Hello, peoples! I have no random anecdotes today, except that I am strangely addicted to the Script right now, lol. So you may or may not s...

Posts of the Week! 8.30.15-9.5.15

Hello, peoples! I have no random anecdotes today, except that I am strangely addicted to the Script right now, lol. So you may or may not see me post about them repeatedly in the near future (seriously, though, I can’t tell you for sure, because by the time Monday rolls around, I might have a completely new obsession. *shrugs* Just how I roll y’all.).

Anywho... TO THE POSTS!

Book Review: Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins by Liz. In which Liz does an amazing review of my favorite book in the Hunger Games trilogy.

Quotables: A. A. Milne, Author of Winnie the Pooh by Ally. In which Ally shares some hilarious (but also deep) quotes. My favorites were the first three <3

How to Get Back Into the Swing of Writing by Alea. This is a pretty self-explanatory title actually, and the tips are as awesome as the title is obvious.

Character Cycle by Chard. In which Chard reminds us that even the little choices we make today will strongly affect the big choices we make tomorrow.

Drive Out the Mocker also by Chard. A “log in your own eye” kind of post, which is one of those things I think we can all use every once in a while.

Popularity and Immorality by Jessi. A fascinating and thoughtful post in which Jessi examines the relationship between books’ popularity and the level of their immorality.

Not That Kind of Writer (Yet) by Safah. A thoughtful and relatable post about the kind of writer Safah strives to be.

How to Survive a Viscous Comment Count by Heather. Again, rather self-explanatory title. And, again, I really love the tips, especially the last one where she talks about your meaning of success.

What is Your Soul Selfie? by Emily Tjaden. A gorgeously awesome post that I really needed. Truthfully, my soul selfies can get a little ugly, but I’m learning to keep my eyes on the fabulous one that God has of me. :D

Well, that’s it for this week! Which were your favorite A. A. Milne quotes? What’d you think about Jessi’s analysis or Emily’s soul selfies? Any other thoughts you want to share? Comment me! I want to hear them ALL!

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  1. Ooh, these look so interesting! I'll definitely give these a spin. :) Thanks for the shout-out to my blog!

  2. Thanks for the shout out! :) I'll definitely have to check these other posts out (I've already read Heather's), when I get the chance. Unfortunately, my internet is still wonky, which is why I'm so late in commenting. :(

    1. No problem! And like I said before, it's fine. I'm just happy to get comments, lol.

      Praying you'll get that fixed soon. :)

  3. AHHH. THOSE WINNIE THE POOH QUOTES. OH MY GOSH. HAHAHA. XD They were awesome. I also loved the post about getting back into your writing routine, and Heather's post, because. GIFs. And it was relatable, so. XD I liked them all, though; there were some good ones in there. :D Did you have a favourite Winnie The Pooh quote from Ally's post? :D

    1. I know! All of them were so awesome! :D
      And no, I couldn't pick a definite favorite, but I loved the first three! <3


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