So when you looked at the date this week, did it come as a shock to anyone else that summer is almost over ??? I don’t think of time in the...

Posts of the Week: 7.30.16-8.6.16

So when you looked at the date this week, did it come as a shock to anyone else that summer is almost over??? I don’t think of time in the normal sense anyway (it just kinda happens and then all of the sudden I look up, and no, that thing did not happen two days ago, it happened two months ago. Whaaaat???) So of course that made this realization even crazier.

Anyways. I don’t know if that made any sense, but the point is, it’s always a shock to me when time passes and I’m still kinda reeling from this idea of summer being nearly over (though I’m actually not complaining. I agree with Liz about summer).

Anyways. On to the posts!

Writing Lessons From Movies: Spirit by Victoria. I love Spirit so much. The soundtrack and story are both amazing, and Victoria pulls out some awesome writing lessons that are especially applicable if you’re writing about animals--obviously. But the last two could be used for just about anything.  

Creative Exercise + WIP by Safah. In which she shares a cool writing exercise and the brilliant poem she came up with afterwards.
The Fandom Studio Book Awards Round 2 by The Fandom Studio. WE NOW HAVE FANDOM AWARDS. Or they’re starting them anyway. And it’d be cool to see how many votes each character gets (hint: best sidekick, definitely Samwise ;) )
The Most Important Job In The World by Mrs. Shannon Dittemore. It’s definitely awesome to think of writing as something that carries so much weight, but like she said, we gotta be careful not to let it crush us. We don’t always realize it, but sometimes, we need the bad days for what they teach us as much as we need the good days for what they give us and our readers.

The Zombie Apocalypse Tag: Ally’s version. This is the coolest thing (other than the Hamilton tag, which should go live Monday!), and I can’t wait to get to it (but I probably will since I want to do some other posts). Anyways, Ally’s answers turned out pretty awesome, especially the one about Levana. ;)

And that’s the posts! Hey, let’s try this: pick the first book character you think of and then answer this question: who trips you to get away from the zombies? LOL, can’t wait to see you all in the comments!

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  1. I can't wait to see what you do in the Zombie Apocalypse tag! :D

  2. There is such a thing as the Zombie Apocalypse tag, how have I not heard of this!

    1. I know right! I didn't hear about it until Ally tagged me!


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