I feel like these two songs together give a pretty good picture of how Mary might’ve felt around the first Christmas. Like I mentioned with...

Melodic Mondays: Be Born In Me and You’re Here by Francesca Battistelli

I feel like these two songs together give a pretty good picture of how Mary might’ve felt around the first Christmas. Like I mentioned with Joseph last week, I’m sure there were moments when she felt beyond honored to literally be the Mother of God; but at the same time, I feel like just because an angel appeared to her and told her how and why all this was going down didn’t mean that it was just plain easy from there. I mean, one, she was a teenager, two, she was about to get married, and then BOOM. “Hey, Mary. How’s it going? BTW, you’re going to be the Mother of the Savior.”

Talk about a gamechanger.

Plus, a lot of the Christmas carols and pageants and all the little traditional stuff like that, they kind of romanticize the first Christmas, make it sound all nice and light and sweet. But I’m willing to bet that it was also hard and messy and painful. I mean, that poor girl had to give birth in a stable. No painkillers, no doctors, just Joseph holding her hand and some sheep baaing nearby. That is a situation of fantastically difficult proportions, but from the very beginning, she accepted it, even praised the Lord for blessing her with such an opportunity. 

And Im not trying to say that she shouldnt have or that the first Christmas was probably horrible or anything along those lines. All Im saying is that I feel like we should acknowledge both sides of the story. Yes, the first Christmas was incredible, yes, it was beautiful, yes, it was an honor. But I feel like we should also examine and acknowledge everything else that went into that. The difficulties it must have caused and all that it must have meant for everyone involved, Mary in particular. I mean, we see the first Christmas through the candy-cane-coated gaze of history; they saw it up close and personal, and the only way to truly understand it, I think, is to look at both.

Anyways, I think these songs are going to explain what I mean way better than I will, so I’ll just step out of the way and let you listen to them. :)

So what’d you think of the songs? Kinda random transition, but what’s your favorite Christmas movie? Mine is The Nativity Story (featured in both of the videos), and it’s because I feel like it does give such a deeper interpretation of what it may have been like to see the first Christmas through Mary and Joseph’s eyes. :)

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  1. I love both songs! You're Here has always been one I adored, and Be Born In Me was used in a production I was part of this year. They're both so sweet and powerful-sometimes I even tear up listening to them.
    I don't have a particular favorite; I enjoy watching all sorts of family Christmas movies, but I'm definitely going to watch The Nativity Story now. Thank you for such beautiful songs and words! (I didn't comment last week, but I really love Joseph's Lullaby too.)

    1. I know right! They're so amazing <3

      No problem! Glad you enjoyed them! Hope you like The Nativity Story! :D


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