Hello peoples! Over the past few days, I have become wonderfully obsessed with the band Daughtry. They are fantastic, and I think that with...

Posts of the Week: 11.15.15-11.21.15

Hello peoples! Over the past few days, I have become wonderfully obsessed with the band Daughtry. They are fantastic, and I think that with them and word wars, I might actually make it till the end of NaNoWriMo. :)

On to the posts!

Stop Skipping November by Emily Tjaden. An early Thanksgiving reminder that I think everyone could use everyday.

WBI: Victoria by Heather. Yeah, it’s old, but it kinda corresponds with my recent Twilight posts, plus it’s a fascinating character study. So here. Read it.

Objectifying Boys (And Men) by Keturah. We always talk about guys objectifying girls (which is definitely a problem, don’t get me wrong), but how often do we consider that we females sometimes do the same thing? I mean, it's totally okay to have guy friends and to like boy bands and to like guys in books, but the problem comes when you let those boys become your complete focus (and I'm totally preaching to myself here, :p. Guilty as charged).

Why I Write Books Like A Movie by Alea. SOMEONE ELSE SEES THEIR WRITING THIS WAY, lol. But seriously. I have always seen my writing (and reading) not as words on a page, but like a movie playing in my head. So comforting to know that I'm not alone. :)

Letters To My Fellow Wrimos by Liz. In which she pens two beautiful letters to her fellow geniuses sure to change the course of the world.

The Dreaded Damsel In Distress by Jessi. In which she talks about how to make your FMC into a person and not just a plot device.

To The Weary and Overwhelmed by Ciera. Another lovely letter! Only this one isn’t just for writers, but anyone who has something beautiful they want to share with the world.

God And Writing (Or: A Public Confessional) by Carlyn. In which she talks about what it really means to give your writing to God, and her journey to discovering the truth about it.

12 Ridiculous Questions Non-Writers Ask Writers (And 12 Ways To Respond to Them) by Hannah Heath. Self-explanatory title, hysterical post, and just plain awesomeness all around. Seriously. You must read it.

How To Translate What The Writer Creature Is Trying To Say by Cait. L.O.L. That is all I have to say. Share this with everyone you know, folks. They will finally understand us ;)


And that’s all for this week! Hope you enjoy the posts! Tell me about your FMC and how you’ve turned her from plot device to person. Are you ready to win NaNo? (CAN YOU BELIEVE THE MONTH IS ALMOST OVER?????) Oh, and do you too see your book like a movie in your head? Can’t wait to see you in the comment section! :)

Also, Summer Snowflakes is officially closed for Thanksgiving! I’ll be back periodically to answer comments (I do love chatting with you guys :) ), but there won’t be any new posts until the 30th. So Happy Early Thanksgiving everyone! I wish you much pie, much rest, many books, and all the wonderful things to be thankful for. :D

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  1. Ooh, glad you enjoyed Victoria's analysis. :) *sighs* I am SO BEHIND ON READING ALL THESE THINGS. *flops* Good on you for keeping up.

    1. Haha, thanks, though honestly, I haven't done so well the past week either. :p Maybe at Christmas break I'll catch up on all the things, lol

  2. Thank you for sharing my post! :) I'm glad you liked it. And yes, I see my books play out like movies in my head as well. :) I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

    1. No problem! And cool, we've got another one, lol

      Thanks! Hope yours was awesome too! :D


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