Hey, all, and welcome to 2017’s first edition of Posts of the Week! I was just thinking — literally just now as I’m typing this up—that it ...

Posts of the Week: 1.1.17-1.7.17: Loyalty, Illusions, Bookishness, and One Mad Tea Party

Hey, all, and welcome to 2017’s first edition of Posts of the Week! I was just thinkingliterally justnow as I’m typing this up—that it might be cool to put taglines in each POTW title to make them a easier to find later. So. As you can see above, there’s the first one. Let me know if you like. :)

On to the posts!

Tell Me a Story of Loyalty by Ophelia. I’d never thought about it in terms of loyalty specifically, but characters and their relationships are the biggest part of what I love in most stories. So yeah, like Ophelia, I think those themes are especially beautiful when written well.

Perceiving That Illusions Are Not Truths by Keturah. “Just because you are upside down, doesn’t mean the rest of the world is, too.” I love this so much. There are definitely times when perspective really matters and it makes all the difference (she mentions those too in the post, so be sure to read the whole thing), but there are also times when facts are facts, and absolute truth has to come in somewhere.

A Mad Tea Party by Skye. This photo shoot is absolutely fantastic. I love how she tied it in with that scene of the book, plus the costumes and makeup... it’s all just amazing.   

10 Things You Should Regularly Tell Bookworms by Cait. Obviously, all of these are hilariously accurate. But what I really need someone to say to me are the island one-happily listening for 62 hours. Though I might need longer depending on the book, so best clear your schedule for about a week.  

Why Do We Reread? by Shanti. As you all probably already know, I don’t reread often, but I like what Shanti has to say about it and, when I do reread, many of my reasons are the same: to revisit the character journey, to remember what the story was about in the first place, and/or to compare my thoughts with my past self’s. Also, because there were really awesome quotes and I need to find them. I’ve done that too.

The Top of 15 of 2016 by Heather. Because who ever has enough book recommendations to crush their never-ending TBR? Also, there is a book on this list that is apparently much like Tangled. I shall find it and read it ASAP.
And that is it for this week! What was one of your favorite books of 2016? (please don’t ask me, because I don’t know because I can’t remember specifics like that across that wide of a time-span and that’s the real reason why I write reviews). Are you a rereader, and do you too enjoy stories of loyalty? Tell me what you liked most about these posts, and I will see you in the comment section!

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  1. Thanks for sharing my link, you are the sweetest person ever!

  2. I like your tagline idea! Go for it. This quote had me laughing! Thanks for it. “Just because you are upside down, doesn’t mean the rest of the world is, too.”

    1. Thank you! When I go back to POTW, I'm going to try to implement it!

      Haha, glad you enjoyed it!

  3. Shanti's post on rereading was great! And also, thanks for mentioning my post! :D


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