Me again! As promised, I just posted like an hour ago, so I’d really appreciate if you went over, checked out my Quicksilver and Scarlet Wi...

Posts of the Week! 7.19.15-7.25.15

Me again! As promised, I just posted like an hour ago, so I’d really appreciate if you went over, checked out my Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch post, and fangirled with me. After that, come back here and read all the wonderfulness I’ve found in the blogosphere recently.

Two Gods by Chard. An amazing post highlighting the awesomeness of our God.

Take Wisdom, Not Directions. Also by Chard. A funny post with a great point.

The Gungan Contribution by Heather. In which somebody FINALLY talks about the awesomeness of JarJar Binks rather than continuously insulting this hilarious and wonderful individual.

Totally Untalented by Keturah. A great reminder of a wonderful truth: nobody is untalented.

My 3 cents - Recentered Identity, Relearned Lessons by Ophelia. This one’s a little more serious, but it’s something I really related to and so wanted to share with you all if you hadn’t read it yet. :)

Yes, I know I haven’t read much recently. *hangs head in shame* Honestly, I’ve been kinda busy lately, so I’ve got a different question to ask you guys this week: how do you all find time to read other blogs and manage your own? I’m finding it really difficult, especially now that I have a job. So any tips? How do you guys do it?

See you in the comment section! :)

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  1. Oh my gosh, that last one, though. :O That is PERFECTION. :") Thank you so much for sharing that! You're so good how you do posts of the week - thank you! You're doing *awesome*. :) <3
    Aw, it is so hard to keep up sometimes! There is just such goodness out there! XD So, one way I (try to) do it, is where I try to set aside two hours every evening for blogging (I can find the time to do this as I am homeschooled, and therefore, have no homework to take up my evenings . . . also, since my blog is writing, I can sneakily count it as part of my English for the day, lol. :P XD ;) ), and for one of those hours, I just reply to comments, go and comment, and visit as many blogs as I need to, and then for the remaining hour, I work on blog posts. Sometimes it's more or less, but, it's just a guideline, so. :D How do you usually do it? :)

    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoy it :0
      Hehe, I'm homeschooled too! I've counted blogging and writing as English all through high school. ;)
      That's a good method. I used to do something similar, but then Life barreled in and started switching things up. :p I guess for me, it's really just about carving that time out of my schedule and making all the aspects of blogging a priority, rather than letting it fall to the side in favor of other things like I have been.

    2. Really? :D That is so awesome! Haha, me too; homeschooling is great like that. :D
      Mm, that is very true! It *can* be time consuming (especially if commenting takes you a while, as it does for me, lol), and it takes an effort to make it a priority, but it's always rewarding. :) *thumbs up*

    3. Totally. :D
      Definitely true! Thanks for your advice and encouragement! :D

  2. It seems you've done some good reading. I wouldn't hang my head in shame at this!

  3. *runs to check out all the posts because I do love finding new blogs* I've sucked at managing blogging stuff lately, too, so I'm hoping to get better at that. xD

  4. Thanks so much for sharing my Jar Jar post! XD I'm glad you liked it. :) I'm also really interested in looking at some of the other posts; Shard's look interesting in particular. Thanks so much for reading and sharing! :D

    1. You're welcome! It was super awesome! :)
      No problem! And yes, Chard is amazing! You should totally check his blog out :)


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