Heyo peoples! You may recall this Monday’s melody , in which I shared a song that one of my protagonists (Kemp) plays for his girlfriend (K...

Beautiful People #15: Valentine’s Edition

Heyo peoples! You may recall this Monday’s melody, in which I shared a song that one of my protagonists (Kemp) plays for his girlfriend (Kat) at a calmer point in my teen spy thriller, What’s Real. Well, today, I’m going to drag these two out of the woodwork and force them to answer questions about their relationship that they may or may not even know the answers to.

You can thank me later. *winks*

Sadly, I don’t have pictures for both of them, but I do have this quote pic I made off of something I found on Pinterest (for the life of me, I can’t find the original link and I may or may not have gone a little crazy searching for it). The kids in this picture don’t look anything like my charries, but the emotion of the image really captures the emotion of some of the calmer points in the novel, so I decided to use this instead.

How did they first meet?
This was a question I’d actually never considered and neither of them were very forthcoming *glares covertly at my interviewees* BUT. I was able to talk to Kat’s twin brother, Shiro, and uncover the truth. So there.

Kat: *glares at her brother* You didn’t.

Shiro: *shrugs* It’s not like it was anything incriminating. Besides, you two only met because I introduced you, so you ought to be thanking me instead of threatening me.

Kemp: No actual threats have been issued.

Kat: Yet.

Me: All right pipe down, you three. Geez. And we haven’t even answered the first question yet. Shiro, if you please.

Shiro: *darts a glance at his sister and her boyfriend, then nods at me* Well, see, Kemp moved in a couple of years ago, I guess we were all... 13? Mom sent me outside one day to “get some sunshine” (as if I can’t open a stupid window), and I was walking around the block, counting the seconds until I could get back to my computers, when I ran into Kemp, the new kid in the neighborhood. He seemed as out of touch with the world as I felt, so I invited him over to play some video games, since all the other boys I knew thought I was a nerd (the losers), and my mother was beginning to worry that I would grow up completely awkward and unsocialized. Anyways, Kemp was really good at Sonic and the Secret Rings, but after he met my sister, he didn’t really want to play with me anymore. But I can’t complain cuz *bats eyes at them* it’s been true love ever since.

Kat: *sputters* That is highly inaccurate.

Shiro: *innocently* What, you mean you’re not in love?

Kat: Shiro—

Me: ALL RIGHTY. On to the second one.

What were their first impressions of each other?
Me: *stares expectantly at the charries* Wellllll?

Shiro: I could answer.

Kat: *mutters* You could die.

Me: Now, now, none of that. And Shiro, you hush. You can’t tell the readers what Kemp and Kat thought of each other because you’re not a mindreader.

Shiro: How do you know?

Kat: She’s the author, stupid.

Me: Kat. I will not have you calling your brother names. This isn't your novel. And just for that, you get to answer the question first.

Kat: *groans* Fine. First impression, I saw Kemp on the floor playing video games with my brother, and, while he caught on very quickly and he didn’t look bored, his posture suggested that he had far better things to do than tap away at a bunch of stupid, useless buttons and waste brain cells that could be used for more important endeavors. Like weapons development and world peace. So I guess you could say I liked him.

Me: Wow. Okay. Kemp?

Kemp: My first impression was based not on sight but on sound. I heard her footsteps as she tiptoed across their carpet, as though she was attempting to be silent but wasn’t quite managing.

Me: Okaaay. So what did that tell you?

Kemp: That she was not good at tiptoeing.

Me: *sighs* I guess that’s the best I can hope for.

How long have they been a couple?
Shiro: I said it was true love—

Me: Toshiro Aneeq, one more word out of you, and I will make you leave and bring you and Coyé up next. Got it?

Shiro: *sulks*

Me: Got it?

Shiro: Yes.

Me: Good. *smiles brightly* Kemp? Kat?

Kat: Define couple.

Me: *through teeth* Kat. Please. We both know that you know what I mean by that.

Kemp: We have been a “couple,” as you put it, for approximately a year, but exact dates are of little consequence.

Me: Because you’re so in love the days flew by?

Kemp: *frowns* No. Because I intend to stay with her for the remainder of our lives. She could never find someone like me, and I could never find someone like her. So past length does not matter so much as future length, and honestly, both matter little. No one can predict one’s lifespan, and especially with recent events in our line of work, we may be dead tomorrow. So we simply live each day as it comes.

Kat: *breathes* Wow.

Me: If you put aside all the morbid parts of what you just said, that was actually kinda cute.

How committed/loyal are they to each other? Would they break up over a secret or a disagreement? Could stress drive them apart? Would they die for each other?
Kat: *rolls eyes* He just said we’ll be together for the remainder of our lives. Do you really need us to elaborate?

Shiro: But stress almost did drive you apart in the first half—

Me: TOSHIRO. OUT. *shoves him away, locks the door, turns back to Kat and Kemp* You were saying?

Kemp: *slowly* As Toshiro pointed out... we have had our disagreements. But I am not ashamed to tell anyone that nothing will drive me away from her. Also, anyone who attempts to drive us apart will receive—

Me: Okay! Haha, let’s not forget that we’re trying to stay romantic and not violent today, kay? Kay. What about the other questions?

Kat: *sighs* Fine, let’s just get this over with: No, I don’t think so. We would argue and we’d be angry for a while, but we’d eventually work things out, as evidenced by the beginning of when you begin to document our story. And of course I would die for him. I couldn’t... Well, there’s no... It would be hard to live without him.

Kemp: I concur with her statements on secrets, disagreements, and stress.

Kat: Wait, what about dying for me?

Kemp: Do not assume that I do not value your life above my own. However, I do have my siblings to consider.

Kat: I’d take care of them, you know.

Kemp: I am aware that you would perform the task to your utmost ability. However, they do require my presence and care.

Me: Aaaand we always come back to your issues, darling.

Both: What do you mean—


List 5 “food quirks” they know about each other. (Ex: how they take their coffee, if they’re allergic to something, etc….and feel free to mention other non-food quirks!)
Kat: *frowns* Why do they need to know that?

Kemp: *shifts, presumably to better reach the weapon in his boot* Is one of them attempting to poison her?

Me: What? Guys, no. It’s just supposed to be, you know, cute, that you know the little things about each other.

Kemp: Allergies are not a little thing.

Me: *stares* Dude. You have allergies, don’t you?

Kat: *suspiciously* Why didn’t you already know that?

Me: Because I’m just documenting your ridiculous adventures and nobody ever tells me anything anyways. You lot write yourselves. Anywho. *turns back to Kemp* What are you allergic to?

Kemp: *eyes me* I do not think it would be favorable for my health to inform you.

Me: Fine. I’ll figure it out later. How do you take your coffee?

Kemp: I do not make a habit of consuming caffeine in that form.

Kat: Black.

Me: Fine then. Be that way.

Does anyone disapprove of their relationship?
Kat: Excepting Shiro’s occasional comments, not that either of us have been made aware of.

Me: Finally. A simple answer.

What would be an ideal date?
Me: Wait a second, do you two even go on a date in the entire book?

Kat: *shrugs defensively* Why would we? We’re trying to protect our nation from two opposing government organizations grappling for an unpredictable weapon of mass destruction. We have better things to do than go on dates.

Me: *cocks head to side* Heh, fair enough. Though I could point out that Shiro and Coyé make time. But I won’t.

Kemp: But you just—

Me: Hush, darling. What would be an ideal date then?


Me: Well?

Kat: *shrugs* You told us to hush.

Me: Well, isn’t someone saucy. I told him to hush, so you’re perfectly free to answer.

Kat: Fine. Something intellectual. Like a visit to a museum or a historical monument.

Me: *deadpan* You want to look at a bunch of dead people’s stuff on your dates. Great. Want a side of zombie with that?

Kat: Don’t be stupid. Zombies are more for people of my brother’s level of intellect.

Shiro: *muffled from other side of the door* I heard that!

Me: SHIRO LEAVE. Fine, Kat, whatever. To be honest, I actually think that’s kind of a cool idea. *takes notes for future scenes* Kemp, you may talk now, no saucy comments. What’s your ideal date?

Kemp: *thinks for a second* I... enjoy the short walks we take. But I would do whatever Kat wanted.

Me: *grins* I knew you could be cute if you tried.

What are their personality dynamics? Similar? Contrasting? Do they fight a lot or mesh perfectly?
Kat: Like you mentioned in another post, we’re very similar. Because we understand each other, we “mesh” pretty well most of the time.

Me: Well, you were quick to answer that.

Kat: We’re almost done. The quicker we answer, the quicker I get back to my life.

Me: Hmph. Fine, then. Though I would like to point out that you mesh perfectly, unless you disagree on something. But because you’re more opinionated, more stubborn, and Kemp sees you as his commanding officer, he always defers to your judgment.

Kat: That’s not

Me: And here’s another one for you to answer quickly.

What have been their best and worst moments together as a couple?
Kat: They cannot actually expect us to answer that.

Me: I think they technically expect me to answer it. But bringing you two out for things is way more fun than answering the questions myself, and besides, I’m not writing in your manuscript right now (a million apologies!), so I never get to spend time with you two.

Shiro: *from other side of door* Doesn’t bother them!

Me: I’ll be right back. *marches off to deal with Shiro*

Kat: Kemp, she’s gone.

Kemp: I am aware. But we cannot return to our dimension without her.

Kat: Yeah, but if we go ahead and answer this last question, she’ll let us go back and we can finally be done with this stupid interview. So:

Where do they see themselves and their relationship in the next few years?
Kat: Why do they insist on repeating the same questions? We’ve already stated that we’ll be together for the remainder of our lives. Assuming we’ve neither been caught by the government or thrown into jail for crimes we didn’t exactly commit, I guess we’ll be heading towards marriage by then.

Me: *returns* Hey, guys. Sorry about that. Now where were we?

Kat: We finished.

Me: Um... no. *reaches for clipboard* We still had one more question—

Kat: Which we answered while you were gone. Can we go now?

Me: *glares suspiciously* I suppose...

Kemp and Kat: *poof back to their storyworld*

Me: *reads over questions* Wait... you guys didn’t answer the 9th one... Wait, you guys come back!

*sighs* And now you see all I have to deal with with my little preciouses. Still, I do adore them, I wouldn’t trade them for anything, and I can’t wait until I have time to work on their story again. :D

So tell me about a couple from your manuscript (or just a literary couple you adore)! If you did Beautiful People, leave me a link so I can read your post! Can’t wait to see you in the comment section! :D Ciao!

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  1. Wow, that was awesome! Incredibly clever. :)
    -The Girl with the Gold Pen

  2. Haha oh my goodness your characters are awesome! I love the banter and your comments too. :P "Wait, you guys come back" << Characters never do what they're told, do they? :P Thanks for sharing your characters, Alexa!

    1. THANK YOU! And lol, it does seem that way. ;)

      No problem! Glad you liked them! :D

  3. I'm in love with these two, so cute and violent. I did the link up too, but my couple isn't really a couple.

    1. THANK YOU!! :D I'm so glad you like them!

      And cool! I'll definitely check yours out. :)

  4. Aww, these two sound so cute. I really liked the interview style format. :P Also, I love Kat's brother--he's rathe amusing.

    Thanks for sharing! :)

    1. Thanks! And haha, yeah, Shiro's an interesting little charrie <3

      No problem! Glad you liked them! :)

  5. Haha they seem to be a handful. XD Especially Shiro. Best wishes writing them! Kemp and Kat seem like an eccentric pair. Museums for the win!


    1. lol, they certainly are, but I love them anyway. :) Thanks so much! :D


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