So I was going to post something completely different today, but then I stumbled across this really cute song through an ad (well, not tech...

Melodic Mondays: God Made Girls by Raelynn

So I was going to post something completely different today, but then I stumbled across this really cute song through an ad (well, not technically, because the ad led me to another video and this video was in the related videos on that video, but ANYWHO. The point is, ads aren’t always useless. Anyway). Obviously, I don’t think these are the only reasons God made girls, lol, but I really like this song. It’s funny and adorable with pretty music and sweet lyrics. Just one of those fun listens for whenever I’m in the mood :D 

So what did you think of the song? Have any recommendations for me? And what are your favorite couples in your novels? (I ask because this song kinda, sorta has to do with relationship and because I’m doing an actual ship this Saturday, so no post on Thursday). Comment me, people, and I will see you down below! :D

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  1. Awww, this is such a cute song. *hugs song* And I'd never heard it before, so thanks for sharing!

    As for couples in my novels, I don't have too many actually. I'm not a very romantic person. The book I'm currently querying has a cute couple--the main character's brother and one of his classmates. And then, in my current work in progress, I like the dynamic between my two main characters. They guy likes the girl, but the girl doesn't know what she wants. I'm not actually sure whether they'll end up together or not by the end of the trilogy, so I'll see where that goes. But they are cute together, I hope. :P

    1. No problem! It is so adorable.

      I'm not super romantic either (except when I am; I like to think of myself as a paradox, lol). And oh yeah, I've had those before, charries that are SO CUTE, but you're just kind of waiting to see whether or not they decide to be together. I'm not sure if it's a wonderful feeling or an agonizing one, lol

  2. Oh my gosh, that is such a fun song! XD It reminded me of some of the songs from the Hannah Montana movie, funnily enough. :O XD Perhaps it is the style of song! That is so fun! :D

    To be honest, I don't think I have any couples in my novels. O_O Like, unless you count parents, but I don't usually indulge in on their relationships unless there is a problem with it. XD That's weird, I never realised that before, lol. XD Do you have a favourite couple from any of *your* novels?

    1. Yeah, they are in a kind of similar country vein. I hadn't noticed that before, but yeah.
      And YES. It is so much fun!

      Heh, that's interesting! Definitely unique for YA, if that's what you write. :D
      OH GOODNESS, I'M NOT SURE. I think I'll have to go with Kemp and Kat, though, from my manuscript What's Real. My broken, logical, refusing-to-feel darlings are just too adorable <3

  3. What a sweet song! My dad has actually worked with Raelynn (since he's in marketing at Disney). My favorite couple in my writing is from my short story "The Eyes of the Listener" - it's about a young man with a speaking impediment who meets a blind girl who helps him see the world with a new perspective. Their relationship is so cute to me because they explore issues of identity and feeling like a cultural other. :)

    Ciera @ The Write Things

    1. Really? THAT IS SO COOL.

      And YES, they do sound adorable <3


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