if any of mine have *people* flashlights; their flashlight might be music or something like that, you know? :D

    1. By the way, do you like to sing, Alexa? :)

    2. I know! I thought it was so lovely!

      Thank you! Glad you liked him! :D
      That's what I thought when I heard the song too! Jesus is definitely my flashlight. :D
      And that is super awesome! I actually didn't think about it that way, but you know, giving Elliot a not-person flashlight (for lack of a better word :p ) would actually be more accurate to his character. Edit for this post, Elliot's flashlight is drawing. *nods* Thanks so much for that comment! I'd never thought about it like that. :)

      And yes, I do! You?


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