Today, I get to fangirl about one of the best series of all time, T he Chronicles of Narnia. More specifically, the fourth installment, Pri...

Shipping Saturdays: Queen Susan and Prince Caspian/Prince Caspian movie

Today, I get to fangirl about one of the best series of all time, The Chronicles of Narnia. More specifically, the fourth installment, Prince Caspian.

And because I’m talking about the movie more than the book, these two get to make an appearance.

While Susan was never my favorite character (that place in my heart belongs to her younger siblings), I’ve always liked her. Out of all the kids in all the books, she’s the most like me: the caring, responsible, older sister, the one who tries to be logical all the time, the step-back-and-think-it-through kind of girl. Plus, she’s a mean shot with that bow and arrow (I’ve wanted to try archery for forever) and Father Christmas himself said “she has no problem making her voice heard.” That’s me all over, you guys.

I felt like Caspian was kind of dumb in the movie (him and Peter, I mean honestly, boys. The fate of the world is at stake, and all you can do is bicker). Still, Caspian was cool when he wasn’t being a bonehead, and even cooler when he finally stepped up and started acting like a king.

I know a lot of people didn’t like them as a couple because they weren’t in the book, and, at first, I was one of those people. I was all, “Ew! Kissing in Narnia? Hollywood ruins everything!” But now, several years later, I think it was a cool addition. It is a bit weird since romance was never big in the Narnia series, but I still say theyre totally sweet together.

I mean, who can look at this and not go “Aw!”
As for the story as a whole, well, it’s Narnia. Nuff said. It was amazingly awesome, and I loved it. This book and the others in the series are some of my favorite stories ever, right up there with Star Wars, Tiger’s Curse, Lord of the Rings, and (at the moment) Heroes of Olympus. Though that last one teeters on who, if anyone, dies in the last book. 

But that’s another post for another time.

Aaanyway... Back to Narnia.

My favorite character has always been Lucy, but I couldn’t tell you exactly why. Excepting the fact that I’m imaginative like she is, we aren’t much alike. As I said above, I’m the logical, think-it-through type, not a trusting, little-kid-at-heart kind of girl. Still, Lucy was my favorite when I read the series as a kid, and she still is today.

Though she now shares that place with...

Now here me out on this one...
For a long time, I wasn’t a big Edmund fan. But after seeing the Prince Caspian movie and realizing just how awesome he is, well... I kinda sorta, maybe-a-little-bit fell in love with him. Seriously, after he returned from the dark side, Edmund was downright wonderful. I mean, he’s the one who destroyed the Witch’s wand and he destroyed her, kept her from coming back in the second movie/fourth book when Prince Caspian and Peter were totally taken in by her spell. Plus, he had some of the best one-liners in Prince Caspian (“I know, you had it sorted. I’m older and I don’t think I want to understand.).

Seriously, after this kid got his act together, he was epic.

Well, I’ve talked about all three of his siblings, so I guess I oughtta mention Peter, too. Don’t hate me anybody, because I do like him. Honest. I just... don’t like him as much as the others. I don’t have anything against him; he just didn’t stand out to me the way Edmund, Susan, and Lucy did. He was a good king, though, and he tried hard to protect his family. I can respect that.

Overall, I love Narnia: the country, the creatures, the conflicts, everything from the lamppost to Cair Paravel and beyond. Everything that is Narnia, I adore it. And I’m still looking for a way in: knocking on the backs of wardrobes, pulling on some yellow and green rings, whatever works. And if I do find a portal, I promise to blog about my experience when I come back.

Was Narnia a big part of your childhood? How much did you enjoy the series?


In other news, Im switching these shipping/fangirling posts to once (maybe twice) a month. With my current schedule, it’s been difficult to write three posts a week, so I knew I had to cut something; and honestly, I’m running out of couples. So starting next month, I’ll do the Shipping posts on the first Saturday and the Monthly Linkup on the third. If I have time, I might do an extra shipping post on a second or fourth Saturday. No promises, though, I’ll have to see how things go.

Until Monday, then!

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