*pokes head up sheepishly* No, I didn’t do Posts of the Week last week. Deepest apologies, I went out of town and forgot completely. g...

Posts of the Week! 4.12.15-4.18.15

*pokes head up sheepishly* No, I didn’t do Posts of the Week last week. Deepest apologies, I went out of town and forgot completely.

giphy.com. How can you not forgive this face?
On the bright side, though, you guys get extra posts this time! :)

The Power of Sacrifice by Annika. This one’s an Easter post, so technically I’m a little late, but the message of Resurrection Sunday is something we should celebrate everyday. And besides this post is awesome, combining Thor, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Star Trek with the message of Jesus. Yeah, yeah. Basically one of the coolest Easter posts of all time.

A Poem for Easter Morning by Mariella. Clearly another Easter post, this one containing a lovely poem.

5 Ways to Fangirl in Public (Without Embarrassing Yourself) by Jaime. This title is pretty self-explanatory. And the post is hilarious.

Too Soon by Emily Rachelle. Another beautiful poem, this one about young love.

Digital Design How-To by Mrs. Roseanna White. Great post about digital design! If you’ve been struggling (as I have) to make good images for your blog, I think this post will be helpful.

Writer Struggles: When Your Story’s Not As Good As You Thought It Was by Ally. In which Ally preaches truth, lol. Seriously, though, this post is great.

Make it Personal by Mrs. Stephanie Morrill. A brilliant reminder of how to make your story hard-hitting.

Hello and all the Difficulties of Naming by Rebecca and Kathryn. In which two of my best friends introduce themselves to the blogging world. Pop over and say hello!

Yesterday is Faded by Chard. A wonderful post from Chard, reminding us that we don’t have to live in the past.

Boys Want a Little More What? by Chard. Awesome post, especially for us girls, reminding us where our true value is!

Look at that! I was a good little fan withplenty of posts to share! Now go! Read, my pretties, read!

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  1. I especially loved Mariella and Emily's poems; they were lovely. :) Thanks for the other recommendations!

    1. Weren't they, though? And no problem! :)

  2. Great posts! I didn't have time for all of them, but I'm glad you shared. And thanks for sharing mine!

    1. No problem! It was too great a post not to share :)

  3. *Late comment is late ehehe* Wow thanks for the featuring! :D I'm going to have to look at these, Jaime's post looks like it would definitely be hilarious to read!!


    1. Haha, it's not a problem. Ask Rebecca, I'm almost always late, lol.
      You're welcome! And yeah, that one was great :D

  4. The design how-to looks pretty cool. :) Go Teen Writers is really an awesome blog. Blessings!



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