Hey, guys! So before we get into today’s post, I want to offer a quick apology for disappearing the past two weeks. :p Life basically sprun...

Writing Music: November 2016

Hey, guys! So before we get into today’s post, I want to offer a quick apology for disappearing the past two weeks. :p Life basically sprung up out of nowhere after my Tony Stark analysis and I just didn’t have the time to get posts up here.

But I'm back now! So to the point of this post, I realized recently that I have not shared music in months and that is something that needs to be immediately rectified. So I’m going to share about 10 video today to make up for the absence of song on Summer Snowflakes.

While I’ve got quite a range of music down there, the first few are of the Christian, encouragement variety, because I’ve found those to be a necessary soul-lift these past few weeks, with all of the fear and dissension shooting around social media. You all know what I’m talking about and I’d appreciate it if no one commented anything about the election; but if you’re one of those people who didn’t feel relief when the results were announced, then the first few songs are for you. Just some reminders that as Christians the focus shouldn’t be on ourselves or our fears, but on Jesus, the One who is strong enough to conquer every fear (from fear of the loss of our religious freedoms to the fear of what will happen next in our nation), holds us throughout every storm, no matter how loud and genuinely terrifying it may be, and who remains on the throne for always no matter who has temporary occupation of the White House. :)

More Than You Think I Am by Danny Gokey

I heard this one on the radio a bunch of times, but never realized how much I loved it until I needed it. When you take the time to meditate on these words and what they actually mean about our God, the whole thing just fills you up from the inside.

After You by Britt Nicole

This is a an incredible worship song that again just brings the focus back to God. We’re not after the world, we’re after Him, and there is nothing sweeter than His love. If you're feeling stressed, just breathe, think about what it means that the God of the Universe--the one who painted every star and hung the sun in the midday sky--that God is personally interested in your life. Then just rest in that love for a moment. :)

K-Love Fan Awards: 2015 Mashup by Anthem Lights

I... just... LOVE everything about this mashup. Each of these songs is great on their own, but they’re absolutely magnificent combined with each other and these boys’ voices. It’s a gorgeous anthem, and I want that ending to become my life’s motto.

Empty My Hands by Tenth Avenue North

This of course isn’t to say that we should give up, not do anything when we can do something, and just throw it all at the throne with a “Welp, I guess God’ll take care of it!” Instead I see this as a reminder when I am overwhelmed and my mind does feel like a building burning down that He is the refuge to run to, keeping me safe from the outside world and often myself.

Honest by TFK

Something in me just relates really hard to this song and I’m not even sure why, but it does. There is just so much story in it, plus the melody is beautiful.

Black Tattoo by Fm Static

Ah, Black Tattoo. It makes me feel powerful honestly, like even if you have fallen down or been hurt or broken before, you can still get back up, and be you, and make something amazing of all you have left.

Also, I think it would be a great song for a character, just saying.

Can You Hold Me by NF feat. Britt Nicole

So the real reason I’m addicted to this song right now is this Anakin/Padme video. Watch it. I’ll wait.

*watches a hundred times. Finally stops inwardly keening* Anyways, the song itself is pretty awesome (I actually did like it before I watched the video; I just became addicted after the video), plus both of these artists are super talented.

Adrenaline by TFK

Because sometimes you just need someone to rap/scream loudly in your ears to get that inspiration flowing.

The Resistance by Skillet

Basically the same thing here, only not rapping just screaming/singing. It’s perfect when I want to RISE UP and headbang over something, and it makes me feel really epic.

Start Over by Flame feat. NF

Because I love me some Christian rap (well, some of it). This is one of my all-time favorites because of its amazing and essential message.

So there’s a small sampling of what I’ve been listening to lately! What’s been on your playlist? How’re you doing in NaNo? (I'm actually not doing it for the first time in five years, but good luck to everyone who is!) Have a song that matches your story? Can’t wait to hear from you all, and I will see you in the comment section!

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  1. OOh, I'll have to check these songs out! Some of them look really good. my playlist has just been a mixture of christian and owlcity lately ;) and last Night I was listening to One Call Away by Charlie Puth on repeat ;b

    And NaNo is going sooo good!!! This is my first year doing it, and I'm loving it.. and keeping right on schedule ;)

    1. Awesome! Hope you enjoy them! :D
      Haha, I've heard covers of that; it seems like a beautiful song.

      YAY!!!! Glad you're doing well! :D

  2. Great choices, I like all those artists.


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