Hey, all! Today, I’m here to steal/do The Book Sacrifice Tag, which the esteemed Liz from Out of Coffee, Out of Mind posted a couple of mo...

The Book Sacrifice Tag

Hey, all! Today, I’m here to steal/do The Book Sacrifice Tag, which the esteemed Liz from Out of Coffee, Out of Mind posted a couple of months ago. This one looks a blast and I’m really excited about it, so let’s go ahead and hop right down to it. :D

An Over-Hyped Book
Situation: You are in a bookstore when the zombies attack. Over the loudspeaker, you hear the military informing you that over-hyped books are the zombies’ only weakness. What over-hyped book will you chuck at the zombies?

Okay, but seriously, what kind of zombies’ weakness is over-hyped books??? Are they ex-reviewers killed by a bad review copy or something? (In that case, God rest their poor souls).

Go from about 1:00-1:20, and you'll see how this correlates.

I’m going to stop asking questions and just pick a book, because the zombies are coming and if I don’t focus, I’ll probably die.

The only really over-hyped book I can think of that I’d be comfortable throwing at a zombie is one from the Twilight series, but I don’t want to use that as an official answer, because, frankly, I mention them in tags too often (plus... I almost like the series now? It’s complicated).

However, Breaking Dawn is probably heavy enough to break off a zombie’s head. Just saying.

A Sequel
Situation: You are caught in a torrential downpour and you’re probably the type who melts when you get wet. What sequel are you willing to use as an umbrella to protect yourself?

First off, I’m not that evil, thank you very much: I do not melt when I get wet (anyone who says anything to the contrary will be banished to the island of perpetual tickling, populated by my flock of vicious turtle ducks).

But to actually answer the question:

In the interest of full disclosure, this is technically the fourth book in the series and I actually haven’t read it. But, even though Mortal Instruments isn’t my favorite, I think City of Glass ended the series pretty well and continuing it was just overkill. (Also, I scanned a summary of Fallen Angelsbefore I decided to use it for the tag and just started laughing at all the drama. So... yeah). I don’t have overwhelmingly negative feelings for it, but I wouldn’t feel bad about ruining a copy since I’m never gonna read it anyway.

A Classic
Situation: You’re in English class and your professor won’t stop going on about a classic that “revolutionized literature.” Personally, you think that classic is garbage and you decide to express your opposing opinion by hurling the book at his head. What classic is that?

So I honestly can’t imagine myself actually throwing a book at a professor’s head. Unless I genuinely thought his opinion was absolutely worthless and I was 100% done and I was going to drop the class anyway. And even then... probably not.

Anywho, I’m overthinking it. To simply answer the question:

Sorry not sorry, I hated this book. Granted, I did read it when I was about fourteen (had to for school. It bored me to death, and I was thrilled when I finally finished), so maybe my opinion would change if I read it now. But frankly, ain’t nobody got time for that. I’ve got a TBR a mile high just with the YA fantasies.

A Least Favorite Book
Situation: You’re hanging out at a bookstore (where else would you be?) when global warming somehow manages to turn the whole world into a frozen wasteland. Naturally, your only hope of survival is to burn a book. Which book would you not regret tossing onto the fire?

I loved the Maze Runner series up till this heart-murdering, Mockingjay-style, EVERYONE-YOU-LOVE-SHALL-PERISH-HORRIBLY ending. It would probably give me some form of twisted pleasure to see it burn. *half-wants to destroy it now, honestly, even though it’s been like four years since it tore out my heart, set it on fire, and danced on the barely beating remains*

And that is the tag! This one was wicked awesome, as expected, but I do wish it was longer. If anyone has ideas for extra questions, let me know and I’ll answer them in either POTW or the comment section.

For my part, I tag Keturah, Grace, and Shar. If anyone else wants to do it, feel free! Just link to your posts in the comments, so I can find it later. :)

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  1. This is a really cool concept. :D (Also, Tim Hawkin's hedge of protection is gold. XD)
    I picked up Breaking Dawn the other day, and did realise that it could most likely take a zombie's head clean off. XD Good choice there.
    I can't say I've read any of these books, but I have thought about it, especially from Cassandra Clare.

    1. I KNOW! Tim Hawkins is hilarious!

      Haha, thanks! ;)

      Well, even though I used them for this tag, I wouldn't necessarily say don't read them, just... they didn't end up working for me, lol. Except Breaking Dawn, I actually do like that book, I just think it's not as great as some seem to think it is.

  2. Thank you for the tag! I haven't done one for ages so I will probably get on it *nods* . And I am at least 100% with you on the mortal instruments. I got to City of Glass, it was a good ending, and I don't see the point of finishing the series, to be honest. Although yes, this tag needed more questions, so here's one:
    The situation: there's a flooded stream you have to cross on your quest, and you can't get your feet wet. Which series (oh yeah btw you brought your whole bookshelf and also probably your local library with you) will you use as stepping stones?

    1. AWESOME! :D Can't wait to see it. :)

      Yeah. It's just like... what else is there to say? :p

      Thanks for the question! I answered it in the POTW of that week. here's the link: https://thessalexa.blogspot.com/2016/12/posts-of-week-112716-12316.html

  3. Hullo.

    It's been a while. *coughs*

    Yeah, I've heard bad things about the Mortal Instruments series on Booktube so I kinda get why you'd sacrifice it (okay, maybe not 'cause I haven't read it).

    The Death Cure... oh, no. I'm either reading it this year or next year. Just borrowed it from the library yesterday and I'M DOOMED! I didn't enjoy the 1st two books so yeah...

    1. Also, do these books have to come from your bookshelf?

    2. It's no problem! I've kinda disappeared from commenting on other blogs too. :p trying to get back into it, though.

      I mean, it has good parts and bad parts, but I think the remaining three books are probably unnecessary.

      Well, if you didn't like the first two books, then the stuff that happens in The Death Cure might not bother you as much. You have to have actually liked the characters to feel the pain. :p

      I don't think so. None of mine did anyway.

  4. OOh, my this is the most awesome book tag ever, and I'm so excited to come up with the answers for it!!!! Lol... yours were super fun to read ;D

  5. Yeah, Jules Verne sounds rather boring... Not sure how Breaking Dawn would do, though. I feel like with long fiction they do their best to use lightweight paper so it's user-friendly. TBH if I were literally in a fight with zombies, I think I would want the paper copies of the Oxford English Dictionary or Encyclopedia Britannica or something because those things have some HEFT.

    1. Hmm, I hadn't noticed that but you might be right. The hardcover version is still pretty heavy though.

      LOL, yeah, those would definitely work well... if I could lift them. :p


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