Throwback Monday just for fun! (And because, seriously, it’s hot where I live. Definitely summer).  Was anyone else a fan of Jump5? I w...

Melodic Mondays: Summer Song by Jump5

Throwback Monday just for fun! (And because, seriously, it’s hot where I live. Definitely summer). 

Was anyone else a fan of Jump5? I was actually too young to listen to them in their prime, but I found them shortly after they broke up and was totally in love with their music for a couple years (also heartbroken that I hadn’t discovered them earlier).

Did you used to listen to Jump5? What’s your favorite by them? Also, sorry I didn’t post Saturday! Internet was out all weekend, and we just got it back today.

Final update, I’m doing a ship this week! It’ll probably be up Saturday though, so if all goes as planned, you’ll get no posts Thursday but two on Saturday. So not a bad deal, right?

Okay, comment time! You can answer one of my earlier questions about the song or let me know who you think I’m shipping. Hint: it’s not a romantic one this time. It’s a sib ship (is that a thing, or did I just make it up?).

Anyways! I’ll stop now so you can comment! See ya this weekend!

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  1. Dude, I still listen to Jump5. Like, music has no expiration date. I listen to "Summer Song" all the time! I have two Jump5 collections and they are still good.

    1. Haha, that is true! I just hadn't listened to them in a while before this song randomly got stuck in my head.

  2. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!! I used to listen to Jump5 a TON seven or eight years ago (*especially* their All the Time in the World album. Especially.). But I know, I was so sad to hear that they broke up. :( I used to LOOOOOVE their song Throw Your Hands Up and I also liked their song Diamond a lot. Have you heard those ones? Is Summer Song your favourite Jump5 song?
    ALSO. SQUEEEAK. I can't wait to read your *TWO* posts! :D Looking forward to them!

    -Koko @ His Little Elephant.

    1. Also, just so you know, I am posting again! I know, that was an extremely short hiatus, but. XD Just thought I'd let you know since you asked me to let you know. :D <3

    2. YES. I think All the Time in the World was my favorite from them too. And yeah, when I discovered they'd already broken up, just... heartbroken. </3
      I LOVE THROW YOUR HANDS UP. It's so much fun! And no, not exactly. I'm not sure what my favorite Jump5 song is (maybe Angel in My Heart?), but it just happened to get stuck in my head, and I needed a song for Monday, lol.
      Thanks! I hope you enjoy them!
      Haha, well, I'm glad to hear it! I'll check out your new posts asap! :)

    3. Yes? :"D Argh, I know! It was such a shame. :/ But Brittany, one of the members of Jump5, continued on with singing and put an album out in 2011. So, that was cool. :D But still. </3
      YES? DKAFJSL. I KNOW, IT REALLY IS. :"D Argh, I love that song too! They had some really good songs on that album. :D

    4. Yeah, I saw that she had. I liked it, but it just wasn't the /same/, you know?
      YES. All of them were awesome! :D


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