Because I promised I would keep doing Melodic Mondays and because, come on, yesterday was Valentine’s Day. Of course I’m going to be talki...

Melodic Mondays: Do You by Yiruma

Because I promised I would keep doing Melodic Mondays and because, come on, yesterday was Valentine’s Day. Of course I’m going to be talking about couples this week.

This selection, though, is not exactly a love song; it’s a piano melody, but it reminds me of a couple from my WIP, What’s Real (which is sadly on hold at the moment for lack of time), the two leaders of a teen spy team Kemp Jones and Kata Aneeq.

To be honest, they’re not a very romantic couple, Kata’s nickname is “Sherlock” (based on BBC’s character Sherlock), and Kemp is the “weapon specialist” on their spy team. They’re both teenagers run entirely by logic, they mostly eschew emotions, and yet... they give me feelings like nobody else can. There’s a scene in the manuscript where Kemp is playing piano for her (because I had to give my near-assassin a hobby, so why not make him an aspiring concert pianist?), and I originally had him play a different song for her, but after I listened carefully to this one, I knew it was perfect for them. “Do You” starts off so soft and gentle, words you could rarely use for either of them, but I feel like the melody still embodies all his tentative hopes and dreams, everything life has made him afraid to actually hope for. Yet, it’s the one song he chooses to show to her.

So what did you think of the song? What did you do for Valentine’s day yesterday? Have any song recommendations for me or OTPs from your WIPs that you ship so hard, you’ll probably all fall apart? Hehe, can’t wait to see you in the comment section! :)

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  1. The song was very sweet and soothing. I can use large doses of both, so thanks.

  2. What is this gorgeous beauty my ears are having the pleasure to drown in?!?!? This song is so sweet and relaxing... I'm absolutely in love with it!

    I'm so glad that you're back! When I found out that you were taking a break, I was super sad, but everyone needs a break every once in a while. So I'm glad that you're fully refreshed! I'm super excited to see what new, cool things you're going to post! Also, love the new blog layout! Very modern and sophisticated, but still cheery and you! :P

    *Was writing this comment while listening to the song* *Song ends*
    That was so beautiful. It sort of feels sad, but overwhelmingly happy all at the same time... Does anyone else get that feeling? Or is that just me?

    1. YAAAAAY!!! I love making people fall in love with songs. <3

      Thanks, I'm glad to be back! And thank you! I'm glad you like it. :)

      Yes, that's exactly what I felt! Because it feels like his tentative hopes and dreams (which are happy), but they are tentative, he's afraid to hope for them, so at the same time, it's sad. IDK if that makes sense, but yes, that's what I felt too. :D

  3. That so beautiful! Thanks for sharing. :)
    I haven't been writing much... But I do have one couple I love... (I can't really say about my other WIP, because I'm not quite sure how the relationship will work out.)
    There's some rivalry between the two brothers over the girl. They're awfully young. But right away you know they're perfect for each other. She helps him through something hard. They're so cute! *squeals* Sorry. I'm getting all mushy. I'd better stop. ;)
    -The Girl with the Gold Pen

    1. No problem!

      Haha, no, it's totally fine!! I definitely relate to getting excited over one's own OTPs. The little babies are just too perfect for their own good <3
      And nice! They sound pretty cute! :D

  4. Ooh, this song is so good. And I love your description of how it fits into your story. Your couple and their dynamic sound super interesting and wonderful. :) Thanks for sharing about them and for sharing this song! :)

    1. Thank you!!! And you're totally welcome; I'm glad you enjoyed it! :D

  5. I love couples that aren't really romantic, and you won me over with the Sherlock comparison.


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