Hey, guys! I am back with another tag and thank you so much to the wonderful Heather from Sometimes I’m a Story  for tagging me for this gl...


Hey, guys! I am back with another tag and thank you so much to the wonderful Heather from Sometimes I’m a Story for tagging me for this glorious book tag.

No, I’m not insanely excited about this one. I have no clue where you got that idea.

Ze Rules:
1. Thank the person who tagged you and link back to their blog
3. Match each song listed with a book of your choice.
4. TAG PEOPLES (enh... maybe)
5. Let people know that you’ve tagged them (assuming I actually do number 4)


ALEXANDER HAMILTON: A book with an underdog protagonist
This is weird. I feel like almost all of them--especially fantasies--do in a way have these, yet I can’t think of a specific one that I would label as having an underdog protagonist. Heh. Let’s just say this one’s close enough.
(The whole series. Not just this book)

I mean seriously. A teenage cyborg mechanic aiming to save the world and rule the moon with nothing but her motley crew? That’s some pretty intense odds.

MY SHOT: A book that made you want to RISE UP and tell everyone about it

Because it is basically as gorgeous as this tag and even though I minorly disagree with some of the portrayals (for instance, I think Anakin’s fall to the Dark Side was a lot quicker), it does a FANTASTIC JOB OF EXPLAINING MOST OF THE THINGS. Seriously, anyone who doesn’t like the prequels should just read this book and it will at least help you understand the beauty I see in this movie. I don’t promise that you will fall as head over heels as I am, but I do think it’ll give you a better understanding of us crazy prequel lovers ;)


THE SCHUYLER SISTERS: A book with some kickbutt sisters
WHY DO I NOT KNOW OF MORE OF THESE??? The only one I can think of right offhand is Hunger Games, but even though I love Prim, I wouldn’t really call them both kickbutt--


Why I have not shouted these from the rooftops of my blog prior to this moment I am not sure. Perhaps because it has been a year or two since I read them. But anyways. From what I remember, these books are beautiful. And these sisters are can fight. With swords. And bow and arrows. I really like them.

Sidenote: if any of you have any book recommendations about kickbutt sisters (or any good sisters really. I feel like that angle isn't all that popular) I’mma need you to send them over. Thanks.

YOU’LL BE BACK: A book you know you’ll read again
Err, can I say ROTS novelization again? No? Fine then.

I have recently been minorly disillusioned about this series: I still love it, but it’s not all that I once thought it was. Still, I’d like to reread them and see if I can sort of re-fall-in-love and get my HARDCORE FANGIRL back.

HELPLESS: A book you couldn’t help but buy
Hmm, I don’t really buy books... oh. Lies.

I may or may not have bought these two and read three from this series all in less than 2 weeks. Maybe.

DEAR THEODOSIA: A book that blew you away

So I talk about these too much. But seriously. When I finished these, they both immediately went to my “...WHOA” category. So yeah.

NON-STOP: A book you couldn’t stop reading

Fun fact: I don’t talk about this book enough. Granted, it didn’t start out as something I was absolutely in love with, but by the midway point, I was practically glued to it. One of very few that have made it to my nonstop category

CABINET BATTLE #1: A book you would always defend in an argument
I need some new answers. All I can think of is ROTS.

THE ROOM WHERE IT HAPPENS: A book with a unique setting

Often when you have a book about a magical boarding school, at least in my experience, it’s just that... a boarding school with a bit of magic tacked on. But this series does an absolutely beautiful job of actually fleshing out the world and the history withinit. Very cool.

IT’S QUIET UPTOWN: A book that left you speechless (and/or emotionally devastated)

Actually, no.

This book definitely left me speechless. Ask the bestie I was sleeping over with at the time: I bingeread for hours so that she could have it next (we have the best sleepovers), and was temporarily in a catatonic state directly following. It’s the only time I can remember having a book hangover. Could not read for the entire rest of the weekend.

THE ELECTION OF 1800: A book revolving around a competition

Basically superheroes on a gameshow! (which is kinda cool.) And other mystery stuff. Maybe more other mystery stuff than superheroes on a gameshow. But anyways, it’s close enough.

WHO LIVES, WHO DIES, WHO TELLS YOUR STORY: A book with a memorable narrator

Let’s not even talk about how fitting this is considering the title and content of that song.
And that’s the tag! *sigh of happiness* As gorgeous and heartbreaking as I thought it would be. *heart*

For my part, I tag Shar and Monica because I know they’ve listened to Hamilton, but if you have listened to Hamilton and want to steal the thing, DO IT. I beg you. I would love to see some other answers.

So have you read any books surrounding competitions? Got any with kickbutt sisters to recommend to me? Can’t wait to hear from you all, and I will see you in the comment section!

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  1. Haha, I see how you changed it to kickBUTT xDD (I'd do the same, though xD).

    And I really enjoyed the Book Thief!

    Books surrounding competitions? Mainly dystopias....

    I don't have any recommendations for you. :/... I need to read more. Yeah.

    1. Haha, yeah. Just personally, I don't use curse words if I can avoid them. ;)

      It is SO GOOD. But heartbreaking.

      Yeah. I felt like there were probably a lot of dystopians surrounding it, but I wondered if there were any others.

      Haha, that's fine. And don't we all. :p

  2. Thanks for the tag! I probably won't do it because Shanti already did it before I started listening to Hamilton. But Death=the most amazing narrator! And Winter =YEEEEEESSSSSS (same goes for Cinder). I also recently read Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods and I guess I just find that Percy Jackson is a little predictable? Even though the writing is good and it's funny and all.

    1. Aw, okay! Must've missed that post somehow. :p

      IKR!! They are incredible.

      Haha, yeah, I guess it can be. Especially if you're familiar with the fantasy genre. But my love for PJO comes more from characters and writing than plot.

  3. I do do do love me some Lunar Chronicles very much so I totally get what you're saying with Cinder and Winter. LOVE. I'd definitely agree that The Book Thief has a memorable narrator, although in the end I didn't really like the book. :P Thanks for participating in the tag!

    1. <3 They are amazing!

      Yeah, even though I rated the book 5 stars, it's hard for me to say if I actually liked it? They are definitely things I loved about it and it's an amazing story, but did I actually like it? I honestly don't know. That's a hard question for me to answer.

      No problem! Thanks for tagging me!


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