So, I’ve been writing/editing the second draft of one of my WIPs, and I gotta say, I enjoyed writing the first draft much, much more. I...

The Editing Blues

So, I’ve been writing/editing the second draft of one of my WIPs, and I gotta say, I enjoyed writing the first draft much, much more.

It was just so much easier! I didn’t have to worry about plot or pacing or characterization; all I had to do was write and have fun doing it. And, though I probably did a couple of times, I really don’t remember getting a lot of writer’s block with this project.

But I guess karma's coming back around with some serious editing block.

Because it’s a dystopian, sci-fi story, there’s a lot of world building, and deciding about customs of that time versus customs of ours, creating new words and expressions to fit along with them, and (for the love of One Direction!) remembering not to make any pop culture references.

Because I’ve decided to do only the big stuff this time around and I'm not dealing with the nitty gritty word changes, I’m also leaving a lot of particularly bad writing patches in the manuscript - for now. Which kind of grates on me. 

There’s also this little fact that I’m scared I’m not going to finish this draft by the end of my self-imposed deadline... And it all just feels like a lot of pressure.

But I have to remember that, one, all of this pressure is pressure I’ve put on myself. No one is making me edit this project but me (which for some people might make it easier, but since I’m so crazy self-motivated, my inner editor is whipping me like the baddies in Black Beauty). Plus, I'm a teenager, so there really isn't any hurry. If time is what I need, I can take it.

Two, I have to remember why I’m doing it: because I love it. Because I am so freaking excited about my project, currently titled The Supernatural Projects, that I get shivers and smile a little bit every time I see those three words strung together. Because I love my main characters, Leiah and Jesse, and I desperately want to see them succeed - and to have other people see them succeed.

So of course I’ll keep on keeping on through this draft. And the next one. And the one after that. However many it takes.

Still, I do really miss that first draft stage. Like, a lot. And I still kinda wish that when I typed the words “The End” it really was the end.

Anyone else feel this way? Or do you adore the chance to make your story better?

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  1. I don't think I've ever gotten anything edited before; it is something at which I am pathetic. :P The manuscript that was going to be "my first edited manuscript" I ended up trashing, because I knew I couldn't follow through with it.

    I wish editing made me more excited... but it doesn't. *sigh*


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