Hey guys! Sorry I didn’t post on Thursday. This week, I had my first week of work which, while not long or hard, did require me to make som...

Posts of the Week! 7.5.15-7.11.15

Hey guys! Sorry I didn’t post on Thursday. This week, I had my first week of work which, while not long or hard, did require me to make some scheduling adjustments. Plus, my grandma came by Thursday evening with a bunch of old photos we had to sort through for our big family get-together, which is actually happening right now (by the time this post goes live anyway; I’m writing it early). It was pretty cool, though, looking through all the old photos of me, my mom, my grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins. Laughing and joking and smiling and remembering and hearing hilarious stories at other people's expense.

And then I had an interesting thought, so I guess this is both Posts of the Week and Thoughtful Saturday: future generations won’t look through photo albums. All of their pictures will be on phones or plastered all over Facebook and Instagram. It makes me kinda sad, thinking that, eventually, these paper fragments will be obsolete.

Well, enough depressingness. Here are some awesome posts by other people!

Praying for the Playoffs by Chard. Yes, I mention this guy in almost every posts of the week post. He has some real gems over on his blog, and this is only one of many.

The “Gethsemane” Theory by Chard. And here’s another brilliant sparkler.

What to Let Go by Chard. And another. Seriously, though, I think this one’s my favorite. It’s flipping genius.

Using Etiquette when Arguing by Keturah. I’ll admit, I enjoy a good debate every once in a while... just gotta remember to not let things get out of hand.

Your Story is Interesting by Alea. Truth be told, this wasn’t what I thought it was going to be. But it was exactly what I needed to hear.

Teddy’s Story Joint by Bailey. Technically, this isn’t actually Bailey’s video, but I did hear about it from her, so I’ll go ahead and mention her and the ones who made it, Studio C. Seriously though, this video is great.

Rainbows and Grace by Ophelia. A little more serious than most of the posts I read and share, but an important one to remember all the same.

Where We Stand by Mrs. Roseanna White. Same deal: another one that’s more serious, but, I think still needs to be read.

How to Write a Great First Scene by Mrs. Stephanie Morrill. I think that title is pretty self-explanatory. It’s also a great post. Just saying.

Villains/Antagonists Are People Too by Aimee. In which Aimee once again gives us a fine lesson in writing, complete with signature hilarity and numerous gifs.

Well, that’s all I got for this week! Which of these posts is your favorite? What do you think of my little thought from Thursday? Leave me a comment and let me know! :)

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  1. HAHAHA! I just watched that video by Studio C! That is HILARIOUS! XD I have watched a couple of others of theirs before, and they are very funny. :'D And wow, that post by Mrs. White is GOOD. Serious, as you said, but yes, good. :D Which was *your* favourite? :)

    Hmm, that is true, isn't it? Someone just said that to me the other day. :( But yes, I agree; looking through photo albums brings so much joy. :'D Such a fun thing to do! Makes me want to be more diligent in getting photos printed out and into albums for the next generation! :D

    -Koko @ His Little Elephant.

    1. Glad you enjoyed them! Hmm, I think I liked What to Let Go and Your Story is Interesting the best. Because I really relate to their messages.

      It does, doesn't it?! We should start a movement!

    2. *nods* Yes, I liked those too, those two were really good!

      Hahaha, we should. :D :D :D Do you like photography?

    3. :D

      I do, but I'm not way into it. Or particularly good at it, lol :p You?


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