Saturday is here, which means I get to talk about fandoms! Yay! Little disclaimer, though: while I am a lover of romance, I’m also incredi...

Shipping Saturdays: Percy+Annabeth/Heroes of Olympus series

Saturday is here, which means I get to talk about fandoms! Yay! Little disclaimer, though: while I am a lover of romance, I’m also incredibly skeptical, so it’s saying something when I genuinely love a couple. Nevertheless, there are quite a few couples I do like, so either I’m something of a paradox or well-done couples are not as few and far-between as I thought.

Anyways, this week, I want to talk about Percy and Annabeth, and the Heroes of Olympus series. I’m reading The House of Hades right now and loving every Percy+Annabeth moment there is. They are just so sweet together!

By the way, I’m never gonna say “Percabeth”, because I personally cannot stand it when names for ships are mixed like that. One, it can get really confusing, especially when it turns out to be a real name (Jasper, anyone?) and two, it just annoys me. They are “together” or whatever yes, but they’re also two separate individuals and should be treated as such.

Speaking of two separate individuals, one of the many things I love about Percy and Annabeth’s relationship is their willingness to let go of each other. For instance, in Mark of Athena, when Annabeth has to do her part of the quest alone, Percy doesn’t try to keep her from it. He doesn’t try to hide her from harm or send her off somewhere safe; he just realizes that this is something she has to do. 

Sure he wants to protect her. Sure, he wishes they could live normal lives and that they’d both stay safe, but he also understands that she has her own powers, her own abilities, and her own responsibilities. Rather than trying to shield her or take over, he either lets her go or fights by her side. And Annabeth does the same for him.

Can we all just sit back and love those two for a minute?

But, so that nobody gets bored, lets go ahead and talk about the awesomeness of the series as a whole. One of the best things about Rick Riordan’s writing is that he keeps the action going. You barely have a second to stop for breath; but at the same time, it’s not like “We’re all gonna die!” every minute. Even while they’re battling, he slips in the randomest, craziest, most hilarious things that I would never think of, like the time Piper uses her cornucopia to shoot blueberry muffins at the goddess of snow. 

It reminds me of a quote from Joss Whedon: “Make it dark, make it grim, make it tough, but then, for the love of God, tell a joke.” And that is exactly what Mr. Riordan has done brilliantly for the past four books, nine if you count the Percy Jackson series.

In short, I’m in awe of this man.

Of course, while talking about one of the best series on the planet, I can’t neglect Nico di Angelo, my favorite character. I’ve loved Nico since he first came on the scene in The Titan’s Curse (Percy Jackson book three) and my adoration for him has only grown. His character changes are some of the most drastic I’ve ever seen, and to be honest, they’re kind of painful to read about. At this point, I just want to wrap him in a blanket and give him cookies. He just might be the first in my and my friends’ support group. Poor kid just needs a hug.

But maybe his sister will take care of that for me. So far, Hazel is one of my favorite heroines. She’s such an interesting, genuine character with real worries and weaknesses and I can’t wait to see where she goes next.

Which is why I’ll be getting back to House of Hades soon, so I’mma have to cut this blog post short.

There are so many more things I could say about the awesomeness of the Heroes of Olympus, and at some point, I probably will. But for now, I’m just going to say that I am a forever fangirl of this series and that anyone who is not is either a boy or someone who needs to read it this instant.

Have you ever read this series? No spoilers if you’ve finished House of Hades, but how do you like it?

And if you like, here’s the link to my pinterest board dedicated to the series:

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  1. I haven't quite gotten to House of Hades yet, but I did just finish Son of Neptune. I am really starting to ship PercyxAnnabeth, but it's also interesting--I used to think that no one on the planet deserved a guy like Percy. But now that he's getting older and becoming more responsible, I'm starting to see that he's starting to take his relationships more seriously. He and Annabeth are probably going to be okay.

    And that gives me a little bit of hope, too, because maybe boys in real life will end up that way too.

    1. Yeah, and you'll see it even more in Mark of Athena and House of Hades! Percy and Annabeth really are just perfect for each other, and it's been really cool to see them grow up together.

      I never thought about that, but yeah, hopefully!


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