I SAW AGE OF ULTRON THIS WEEK!!!! That has absolutely nothing to do with any of the posts below, but I am OVERFLOWING with feels, and I ju...

Posts of the Week! 5.10.15-5.16.15

I SAW AGE OF ULTRON THIS WEEK!!!! That has absolutely nothing to do with any of the posts below, but I am OVERFLOWING with feels, and I just need to post them everywhere, so one more time: I SAW AGE OF ULTRON THIS WEEK!

Ahem. I'm okay now. Sort of. Anyways. On to the reading.

“We All Learn Here by the Honorable Path of Horrible Mistakes” [book review] by Keturah. Nice review, and the book sounds pretty cool. I mean, it’s Pinocchio meets Robin Hood, guys. That’s gotta be awesome.

This is Not a Post by Bailey. I swear I didn’t steal this the other week, lol. Plus, hers is way better, and there’s a hilarious poem.

You Might Be Reading Christian Fiction If... (Part 1) by Heather. Don’t necessarily agree with it all, but this post is certainly entertaining and thought-provoking.

The Voice of a Storyteller by Mrs. Shannon Dittemore. Beautiful post about (how’d you guess?) the voice of a storyteller and it’s importance.

10 Occupational Hazards of Being a Bookworm by Cait. Quite possibly the most brilliant blog post I’ve ever read. You MUST check it out, if you haven't already.

Books and Their ~Ships (1): Where Have the Female Friendships Gone? by Emily etc. Totally awesome and totally true post. We need more female friendships in YA!

Beautiful People: In Which I Interrogate Elias by Aimee. In which she shows off another one of her fabulous charries for all of us to fangirl over.

Terry Pratchett on the Imagination by Mrs. Jill Williamson. Another amazingly true one that helps to put audience in perspective.

The Inverted Pyramid of Revising a Book by S. Alex Martin. In which he offers some awesome editing advice.

Blast of Tempest Review by Rebecca. This anime sounds epic. *adds it to insanely long list of shows she really must watch*

And that’s it for the week. *tips imaginary hat* Until next time!

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  1. Age of Ultron was pretty awesome, although I had a few issues with it (the family appearing out of nowhere in the countryside, Hulk x Black Widow romance) I already miss Scarlet Witch so much. Good thing Captain America 3 is coming soon because so many of our beloved heroes will be back!

    Faye at The Social Potato

    1. I actually liked the family, although the Hulk/Black Widow thing I agree with you on. That was just too weird.
      YES SHE WAS SO EPIC!!! And IKR! I cannot wait to see all of them again.

  2. Hey there Alexa!
    I also saw Age of Ultron... and, oh... I have no words...
    Anyways... thanks for adding my post to your blog and for saying such nice things! And no worries, great minds think alike! ;)
    Have a great day!

      Also, it was one of the best movies I have ever seen.
      No problem! And haha, yeah, that is true. :)
      Thanks, you too!

  3. Those occupational hazards, though—having my fingerprints everywhere actually did become a major concern for me. XD I also found Alex's pyramid useful; he broke it up well. Even if I did write some stuff I knew people wouldn't agree with (including you), I'm also glad it did give people something to think about, because the problem I'm noticing is that people aren't thinking about it, and that was something I wanted to change. Thanks for the shout-out. :)

    1. Haha, ikr? Half of those things are actually legit, and the rest of them are just hilarious.
      Yeah, he's really good with writing posts.
      *nods* You're totally right about that. People /do/ need to think about it, and not everyone's going to agree with you. The awesome part is that you had he courage to step out and say what you thought anyway. :)


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