Let us all pretend that this post went up 24 hours ago, shall we? Thank. First things first, it’s been ages since I shared music and I’...

Posts of the Week: 1.7.17-1.14.17: MUSIC. Also, drawing, games, and important truth bombs

Let us all pretend that this post went up 24 hours ago, shall we? Thank.

First things first, it’s been ages since I shared music and I’ve been getting into a lot of different artists lately, so I thought I’d share a few with you.

First off, Pentatonix.

This is currently my favorite one for them, but basically everything I’ve ever heard them do has been absolutely phenomenal. If you happen to not know, Pentatonix is a completely acapella group, but because they’re ridiculously talented, they sound like a full band plus auto-tune sometimes. It’s amazing and I love them.


This isn’t a new song or a new song for me, but I really love it and I’ve listened to it a couple more times over the last couple of days. Listen. It’s very story-inspiring, beautiful melody, plus it’s got some really nice feels if you're looking for that.

And now, to the posts!

Let’s Play a Game: Is It Worth It by EpicReads. I happen to be on their email list and got this the other night. Me and my best friend played it and it is so much fun. With questions like “You get an advance copy of that book you've been wanting forever BUT an entire chapter is missing,” this quiz is definitely worth a go.

Darkness Isn’t Cool by Aimee. In which she drops some major truth and brilliant reminders. I mean, I love dark characters, I truly deeplydo because a few of them actually do need hugs. Also 2-by-4s upside the head. However, there is a clear line between right and wrong, and we have to continuously reevaluate our love these characters, so that we can make sure to never cross that line ourselves.

Almost 19 by Alicyn. As I’m approaching the end of my teen years, I’ve wanted to do this more. Stop. Sit. And enjoy being the age that I am. I actually don’t like the idea of growing up at all, but like she said, we can’t stop time’s advance and each age will hold something new. So remembering to take the time to stop and enjoy the moment we’re in right now is something super important and super special.

Using Drawing as a Character Exercise: Guest post by Victoria on GTW. Drawing characters is awesome. Do it. I don’t care how good or bad you think you are, just read her advice, because drawing charries can go way deeper than just having a basic visual reference (as she explains in the post), and then draw them.
Three Things Villains Can Learn from The Joker by Sam. So the post is nearly a year old. Read. It. I’m personally not a huge fan of The Dark Knight’s Joker, but you can garner writing ideas from almost anything, and these tips are especially top-notch.

And that is it for this week! Are you a fan of dark characters? Ever tried drawing your own before? What were some of your answers on the Is It Worth It quiz? Can’t wait to hear from you all, and I will see you in the comment section!

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