Hey guys! Real quick before we get to the posts, the lovely Jessi from Jessi L. Roberts, Author interviewed me! I’m a little bit excited ...

Posts of the Week: 7.24.16-7.30.16

Hey guys! Real quick before we get to the posts, the lovely Jessi from Jessi L. Roberts, Author interviewed me! I’m a little bit excited (haha, a lot), so if you guys would check that out and leave a comment, that would be awesome. :D

On to the posts!

Why Authors Don’t Write Book Reviews by Nadine Brandes. Funny how I seem to be finding so many posts about this topic recently. And even though I personally have found a way of writing negative reviews that I do feel is right for me--even though posting them makes me kinda nervous sometimes (but how often is the right thing completely comfortable I ask you?)--I did think this was an interesting viewpoint on the subject.

Just Another Chapter Syndrome by Shar. This was stinking genius, lol*clears throat* I mean, we need to raise awareness for this very serious condition. ;)

Snazzy Snippets 7 by Heather. The more excerpts I see of this story, the more I can’t wait to see the whole thing published. Seriously, I think it’ll be awesome.

Book review: Kenan by Jessi. I’m normally not into real-life war stories, but the review Jessi wrote really intrigued me. I just may have to check this one out.

5 Reasons To Love Summer by Liz. This is the best thing. Finally, someone who understands how I feel.

Should You Write a Negative Review? by Brett Michael Orr. Not a site I frequent, but more interesting viewpoints! If, you know, you happened to be looking for them. ;)

And that’s it for this week! Do you or a relative suffer from Just Another Chapter syndrome? What’s your favorite (or least favorite) season? Read any interesting books this week? Can’t wait to hear from you all, and I will see you in the comment section!

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  1. Thanks for sharing these I really needed the last one. :)

  2. Thanks for letting me interview you! I forgot to mention in my review that Kenan's sort of speculative. (It's set a few years into the future, so there are tracking chips implanted in people, and the Arab nations have made their own version of the EU.)

    1. Ah, okay. Thanks for letting me know, that makes it even more interesting.

  3. Just Another Chapter Syndrome is MI VIDA. It struck me even last night when it was 1:30 in the morning when I had to wake up at 4:45. Seriously, this condition kills.

    Liz, of course, is spot on.

    And, as always, thank you for including one of my posts! I'm glad you're enjoying the snippets!

    1. The dastardly Just Another Chapter Syndrome strikes again! It's lethal, people! (And I'm glad you liked it, Alexa:D ) Also, the Summer post=gold. :)

    2. Oh, wow. *shakes head* My deepest condolences. This truly is very, very serious.

      She always is. ;)

      You're welcome!


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