So not gonna lie, I actually forget I was supposed to do this until like an hour ago. :p Sorry about that! Poem: Old Words by Mariella ...

Posts of the Week: 2.14.16-2.20.16

So not gonna lie, I actually forget I was supposed to do this until like an hour ago. :p Sorry about that!

Poem: Old Words by Mariella. In which she shares her absolutely gorgeous poem about words and about love.

Musings of an Overachieving, Selectivley Social, Misunderstood Perfectionist by Skye. This title actually describes me,more or less. And unsurprisingly, I related to this post sohard.

The Calling by Ophelia. In which she talks about the amazing places God is leading her this summer and how we can help her get there.

An Ode To Exhaustion by Ive. In which my good friend Ive shares some encouraging truths about being exhausted (you should also totally check out her introductory post about the gap she noticed in the internet community, if you haven’t already read it).

WBI: Volturi by Heather. I may or may not have tackled this post the second the email showed up in my feed (what can I say? I’ve been waiting for it since she did the other Twilight villains). As usual, it’s thoughtful and insightful and reveals nuances in these villains’ characters I’d never even noticed before. You should really check it out.

Writer Super Power #2: Smelling by Mrs. Shannon Dittemore. I feel like I either overuse or underuse smelling in my novels (though I lean more towards the latter), so this is an exercise I really need to try sometime.

Enormity by Sarah. Wow. Just wow. I’m telling you, that’s basically the only thing you can think to say after this.


Well, that’s it for this week (unfortunately, I have not read as much as I should have. *desperately needs to get back on the ball with her blog subscriptions*). Tell me (if you believe and you feel like sharing), what’s some awesome new things God’s shown you lately? Have a favorite unconventional villain? If you did the writer super power exercise, share an excerpt in the comments! Can’t wait to see you guys down below, and have a fantastic weekend! :D

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  1. Ah, thanks for sharing my Volturi analysis! :) (It may interest you to know that I have one Twilight villain WBI yet planned... but we'll see when that arrives.)

    1. No problem! And YES THAT IS INTERESTING! Can't wait to read it! :D

  2. Thanks for sharing my post! It was a really hard one to write, I'm glad you could relate :D

    1. No problem. Thanks for having the courage to write it in the first place. :)


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