Hey all! So I'm popping in with a quick Golden Gang prompt before we get to the posts. This round, we have... Prompt 5: Two Truths A...

Posts of the Week: 11.13.16-11.19.16

Hey all! So I'm popping in with a quick Golden Gang prompt before we get to the posts. This round, we have...
Prompt 5: Two Truths And A Lie

Hehe, this should be fun! I genuinely have no idea how good these are or how many of these I’ve talked about throughout the blogosphere, so they might be obvious and they might not be. I really don't know.

Statement 1: Owl City is one of my favorite bands.

Statement 2: I am highly addicted to Studio C.

Statement 3: I love jewelry but almost never wear it.

Comment away your guesses and I'll reveal the answers in POTW next week! But first, check out these awesome posts from the past few weeks around the blogosphere. :)

Shut Up and Listen: A Guide on How to be a Better Person by Ryder Eclipse. As you might guess from the title, there is some burning sass in this post, lol. But it’s also a really great reminder to actually listen to what other people have to say, particularly in today’s online world.

NaNoWriMo Prep # 3 // A Cautionary Tale by Liz. So you’re all in the thick of NaNoWriMo now. Read it anyway. It’s good for you, I promise.

Elect a Character by Jessi. This post was awesome and so much fun! I want to make it a tradition every election year.

What You Don’t See by Skye. A lovely post about the internet imperfections we don’t always get to see and so often forget exist.

Understanding Mental Illness: My Journey with Effie Trinket by Victoria Grace Howell. Everything about this post = so good, and particularly relatable for me, because I had a similar a couple of years ago. Sometimes it takes a while for us to open our eyes to the pain of others, and it’s never fun realizing what they’re truly going through, especially when you realize it this way, but it is a powerful thing when we lay aside those misinformed opinions and are able to make our corner of the world a little better.

Fate of Empires: History is About Changing, Not Inspiration by Keturah. This post was so interesting. Kinda made me nervous, since the Age of Decadence sounded frighteningly familiar... But seriously this is a great, mentally stimulating post about the state of nations and also love.

To Do NaNoWriMo or Not To Do NaNoWriMo by Diana. Again, I know you’re more than halfway through, but this is a great post. NaNo is AWESOME for those who can do it, but for those of us who had to drop out because we just didn’t have the time, it’s a nice reminder that we don’t have to match the 50,000 but can simply go at the pace that works best for us and our stories. :)
And that is it for this week! How are you doing in NaNo or whatever manuscript you’re working on? Which character would you elect for president? Can’t wait to hear from you all, and I will see you in the comment section! :D

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  1. I'm guessing your lie is that you are addicted to studio C, because I have no idea what that is. These posts always give me something to read, so thank you for sharing. I am not doing NaNoWriMo (and I never have), but I think the people who do are cool :)

    1. Haha, nope. The lie is Statement 1, and Studio C is a comedy channel on YouTube. They are hysterical; you've gotta check them out if you haven't already.

      Yay! I'm glad you enjoy them. :)

      Same (though I've done it every year since 2011 except for this one). I didn't end up having time to finish this year, but I applaud all who did.

  2. Thanks for sharing my post!!
    I love Owl City!!! So I'm hoping that's one of your truths ;) I'll guessing #3 is false? Lol 😀😀🙃

    1. You're welcome!

      Haha, sorry. I've never been able to get into his music. :p

  3. I'll go with the last one as true. And I have no idea why.

    As to the NaNo. . .I'm No No to Na No. Just not my thing, but I do cheer on those that tackle it each year.

    1. Well, that actually is one of the true statements, lol So congratulations!

      Same, for this year, though I do hope to be able to go back to it next year.

  4. Studio C is awesome, that first title really grabbed me.

    1. Aw, yeah! Another Studio C fan! *high-fives* IKR! Haha, it's pretty good.


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