Hi peoples! So because of life and NaNo and my incredible talent for procrastination, I haven’t read as many blog posts as I should have, s...

Posts of the (last three) Weeks: 10.18.15-11.7.15

Hi peoples! So because of life and NaNo and my incredible talent for procrastination, I haven’t read as many blog posts as I should have, so some of these are a bit old. However, that doesn’t make them any less good than they were when they were first published *nods*

The Solution by Chard. In which he talks about the only real solution to any of our problems.

I Am A Hypocrite by Brian. An interesting and introspective post on the truth about us all.

The Fault in Our Stars Fangirling ft. Quotes by Kat. I haven’t ever read The Fault In Our Stars and I don’t really intend to. But these quotes are quite gorgeous.

Flowers and Forgotten Beauty by Emily Tjaden. In which she talks about how easy it is to forget the smaller beauties when we’ve set our eyes on supposedly bigger things.

In Defense of Twilight by Aimee. Pretty self-explanatory title. I haven’t gotten around to posting my own thoughts on the book, but I couldn’t disagree with what Aimee had to say.

Interview With Sarah M. Jonson by Ally. An inspring interview with the author of Life Is Beautiful.

Don’t Accept Me As I Am by Ophelia. A short story about the true meaning of love. It is so... beyond... perfect.

Slugs by Anne Marie. It's kind of difficult to describe this post. But it's not what you think, and it is amazing and inspiring. So read it. Now. Please.

Poetry 101 From A Non-Poet Poetry Lover by Ciera. Also rather self-explanatory. So click the link and let Ciera do the rest of the talking. ;)

Letter to My Seven-Year-Old Self by Liz. In which we revisit Africa with her in a fantastic yet painful letter to her younger self. This was phenomenal.

That Really Deep Writing Post: Part Two, Also by Liz. More awesome comparisons between the life of a hotel worker and a writer.

Dear Discouraged Writer by Heather. In which Heather writes the perfect letter to all those discouraged writers out there (aka, everyone who ever set pen to paper or opened a blank document on their computer).

In Which I Fall Down A Mountain by Sarah. A fairly new blog for me, and a great post on the Christian life. Sometimes we fall, and sometimes we fail. But Jesus’ grace is always there, no matter what. :)
That’s it for this week! Hope you enjoyed the selection!

So how’s your NaNo novel going? Any links to where I can read about it? I’d love to hear about your projects! Talk to you all later! :D

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  1. Awww, thanks for sharing my posts! And thank you for your kind words about them! *gives you gold sticker of gratitude* :)

    1. *accepts sticker; wears it proudly* No problem! Thanks for writing them! :D


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