Hey, all! As promised, before we get to the posts of the week, I will give the answers to last week’s two truths and a lie . :)   State...

Posts of the Week: 11.20.16-11.26.16

Hey, all! As promised, before we get to the posts of the week, I will give the answers to last week’s two truths and a lie. :)  

Statement 1: Sorry, Keturah, lol, but this one’s the lie. I have never been into Owl City, although I do like his song with Britt Nicole, You’re Not Alone and his In Christ Alone cover. Apart from those, not really a fan.

Obviously, this means the last two are true: I am highly addicted Studio C (and they just released a Hamilton cover, which only made the addiction worse), and I do love jewelry but for some reason almost never wear it. I really don’t know why. I guess I just don’t think to most of the time.


Interview with Vanmoriel (Starbloods) by Victoria Howell. In which Victoria interviews her terrifying star villain, Vanmoriel. This lady is chilling... and I want to read her story.

Some Progress Is Always Better Than No Progress by Amy Henry. This isn’t a blog I frequent, but it was shared on what of the groups I’m in, so I decided to go ahead and read it. I loved this post. Especially since I am a big picture thinker, so sometimes it’s hard for me to see the small progresses--in anything. But those small pixels arewhat make up the big picture, and we’d be remiss to forget them.

Beauty by Vanessa. A friend of mine wrote this blog post about the meaning of beauty. Warning for language, but I think what she has to say is really important. :)

Writing Lessons From Movies: The Incredibles, also by Victoria Howell. I LOVE THE INCREDIBLES SO MUCH. And of course her tips are brilliant, as always. ;) Remember, guys, no capes. ;)  
That’s it for this week! Have you ever interviewed your villain? How do you define beauty, do you know? Can’t wait to hear your thoughts, and I will see you in the comment section! :D

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  1. Never really been into Owl City, either but liked his song Fireflies when I was younger ^^

    1. I was never able to get into Fireflies either. :p But those two songs I mentioned are pretty good.

  2. One of my villains is a lot like someone I know, so yes. I have interviewed him. Shhh. Don't tell. I'm checking out the post about beauty. That sounds interesting. Thanks.

    1. Ooh, really? Interesting. And *buttons lips* I won't tell a soul. ;)

      It is! Hope you enjoy! :D

  3. ah, well at least you like two of their best songs ;b


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