HELLO PEOPLES!!! Happy New Year! Hope you’ve recovered your sleep from staying up till midnight (I have not yet), and that it ’ s been an a...

Posts of the Week: 12.27.15-1.2.16

HELLO PEOPLES!!! Happy New Year! Hope you’ve recovered your sleep from staying up till midnight (I have not yet), and that its been an awesome year so far. :)
To the posts!

Rest in Him by Koko. In which she shares a gorgeous analogy for our relationship with God and His love for us. Seriously, read the thing.

You Don’t Have To Try, also by Koko. So I went through and read every post she’d written recently. *shrugs* What can I say? (they’re comforting and encouraging and fantastic, and you should totally read them, that’s what I can say).

Call on Jesus by Sofia Marie. In which she talks about one of my old favorite songs by my old favorite band. I hadn’t listened to this one in forever, and it was really sweet to be reminded of it. :)

Why You Might Need a Blogging Break by Bailey. In which she talks about why she took her blogging break and why it is totally okay if you happen to need one.

7 Annoying Questions Homeschoolers Get Asked by Zielle. In which she shares a recent Blimey Cow video and also answers the questions herself. Seriously, though, we homeschoolers oughtta just publish a pamphlet answering all of these questions, then hand them out whenever we meet new people. That way, everybody’s happy.

MMX, How I Loved You So by Safah. Gosh, I love all of her poems. This particular one is about her 2015 and all that she accomplished and learned.

Tips For Writing Stunning Science Fiction by Hannah. Technically, it’s a guest post by S. Alex Martin on Hannah’s blog, but anyways. Point is, it’s a great post and it teaches some great tips for writing great sci-fi (and even if you’re not writing sci-fi, you totally should still read it because a lot of the tips apply across genres. So yes, read it)

Writing Lessons From Tv Shows: Sherlock by Tori. One of my favorite BBC shows and brilliant writing tips combined in a blog post? Count me in.

So what’d you think of the posts this week? Wanna share any writing advice or life lessons from 2015? What’s an annoying question you get asked a lot (doesn’t have to be about homeschooling; could be your writing, personality type, lifestyle, whatever). Can’t wait to see you in the comments, and don’t forget to answer my end of the year survey if you haven’t already. :)

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  1. Ah, yes, I saw that BlimeyCow video. They are amusing people, no? I also really liked Bailey's post! I am not a master of blogging breaks, though. xD

    1. They so are! I love Blimey Cow <3

      Haha, me neither. I haven't taken very many, but it was a great post. And it's nice to know that should I need to, I shouldn't feel guilty about it.

  2. I feel like I would be that annoying person asking a bunch of questions about homeschool. It's really INTERESTING though. I've been a public schooler my whole life and have absolutely no experience with homeschooling, so I'm just really curious. But yea, Blimey Cow is funny.

    1. lol, well, questions are fine, especially if it's obvious that you're just curious. It's often the tone they're given in that's annoying. Like the question isn't really, "So what do you all day?" it's more like, "There's no way you're getting anything productive done and you're going to be a stunted member of society." :p

  3. Oh my goodness, Alexa, I am blushing. You are so, so kind - thank you so very, very much. <3

    I LOVEEE Bailey's post! That was really awesome, oh my gosh; if only I had read that five months ago! XD Of course, I did end up taking a blogging break, and everything's worked out, but still; I tried to keep blogging when it was stressing me out, and only took a break when I was too exhausted to look at WordPress, lol.

    Anyhow - enough rambling - ; all these posts are awesome, Alexa! :D <3 Bless your day! xxx

    1. No problem! They really were fantastic. :D

      It's a great reminder, though, isn't it? Definitely something to keep in mind. :)

      Thank you! You have a blessed day, too! :D

  4. Ooh, these look like such great posts and I need to clearly click on many of them. XD Like the sci-fi one. hehe. I need to work on my sci-fi skills...*dashes off*
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    1. They really are! Hope you enjoy them! :D

      No problem! :)


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