Guys! It has been way too long since I’ve done one of these! I don’t know about you, but I have really missed the fangirling. I shall try...

Shipping Saturday: FitzSimmons/Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

Guys! It has been way too long since I’ve done one of these! I don’t know about you, but I have really missed the fangirling. I shall try to make it a monthly thing again, but I’m afraid I can make no promises.

So, let’s just enjoy today! lol Before we begin, though:

And now that that’s out of the way, this Saturday, I present to you... *drumroll*

I adore FitzSimmons. I mean, they’re so perfect, they come with their own ship name. And the google doc I wrote this on? Yeah, even it recognizes FitzSimmons as a real word, meaning no red squiggly line underneath it, so you know this ship is legit.
Full disclosure and all, this post is not technically shipping because FitzSimmons aren’t in a romantic relationship (and tbh, I’m not sure I want them to be. Maybe, but I’m not positive). Still, they are absolutely lovely together, and they have one of the most perfectest relationships in all of TV, so a post about them was nothing short of necessary.

For those of you who don’t know, FitzSimmons are from Agents of SHIELD, the TV show that coincides with the Avengers movies. The show follows FitzSimmons, a biochem-tech duo, and their cool super spy team as they do cool super spy things around the world, and, every once in a while, pick up someone or something that’s totally out of this world.
The show is hilarious and action-packed, with just a touch of feels every now and again, so it’s probably one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. It’s also another fandom I could talk about for days but, because you and I have only so much time in our lives, I will limit myself to the amazing wonderfulness of FitzSimmons and maybe a few others.
Fitz is the tech half of the biochem-tech duo. He’s their gadget guy, literally a rocket scientist, so he takes care of all the tech and engineering in their spy weaponry. He seems like he’s pretty good at everything science-related, but gadgets and tech are his specialties. Hilariously enough, he’s actually kind of squeamish when it comes to some of the biology (like dissections). Not that I blame him of course, but since Simmons dives into those sorts of things with an almost-strange joy, it makes for some pretty funny moments.

As for his personality, Fitz is an adorable little dorkling: cute, geeky, and rather socially inept. As Simmons once said, “If you want to make something awkward, copy Fitz.”

Little bit of language, but this vid is great.

At the end of the first season, things happened (not gonna give you that many spoilers), and his personality kinda changed. He’s grown up a lot, which is heart-breaking, but still, he remains thoroughly adorable.
Simmons (by simple deduction) is the biochem half of the duo. This girl is the dictionary definition of an extreme nerd: she graduated three years early, has at least two PhDs, and, as Fitz said, “loves homework more than life.” In regards to the spy team, she takes care of anything biology or chemistry related: dissections (cuz those happen), chemical concoctions, and the formulae for their chemical weaponry.

She also once described a guy she thought was handsome as “well-formed and asymmetrical.” To his face. So I think it’s only fair to put her with Fitz in the cute, geeky, awkward little dorkling category.
Simmons also changed a lot in the second season. She became kind of hardcore, to the point where it was almost scary. But, as of recent events, she seems to be returning to the light side of the Force (sorry, couldn’t help a Star Wars reference), and with Fitz’s help, I think she’ll stay there. Because one can never have too many pictures of them.
I mentioned this above, but one of my favorite things about FitzSimmons is that they’re not exactly a couple. Technically, they’re just best friends, and sometimes, it’s like they have an almost brother-sister thing going on. But they’re so adorable together. As Skye said at one point, it’s like their psychically linked: throughout the first season, they were often on a wavelength completely separate from the rest of the team, but no matter what, they always knew what the other was thinking. They consistently finished each others’ sentences, worked together on just about everything, and were just generally adorable.
Of course in the second season, they were separated. For an extended period of time. Which just about broke all three of us (them and me). Then Simmons returned and they weren’t really talking and then they were fighting... *pauses and breathes deeply* But that’s all in the past now, because as of the last episode I watched, FITZSIMMONS LOOKS LIKE A THING AGAIN!! AND I AM BEYOND HAPPY.

I’m okay now.


Uh... maybe I should talk about some other aspect of the show...
May is freaking awesome. She’s so cool, with her deadpan, blank-faced personality, and kick-butt fighting skills. Plus, she’s totally loyal to Coulson and the team, always has their backs when they need her. And seriously, I pity the person who makes them need her.
Skye began the show as a sweet, funny, hacktivist computer genius. But in this past season, she started taking kick-butt lessons from May, and I daresay Skye’s getting pretty good at it. Granted, she’s not nearly as awesome as May yet, but with a couple decades of work, I’m sure she’ll get there.
To be honest, when I first saw Coulson in the Avengers movies, I didn’t really like him. He seemed, well, annoying. Then all of the sudden he got cool (challenged Loki, for star’s sake!), then he died, and then he came back to life, so I guess he’s kind of awesome now. Everyone on his team seems to agree, at least about the awesome part, and he’s a great leader: you can see that he genuinely cares about every person on his team. In return, they are vastly loyal to him and would do just about anything he asked.

Also, he’s got a sweet car.
Like I said at the beginning, I could probably go on about this show for days (I haven’t even gotten to Hunter and Bobbi. I might have to do a whole other Shipping day just for them). But this post is already way longer than most of mine, so I shall say nothing more except that AoS is one of the best shows ever and I ship FitzSimmons with all my heart. Or at least friendly-ship them with all my heart. Is there a name for that?


Have you watched AoS? What do you think of it? Do you ship FitzSimmons with all your heart and soul? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I really enjoy Agents of SHIELD too. ^ ^ I love Fitzsimmons. I actually didn't like the show too much at first but the second season really pulled me in with all the aliens coming in and more powered people. I like Skye much better in the second season.

    1. Yeah, I think the series just keeps getting better and better! I loved the first season because I've always enjoyed spy stories, but when it started mixing in with the aliens and powered people, the show just skyrocketed to an all-new level of awesomeness. :D

    2. Cool. ^ ^ I got into it because of aliens and powered people so I was wanting more from the beginning lol.

    3. Haha, oh okay.Gotcha :)
      At least you've got it now. Skye, her parents, and their people, that's an interesting storyline. Can't wait to see more of that.


    Ahhh, I LOVE them soo much!! Fitz was always my favorite, from the beginning of the show, and I just LOVE the two of them together. They just rock. They're fantastic. Can you tell I'm a huge FitzSimmons fan? ;P

    And yesss, after the heartbreaking things that have been happening, it's been so hard to watch Fitz and Simmons trying to work together, and I'm sooo happy it looks like we're actually starting to get the two of them back, as a thing! Well... not as a romantic thing, but as THEIR thing. I'm certain you know what I mean. :p

    Also... I second what you said about Fitz being thoroughly adorable.

    1. YES! Lol, they are totally amazing! They've basically been my favorites from the beginning of the show too!
      Yes, totally! Agreed to all! My heart was just repeatedly dying every time they came on screen and barely looked at each other, but it looks like things are coming back together for them! Finally!

    2. I almost died of happiness when he finally got to eat his sandwich!! :P

    3. YES!!! That was the perfect way to culminate their whole relationship arc!


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