Send help. I may or may not have spent yesterday evening watching Ani-Padme fan videos  and cried. Teens on Writing by Shannon Dittemo...

Posts of the Week: 6.5.16-6.11.16

Send help. I may or may not have spent yesterday evening watching Ani-Padme fan videos and cried.

Teens on Writing by Shannon Dittemore. Six pieces of advice she’s picked up from teaching and hanging out with teen writers. I especially relate to number four; my voice has changed drastically since I first started writing.

A Book Review of Hollow City by Ransom Riggs by Victoria. I said a few posts ago that I wasn’t that interested in continuing the Peculiar Children series, but her review has convinced me otherwise. I don’t know whenI’m going to, lol, but I’m definitely going to at least check out Hollow City.

Deceptive Distractions by Keturah. Lovely reminder to stay focused on God and not allow obvious distractions--like daydreaming and social media--or emotional distractions--like fear and anxiety--to make us lose sight of His face and His grace. :)

Starting Sparks: May//Belle and William by Skye. Like she said at the end of the post, they probably do need some form of help, but I got feelings so hopefully they can both be saved. <3

Mr. Fox by Helen Oyeyemi: Prerequisites and After Effects by Resh Susan. I normally don’t like books that may begin by confusing me, but this review has intrigued me. I want to see if I can find this novel.

A Sum Up Of The Month (May) by Monica. She has fallen in love with Hamilton. This is something we must us all gather and rejoice over. Also, A + gifs.

When It Feels Like You Can’t Read Anymore by Kelsey. In which my co-blogger talks about going back to enjoying her reading.

Dragons and Hope {Spine Poetry} by Serena. I’ve never tried book spine poetry before, but hers are really good. <3 My fav is the first.

Hamilton Book Tag by Heather. THERE IS A HAMILTON BOOK TAG <3 I can't wait till my next tag week where I do this one.

Well, that’s it for this week! Have you ever tried spine poetry? Read Mr. Fox? What advice as a teen would you give to another writer? Hope to see you in the comment section, and have a fantastic weekend! :D

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  1. Oh gosh. Allow me to cry with you. I watched Revenge of the Sith last night and it is SO. SAD. I feel so bad for both of them. Padme because obvious reasons-- her husband's got a big problem and is turning evil and stuff and she's pregnant so his timing is just about the worst. And Anakin because right up until he finally gives in to the darkness, you can see him TRYING so hard to fight it, but he's so desperate. And... if I keep talking about this movie I'm going to end up an ugly, blubbering mess. So I'll stop there.
    That video though. That was beautiful. And heartbreaking. And excuse me while I find a dark corner and cry.

    1. I KNOOOOWWWWW. It is so heartwrenching, but I LOVE IT. YES. YES. YES. YES. YOU UNDERSTAND ME AND WHY I ADORE THIS MOVIE IS SO MUCH. It really is such a heartbreaking struggle, and I feel so awful for them both. </3

      *pats space in pitch-black corner* Come join me, dear. We shall sob together.

  2. I've never read Mr. Fox. I've heard a lot about it, though.

    Thanks for sharing my post!! :D

  3. Thanks for sharing my post. I hope you will pick it up, It is definitely worth a try to see if you will enjoy the confusion in it.

  4. Thank you for sharing my post, you are so sweet. I'm glad you like William and Belle, it means the world to me. :D

  5. Yes yay Hamilton book tag! I look forward to reading your answers which may very well have already been posted and oops I am a late commenter ha ha...

    1. Haha, it's fine; I haven't done it yet. :) And lol, don't even worry about it! You KNOW how late I am. :p


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