Hey all! So last week, the lovely Shanti at Virtually Read did the Beauty and the Beast tag , and though she didn’t tag anyone, she did le...

Beauty and the Beast tag

Hey all! So last week, the lovely Shanti at Virtually Read did the Beauty and the Beast tag, and though she didn’t tag anyone, she did leave it open for anyone who wanted to go for it. I wanted to go for it, so I mentally added it to my List of Posts I Will Do In A Year or Two Once I Have Forgotten And Remembered Them 96,000 Times and/or Finished The Backlist of Posts I Still Need To Do.

Then I realized I needed a post for this week and didn’t have another readily available.

And so voila.

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Oh, What a Guy, Gaston! (A Villain You Can’t Help But Love)
Honestly, the only one I can think of is Hades from the Percy Jackson series. And even he isn’t necessarily a villain or even a character I necessarily love. I love certain headcanons and such that I’ve seen of him on pinterest, but in the actual books, he’s amusing at best and fatal to my faves at worst. For some reason, I tend to only really love movie or TV villains.

Although I probably will think of a lovable book villain as soon as this post goes live. *sigh* Oh well.

Here’s Where She Meets Prince Charming (Your OTP)
I always say Anakin and Padme in response to OTP questions, using the excuse that the novelizations of the movies make them count. This is actually still true, but since you already know about them, I will pick another one this time.

This book represents Kishan Rajaram and Kelsey Hayes from the Tiger Saga. Again, I’m not sure I’d say they perfectly fit the answer as my OTP, because I’m a little too pragmatic, I think, when it comes to any romance that I didn’t fall in love with before the age of 13. However, especially since I reread Tiger’s Voyage this week, I really do think that Kishan could've been good for her. He was a bit of a rogue, but mostly in personality rather in values. He was kind and good, yet fun (I mean, they had ice cream battles!!!), and she was comfortable with him, in comparison to the awkwardness she often felt around Ren. He protected her both physically and emotionally, yet respected her enough to let her make her own choices and, by this point, abided by them without question. He did everything to make her happy—and not in a ridiculous way, like him desperately scrabbling for her affection, but in this perfect, sacrificial, best-friend, love-you-always kind of way. Like he truly, deeply, lovedher, and he spent the entire last two books loving her enough to let her go.

Also, she is fantasticdiscussed further in this postbut the gist of what I said is that she’s clever, kind, and compassionate, yet she’s not soft at all. Kelsey packs a dry wit, kickbutt powers, and the courage to give both brothers a piece of her mind whenever they're being idiots, while still having more than enough flaws and insecurities to make her human. I think the biggest reason I love this series is that these characters are so well done... But anyways, returning to the point, I love Kelsey and Kishan. And I think they fit really well together.

I Want Much More Than This Provincial Life (A Character Destined For Bigger Things)
I just finished The Raven Cycle as well this week (I have done much reading lately), and I think that both Adam Parrish and Blue Sargent fit this category very well. They’re both characters who have seen and been through a ton of crazy stuff, but through it all, they still had possibilities and goals outside of this fantasy realm. So I just think it would be really interesting to see those two in particular just going into the world and living a normal life as these absolutely amazing people who have already experienced such extraordinary things.

Be Our Guest (a book that makes you hungry)
Mossflower by Brian Jacques, hands down. Seriously, I never thought I would so need a mother badger cook in my life, but this book has shown me the error of my ways.

Beauty and the Beast (opposites attract)
Cress and Thorne, from The Lunar Chronicles. Complete opposites, but goodness gracious, are they beautiful. I still remember this scene at the end of Cress where they’re battling the bad guys and losing and it looks like it’s all just gonna go to heck, and then formerly foreshadowed things happen, and it’s epic and romantic and absolutely adorable. If you’ve read it, you probably know what I'm talking about, and if you haven’t, you think I’m crazy, but I’m telling you, it was gorgeous. :D
And that is the tag! I’m not going to tag anyone either, but if you want to do it, go for it. :) Just don’t forget to leave a comment with a link to your post, so that I can check it out!

So, have you seen the new Beauty and the Beast movie? (I actually haven’t). Have a song from the movie not mentioned in the tag that you’d like to pair with a book? Can’t wait to hear from you all, and I’ll see you in the comment section!

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  1. Thank you so much for doing this! I love the food in the Redwall series so much, oh my gosh, all the hunger haha. Cress and Thorne are PERFECT together, and Adam and Blue are definitely going places. I did see the new movie, and really liked it. It's quite glittery. I would pair 'Days in the Sun' with a book that gives me nostalgia, maybe The Ordinary Princess, and 'Evermore' with a book I'd love forever, like Sabriel. Thanks for doing the tag!

    1. No problem, thanks for tagging me!

      lol, I know right.

      Interesting choices! I wouldn't have thought of those, but I do like those connections, especially Days in the Sun.

  2. Good choices! I remember all of Bryan Jaques books made me hungry. XD YOu must see the new Beauty and the Beast movie! It's fantastic. I'm obsessing over "Evermore" still and I saw the movie when it first came out in March. XD


    1. Haha, I have listened to Evermore and it is good! :)

      I knoooww! I just don't go to the movies often, but I shall definitely see it eventually!

  3. I haven't seen the newest B and B. But I'm so far behind in my movies that I may not see it until the sequel comes out. :-) A fun hop and you did a great job with your pairing.

    1. Haha, saaame. Like I said above, I don't go to the movies often. :p

      Thank you!

  4. Hades is amazing but I refuse to think of him as a villain, ever, so I have that going for me. XD And YAAAAS Cress and Thorne are adorable to the end. I'm glad you mentioned them, because they are among my own OTPs. <3 I haven't seen the new movie, and I don't really want to, but that is okay. *nods*

    1. LOL, he's hard to put in a specific character role, honestly.

      <3 <3 Cress and Thorne forever! They are so good!

  5. OH MY YES THAT MOMENT IN CRESS. Like, they weren't necessarily my favorite couple, but I *loved* that part. It was so sweet and I could totally picture it in a movie scene. xD

    1. YESSS <3 Winter and Jacin are probably my favorites in the entire Lunar Chronicles, but that part is so good.


  6. Wow, it's been a long time since I've commented! I haven't seen the new B&B, but I think I'll see it at a drive in theater tomorrow, so I'm excited! I love that you mentioned The Raven Cycle. I adore that series. And Cress and Thorne! <3

    1. Oooh, cool! Hope you enjoyed it!

      Thanks! They are both very good! <3


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