Hey, everyone! Guess what? Today is my two-year blogoversary! *throws confetti everywhere* Well, technically the blogoversary was Tuesday,...


Hey, everyone! Guess what? Today is my two-year blogoversary! *throws confetti everywhere* Well, technically the blogoversary was Tuesday, the 5th, but we’re having the party today because I almost always post on Thursdays and as a creature of habit, I must continue to post on Thursdays. So.

As I was planning for this post, I went back to look at last year’s blogoversary celebration and found a tradition there that I would rather like to continue: horrible poetry to my dear followers written by yours truly.

Shall I compare my followers to a winter’s day?
You dears are far cooler, your comments more sweet.
Hot chocolate warms all flesh before May
As your words warm my soul like socks on cold feet.
Sometimes too cold the winter wind bites
Or blows ice in my face and makes my nose run.
Eventually, it lingers too long in sight
And all everyone wishes to see is the sun.
But your eternal loveliness shall not fade,
Your views and comments shan’t grow old.
I reread every word you say;
Each letter beams bright into my soul.
Longer than Blogger exists and blogs are read,
I’ll love each and everyone of you until I am dead.

Lovely, no? ;) In all seriousness, though, thank you guys so much for reading, commenting, and subscribing the past two years. It means the world that people actually care about what I have to say, and I love interacting with all of you wonderful people. :D

Now, I happen to recall promising that I would answer whatever questions were posed to me in the comments sections of my last few posts. So. I suppose I should get on to that now.

Do you have any dream travel locations?
Hmm, I’m not sure. See I’m one of those people who really just wants to go everywhere and see everything, so if “The World and Also Outerspace” counts, then yes, lol, that would be my dream travel location. If I had to pick one though, I think I’d say... Scotland. The landscape just looks so amazingly beautiful, plus the accents, guys. The accents. Defintely my number one pick.

My personal favorite Scotsman ;)
If you could turn into any animal, what would you be?
Well, see, I was all set and ready to say a wolf (because werewolves are wicked awesome and wolves are gorgeous), but then I got to thinking about it and decided that I’d really like to be a creature that could swim well (I’ve always wanted to be a better swimmer; as it is I can barely stay afloat on a good day :p), and I also want to be a dragon (because totally obvious reasons).

So if I could turn into any animal, I would want to be a shapeshifting werewolf-dolphin-dragon. *nods*

What is your favorite kind of pie?
I wish I could say chocolate pie as chocolate is the best thing ever, and all the pictures of chocolate pie look so fantastic (don’t believe me, here’s a pinterest search just for you). But the one time I had a chocolate pie, it was good but not great, so I’m afraid I shall have to go with sweet potato pie to answer this question.

Sweet potato pie is sweet and delicious and soft and wonderful, and when you eat it with whip cream, your tastebuds sail away to a happy place in the sky. I can only hope that the best chocolate pies taste even better.

Would you rather face a worldwide apocalypse or a worldwide chocolate shortage? (although really, those two are pretty much the same)
As you said, those two are basically the same thing. So I’m not really sure how to answer the question.

If however they somehow happened to happen independent of each other, I guess I’d have to say... well, I don’t really know because if there was an apocalypse, at least I’d still have chocolate and I might get to do epic things and become the hero of a YA novel (who knows, it could totally happen). But if there was a worldwide chocolate shortage, that wouldn’t mean there was no chocolate at all, so perhaps I could still do epic things as I rampaged the world, stole and hoarded all the remaining chocolate, and perhaps become the villain in a YA novel, which might be even better.

So I will go with the latter, thank you. *takes a bite of hoarded chocolate*

What’s your favorite childhood memory?
*settles back with thinking cap and scratches chin thoughtfully* Funnily enough, I can’t think of one. Not to say that my childhood was terrible, lol, I have a lot of great memories from when I was a kid, but I just can’t think of one that super stands out to me as the bestest day ever.

So, sorry. but I’m afraid I don’t have an answer for this question.

What is the craziest thing you have ever done?
I’m afraid that, in real life, I’m actually not that crazy of a person. I mean, my mind is insane, and that’s what you guys see all the time; but in real life, I like to sit in silence and keep my insanity between me, myself, I, and only our very closest friends, so I really haven’t done any crazy things.

Once, my best friend and I were going to walk up to a guy wearing a Captain America shirt and say “Hail Hydra,” but he walked away before we could work up the courage to do it. I also almost started fangirling and crying in the theater the second time I watched Age of Ultron, but I just managed to hold it together until after the after-credit scenes and most of the people had left.

So apparently, my life is a series of almost-but-not-quites when it comes to crazy things.

What do you want to have accomplished by the time you’re thirty years old?
Several seven-figure book deals and at least three movies in the making. ;)

Lol, that would be nice, but I think making it an actual goal might be a little insane. :p In reality, I’d love to be published several times and have a thriving writing career going. I’d also like to be married, have kids, and be a foster mom (literally been a dream of mine since I was little). And heck, maybe if I run out of things to do, I’ll rule the world for a spell or two. ;)

Well, that wasn’t too painful. And I assume by now you know me rather better than you did before you opened this post. My apologies.

For the final section of my blogoversary party, I am doing... *insert fanfare and drumrolls and ice cream and other epic things*  A CRITIQUE GIVEAWAY. Disclaimer, I am not technically a professional editor, but I have edited for two professional authors and this is my way of giving back to all of you wonderful people who have been so kind as to spend time with me over the past two years. :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway
And that’s all for tonight, folks! Hope you all had fun and that you join the giveaway! Can’t wait to see you in the comments, and thanks again for being here. :D

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  1. Happy Blogversary!!! *throws confetti* *gives you sweet potato pie and marvelous chocolate pie* Thanks for answering my questions! I think by the time I'm thirty I want to have about eight books published and at least two books getting made into movies. *nods* Totally a reasonable goal. :P Thanks for the giveaway!

    1. Also, I started to write a joke in the giveaway thingie, but then my finger hit enter and so I didn't get to write the whole joke. The joke was lame anyway, so maybe that's for the best.

    2. *dances in confetti and gobbles pies* THANK YOU! <3 And no problem, thanks for asking them! :)

      Totally. ;)

      lol, that's okay. But if you want to share the joke in the comments, I'd love to read it. :D

  2. Happy Blogversary! I have never had sweet potato pie, but I want to try it. I think I share your goal of having several book deals by thirty, that would be ideal.

    1. Thank you! You should totally try it! It is very good. *nods*

  3. Oh gosh, definitely my favorite Scotsman too. <3 I may or may not have a stuffed monkey named Fitz.. Hehe.
    Um, a shapeshifting werewolf-dolphin-dragon sounds oddly amazing and now I kind of really want to see one.
    Sweet potato pie is really good! I think I've only had it once but the one time I did have it I loved it and didn't really expect to. I still like chocolate pie more, though... definitely get your hands on a good one. -drools over Pinterest pictures-
    Anyway. HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY! I wasn't even here for your last one. xD
    Oh, and "your words warm my soul like socks on cold feet" is basically the best thing ever. xD

    1. THAT IS SO AWESOME!!!!! Now I need a stuffed monkey...

      LOL, maybe I should write that into a book or something. ;)

      Isn't it, though?!!! And yes, I know I need to! Someday, I will definitely get my hands on a chocolate pie.

      THANK YOU! :D And that's totally fine, just glad you're here for this one. :)

      lol, glad you enjyoed it! :D

  4. How exciting!!!! Love your blog so much....it's just so fun:)

  5. HAPPY BLOGAVERSARY!! *throws chocolate snowflakes into the air* (in case of that apocalypse)
    i so would've done that Captain America thing, haha. Though I only started following your blog some halfwayish into 2015, I can't wait for what more you have to offer :)

    1. Thank you!!! And chocolate snowflakes, YES! That is great. :D

      lol, well, at least we're not alone. ;)

      Thank you so much! I'm glad you like it. :D

  6. AWWW ALEXA. HAPPY TWO YEAR BLOGGING ANNIVERSARY! I ADORED reading this post and hearing your answers to those questions - they were hilarious! And your poem - LOL. You are really good at writing poems, like, that was actually amazing. O_O And funny. Always funny. :D I can't wait to see what this year holds for Summer Snowflakes! :D <3

    1. THANK YOU!!!! Always happy to make you laugh!! :D

      lol, if you say so. Glad you enjoyed it though. :)

      Thank you! :)

  7. HAPPY BLOGAVERSARY! That is so exciting, and good for you! That poem was awesome and I loved readeing your answers to the questions. Sweet potato pie? I have never heard of that before haha it sounds very interesting. :P glad you like it, though!
    Have a great day!

    1. Thanks! LOL, glad you liked it! :D

      YOU HAVE NEVER EVEN HEARD OF SWEET POTATO PIE???? lol, I don't really know how popular it is, but it is VERY good. I'd recommend it. :)

      Thanks! You too!

  8. Happy blogaversary! :D I have to say, I have very much enjoyed your blog for as long as I've followed it, and I look forward to hearing more from you and your lovely mind as the next year continues! :D

    1. Thank you! That means a lot; I'm so glad you enjoy it! :D


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