I’ve been pretty serious on the blog this week, so today, I’m doing a post that’s pure fun. That’s right! As the first Saturday of the mont...

Shipping Saturday: Flynn and Rapunzel

I’ve been pretty serious on the blog this week, so today, I’m doing a post that’s pure fun. That’s right! As the first Saturday of the month, I declare this an official Shipping Saturday! Bum-ba-dum! And for the first time on Summer Snowflakes, my ship is from a Disney princess movie.

I watched Tangled for the fourth or fifth time last week, adoring every nanosecond. That movie is just plain, flat-out, stinking amazing. It has everything: action, romance, plenty of humor, and a cast of super-fun characters who learn a lot along the way.

But specifically talking about the ship...

While not my favorite love song, it is pretty, and it fits them perfectly.

Flynn was a trip. Like seriously, he was just wonderful, probably my favorite Disney “prince” ever. I mean, he was cute, clever, cracked a million jokes a minute, and yet had a softer, sensitive side that was beautifully unveiled throughout the movie, building brilliantly to the final heroic finish.

Tell me you don't squeal, just a little, every time you see this scene.

Rapunzel was cool, too. She started out rather silly and naive, but proved to be stronger than anyone (herself included, I think) could’ve imagined. This teenage girl, who’d never stepped a toe outside her tower, managed to knock out the bandit who discovered her, practically blackmail him into helping her, sing a group of thugs into not killing him, and get the thugs to help them escape from the royal guards. And that was just the first day.

Not to mention all the stuff she did with her hair (where would I even start in describing the awesomeness of that?) and her expert use of the handy dandy frying pan!

Two of the best moments in the movie. Pics are from Tumblr and fanpop

Now, I’m normally prone to a lot of eye-rolling if characters fall in love days after becoming more than strangers on the street to each other. But Flynn and Rapunzel had been through a lot together, so their feelings more or less made sense. Plus, they didn’t get married for “years and years of asking and asking and asking,” so it still wasn’t one of those “We’ll be married in the morning!” romances.

If you understood that reference, major kudos. If not... Well, nothing really. It doesn’t have anything to do with this movie, anyway.


The basic scenario besides Rapunzel (the rogue scoundrel and the sheltered girl) is a pretty old storyline, but Disney resurrected it in an all-new and amazing way, turning the core plot on its head and shaping it into something beautiful.

Yeah, this beautiful. These two are just adorable together. Image from disney.wikia
To discuss the other main characters:

Image from disney.wikia

Mother Gothel was a great villain. Her goal was quite clear (and, let’s be honest, somewhat understandable. Though she *ahem* went a little overboard in obtaining it.). Plus, she was scary. She was funny. And she had some amazing voice numbers.

Best song in the movie

Last, but not least, Maximus, the dog-horse.

Image: from Pinterest

I think he’s probably the best movie horse ever. If you have another favorite, mention him/her in the comments, but I don’t think anybody tops Maximus.

Overall, Tangled’s great. One of my favorite Disney princess movies, rivaled only by Beauty and the Beast and Mulan. Which actually doesn’t feature a single, solitary princess. Go figure.

What are your favorite Disney princess flicks? And what do you think of Tangled?

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  1. What a fun post to find while watching that very movie! :-) I've got to say, Tangled is definitely my favorite Disney movie, although I've got a soft spot for Mulan too. I don't think I could ever get tired of watching it! And Rapunzel and Flynn are indeed perfect. I do appreciate that they didn't get married right away, and you could see their relationship developing throughout the movie.

    1. LOL it's so cool that you were watching the movie at the same time!
      And yes! They have one of the best relationships in a Disney movie /ever/.

  2. The "dog-horse." Lol! Maximus is great. He's my dad's favorite character from Tangled, haha! :P I agree that Flynn/Rapunzel is one of the best relationships a Disney film has ever produced. Much better than, say, Frozen. (I find that movie to be highly overrated.) Also, I believe that Tangled was the first Disney movie my boyfriend and I ever watched together. So there's that special thing.

    1. Aw, that's so cool! And yeah, I gotta agree about Frozen. I like the movie and everything, but it doesn't touch Tangled


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