Next in the lineup, I was tagged by the brilliant Liz from Out of Coffee, Out of Mind for her original tag, The Bookshelf Tour Tag (not to...

Tag Week: The Bookshelf Tour Tag

Next in the lineup, I was tagged by the brilliant Liz from Out of Coffee, Out of Mind for her original tag, The Bookshelf Tour Tag (not to be confused with The Bookshelf Tag that I did a few months ago). Not gonna lie, I’m really honored to be one of the first to do this. Thanks so much, Liz! :D

Also, please excuse the weird lighting in some of the pictures. I took all these on my bed by my window--which was great for some of them. But the sun kept going behind the clouds, so some of them look like they were taken at 10 PM instead of 10 AM. *shrugs* I tried.

A Short But Powerful Book

At only 170 pages, this is one of the thinner ones I own. However, I’ve read it twice, the last time a couple of years ago, and I still remember how strong it was to me. Honestly, it’s kinda sad, but it’s really good and the black history it goes through as well as the lessons that it teaches are really important to remember.

A Good, Long Book

Technically, this one isn’t on my bookshelf. But my family does own it and it is in our house and it is part of the series that contains some of my favorite long books ever. So.

Favorite Classic (On Your Shelf)

Again, this copy is technically my mom’s. But it’s in our house and I think it’s gorgeous.

A Relatively Obscure Book

But not for long. All of us will be famous someday.

An Underrated Book

This one isn’t underrated in star-terms--apparently, most of those who’ve read it have enjoyed it--but I don’t hear a lot of chatter about it, so I'm assuming it's not that popular. Still, I loved this whole series: Skylar was a BFF I could hang out with, relate to, and learn alongside when I had no physical friends around, and I am so thankful these books existed when I needed them. <3

An Overrated Book

Don’t get me wrong, I actually adore the later Christy Millers. Like with the Skylar Hoyt series, I loved her, related to her, and was able to learn with her when I really needed a fellow Christian teen girl in my life. But later, I realized that Christy was actually really annoying in the first few books. So yeah. Maybe it’s not strictly overrated (I have fantastic taste in books so the ones on my shelf are all close to perfect ;) ), but because of her attitude, the first three were hard for me to get through after I’d grown out of that age range.

Most Reread Book

I haven’t read this one in a while, but I know as a kid, I read it several times and I rarely read a book more than two times tops anymore. So I’m just gonna say it’s this one.

Of All The Books You Own, How Many Have You Not Read? (An Approximation Will Suffice)
Temporarily pretending the dozens on my kindle do not exist, I’d say about 15-20 give or take. Which is a recent development, because I used to buy books only after I had read them or from few a select authors whom I trusted to not do me wrong. But then I got a job and I actually had money. So, yeah.

A Book You Haven’t Read

This one just looks and sounds so super cool, and I desperately need to get around to it.

A Short Story Collection
Please do not hate me, Liz... but I don’t own any. I have a few poem collections and a recently-acquired collection of Shakespeare’s sonnets, but no short stories.

A Non-Fiction Book

Fun fact, guys, I love brain teasers. I actually haven’t figured out very many of these, but it pleases me to have an Official American Mensa Puzzle Book on my shelf and to brag about the 5 I actually managed to solve.

A Book (Physical Copy Not The Story Itself) That Has An Interesting Story Behind It
Uh... my book acquisitions are all kind of boring...

Ooh, I’ve got one!

So this story isn’t very long or very interesting, but I like it so I’m going to share it: a couple of years ago, my dad bought this for me out of the blue. I think it may have been a couple of days after my birthday. But that’s not important. The point is, I had no idea it even existed and I didn’t ask for it, but my dad knew how much I loved Star Wars and being a wonderful dad, he bought it for me. So. Every time I see it, I think of him <3

And that’s the tag! For my part, I tag Monica, Kat, and Ellie, but if any of you would like to steal it, my back is turned and my defenses are lowered. Feel free ;)

Do you have any interesting stories behind your physical copies? How often do you reread? Do you think brain teasers are awesomesauce as well? Hope you all enjoyed the post, and I will see you in the comment section!

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  1. I pretend all my kindle books don't exist sometimes, they all get a bit overwhelming.

    1. Yeah. Like I want to get to all of them... but SO MANY. Someday, lol

  2. Thanks for the tag! I've been pretty busy lately... but I hope to get around to it by the end of Summer. :)

    I haven't read Inkheart, but I like the movie.

    Brain teasers are so fun!

    1. Cool! And I totally understand. No hurry. :)

      They're both pretty great! <3

      YES, AREN'T THEY!!!

  3. Interesting! I'm just planning a 'bookshelf statistics' post, and I have to say that is is shameful how many of the books I own that I haven't read. SHAMEFUL I TELL YOU. (23/61 or 38%). And your pictures are nice :)

    1. Thanks! And I FEEL THE SAME. But between library books and review copies... somehow the ones I actually own always get pushed to the back burner. :p I need an extra hundred hours or week or something just to dedicate to my own books.

  4. Oh, hey, you have Laylie. Not sure if I know anyone else with that series, ha. I don't really know these books all that well—some, like Inkheart and Pride and Prejudice, I've heard of, but I haven't read them. Your anthology seems really cool, though! :D

    1. Oh, cool, you've heard of it? I don't know too many others who have either.

      Thanks! It is! :D

  5. Thank you for the nomination! I don't have many books on my shelf compared to how many books I read (I am a big fan of that thing called the library. I know, no one ever uses it anymore.), but I might as well do it anyway, haha!

    PS I also love brain teasers ;)

    1. No problem! :) And yeah, me too! At first, I actually wasn't sure if I'd be able to complete the tag, lol, because most of the books I read do come from the library.

      YAY!! :D

  6. I've heard about the Kristy Miller series and heard so many good things about it. However, I'm not sure that I'll check it out.

    1. Well, it is pretty good, especially the later ones. The first one is just harder for me to get through now. :)


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