Lookie, lookie! My obsession with The Script has survived the weekend! (Actually, it’s probably been about a week now, but whatever! Also, ...

Melodic Mondays: Flares by The Script

Lookie, lookie! My obsession with The Script has survived the weekend! (Actually, it’s probably been about a week now, but whatever! Also, congratulations to The Script. That really is quite the accomplishment.)

hehheHEHEHEHE, I FREAKING ADORE THIS BAND  (<3 <3 <3), and I am so thoroughly in love with their album No Sound Without Silence. The whole thing is gorgeous, glorious GENIUS. :D

Now sit back a sec before we listen to the song. I’m gonna give you *pause for dramatic effect* The Brief Backstory On How Our Love Began: *clears throat and begins* I’d heard of The Script many times before, but I didn’t actually listen to them much until I stumbled across this Age of Ultron fanfic that was inspired by the song “Flares.” Because I wasn’t quite ready to read the fanfic (reasons and spoilers), I decided instead to give the song a listen. Which is exactly what you’re about to do right now.

I adore this song because the music sounds so beautiful and the lyrics are great, especially those in the chorus. It’s just so relatable, the verses in particular, like the sort of song you could use for any character, even any person; because let’s face it, we’ve all had times where it felt like nobody cared and nobody was there. But then, if we’re lucky, someone comes along and sends us a flare so to speak, just to let us know that we’re not alone. It’s kind of feelsy, yet without being strictly romantic, which is a quality I rather adore. :)

SO. Here are my questions for the post: have a character who could use a flare (or a million)? A character who sends flares (your own or a favorite from someone else’s fiction)? Tell me about them! Or we could even talk about those moments when you needed a little hope. Who sends the flares your way? For me, it’s Jesus. Him and the people He brings into my life. :)

Comment me, peoples, and I will see you on Thursday!

P.S.: Guess what, guys? I HAVE HAD MY FIRST INTERVIEW! :D (no, I’m not super excited, why in the world would you think that?). You can check it out over on Anne Marie’s blog. You know, if you want to. :D

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  1. Oh my goodness! That was such a beautiful song!!! :D I totally agree for Jesus and the people He sends sending me flares. X3

    That song was great!!! The Script is just amazing! I need to find more of their songs...

    1. I know, isn't it gorgeous?! Glad you enjoyed it, and glad you agree! :D

      And YES! Like I said, whole album of No Sound Without Silence is just beautiful <3

  2. I LOVE MELODIC MONDAYS. DKALFJLSKA. Let me SQUEAK! ALSO. Alexa. Btw. I AM BEHIND ON COMMENTING ON YOUR POSTS and I read them and am always wishing that there was a Like button and. Just so you know, though, I plan to comment on your last few ones, but, yes. You probably didn't even notice, but when I don't comment, I'm like, "AHH. I NEED TO COMMENT." XD <3 Anyways, juuust wanted to acknowledge that they are awesome posts. XD <3

    THIS SONG. THE PIANO. IS GORGEOUS. AND THE VIOLIN-SOUNDING VOICES. XD Oh my gosh, this is so lovely! I haven't heard too many of The Script songs (only Hall of Fame and Superheroes, lol - have you heard any of those two?). dakfjaklsa. This is BEAUTIFUL.

    AND. YOU. WERE. INTERVIEWED. OH MY GOSH. *SCRAMBLES TO READ IT* THAT WAS SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ah. I enjoyed that. :'D What was your favourite question of that interview?

    1. THANK YOU!! SQUEAK ALL YOU LIKE! I'm just so glad you enjoyed them!! :D
      Hehe, well, thanks! And yes, I also wish Blogger had "like" buttons! Perhaps they will add those sometime. :)
      And I actually did notice, Koko, because I love your comments! :D <3 Can't wait to see what you have to say on the posts. :)

      I KNOW. ISN'T IT SO PRETTY????!!!
      And yup! I've heard both of them and LOVED them. Especially Superheroes :D

      THANK YOU! :D And hmm... I think either the Favorite character or ice cream question was my favorite.

  3. Oooh, I love this song. I've been getting into the Script a bit more lately, but I hadn't heard this one before. *takes notes*

    Um, for my characters, let's see--my main character doesn't have a whole lot of hope, while her friend does usually, and she tries to pattern her behavior after him. I'm not sure if that really answers your question, but it's the closest example I could think of.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yay! Glad I could you introduce you to it. :)

      Sounds right to me, lol. I love relationships like that, where a friends is able to give another some hope. :)

      And no problem :D


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