Hey all! You might have noticed that the title of this post is not “Posts of the Week,” and thus inferred that we are doing something diffe...

Share the Love: Ally from The Scribbling Sprite

Hey all! You might have noticed that the title of this post is not “Posts of the Week,” and thus inferred that we are doing something different this Saturday. If you managed to figure that out all on your lonesome, congratulations. You may have a career as the next Sherlock.

Except probably not, because Sherlock is one in a million.

Anywho, different thing is *insert major fanfare* I was tagged by the awesome Ally for the Share the Love Challenge!

La Rules:
  • Display the tag on your post along with the instructions.
  • Display the link to the blog whose author tagged you.
  • Insert their ‘about me’, biography, or profile text (unless they don’t have one). And if you wanna go all-out, add their picture too (if they have one)!
  • List or talk about some things you LOVE about their blog.
  • Mention your favorite post by that blogger.
  • Tag as many bloggers as you can! Share the love! (And remember, the more you tag, the more people will hear about you and your blog.)
  • And don’t forget to let the bloggers know you’ve tagged them.

I couldn't find an About Me Page so instead, here's a link to her google plus.
Things I love about Ally: She leaves the sweetest comments, and we like a lot of the same series (who doesn’t love the chance to do some fangirling not-by-themselves?). Also, she does a TON of book reviews. I have no clue how she reads all these books, but she does, and they look so good, and I’m desperate to read them, and thanks to her, I have way too many books on my TBR. Well, I suppose it’s not entirely her fault (I read too many book blogs and visit the library too often), but seriously Ally, would you stop doing such great reviews?! I really can’t read all these books...


Anyways, recap: Ally’s awesome, she leaves great comments, writes really good reviews, and she’s also pretty funny. So check out her blog, especially if you’re desperate to torture yourself with tantalizing books, all of which you could never actually finish.

Until Monday, readers!

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  1. You are too kind :) YOU are the awesome one, Alexa. But I shall be content to go down in history as the blogger who tortures her readers. *shrugs* Sounds fitting.

    Thanks for sharing the love! I hope it comes back to you(I'm sure it will).

    By the way, you can fangirl with me anytime.

    1. Thanks! And lol, yeah it would be a nice title to have. ;)
      No problem! And haha, yeah, me too.
      Yay! I will surely hold you to that. ;)

  2. Awesome! Yes, Ally leaves such wonderful comments on my blog, too!!!!

    1. Isn't she the greatest?! Thanks for commenting! :)

  3. Thanks for tagging me! I'll get this up on Tuesday. :)


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